How To Get Famous On Instagram

By Tiara

A well-paying job is never really guaranteed, which is why it’s so important to plan and be prepared for anything career-wise. The same goes for your personal life — if you don’t keep yourself busy, you can quickly become bored and uninspired.

Running into trouble with the law or suffering from mental health issues doesn’t exactly create an easy environment for career development, either. But all of these things are acceptable when it comes to working before!

If you’re struggling to get work, there are some straightforward strategies you can use to make sure your hard efforts aren’t in vain. Fortunately, we have tips here that will help you gain more exposure for your account and showcase the skills you've got as a photographer.

This article will also talk about other ways to earn money via Instagram, such as selling stock photos and creating sponsored accounts. Both of those options offer extra revenue streams and won't necessarily require you to be actively posting content every day, so feel free to explore them further.

Personalize it

how to get famous on instagram

This is one of the most important things you can do to get more engagement from your followers, and thus, more exposure for yourself!

If you are just starting with social media, this may be your biggest challenge. Many users and marketers find that by sharing content and information that people already enjoy, they quickly gain recognition and followers.

The easiest way to start is to use pictures and videos of something you love and/or have done. If you’re passionate about fashion, take some time to snap some pretty looks or show off an outfit like yours. For other types of artists, create a painting or drawing inspired by something beautiful.

You don’t need to go in-depth with how to get famous on Instagram but adding some flavour and personality to what you share will help connect with others. And keep these fun! #KeepingItSweet would win over anyone! 😉

How to Get More Followers On Instance

This article doesn’t focus on how to get more likes on your account, but rather on how to get more followers on another user’s profile. This is very valuable in terms of exposing your brand and creating new business opportunities.

By following and engaging with other people, their audience grows as does yours! The harder you work to engage with them, the more likely they will return the favour and follow you back. Spread kindness and good energy and watch the rewards come rolling in.

Start gaining followers

how to get famous on instagram

The next step in getting famous on Instagram is growing your audience. You can do this by promoting other people’s accounts, or creating your unit to promote products or services.

By promoting others’ content, you are bringing more attention to them, which helps their popularity grow. An easy way to start doing this is to use the app's profile creator tool.

This allows you to invite anyone to create an Instagram account with you as a follower. Then, you can choose to follow these new users, helping them gain exposure for their accoaccounts

If you want even bigger exposure, you can also run a contest or giveaway on your account using the app's tools. By giving something away, people will want to join in and participate, increasing your fan base.

You can also take pictures of yourself and apply funny captions to make your posts interesting. People will notice if you are trying hard to be entertaining and may give you feedback or comments about it.

Purchase products to show and review

how to get famous on instagram

A lot of people make money off their love for fashion by buying new clothes and selling them online or through Amazon or eBay. The way they do this is by listing all of their new purchases under “styles” or “lifestyle brands” on sites that offer social proof, such as Instagram!

By posting pictures of yourself in fashionable clothing, other users will give your posts more attention because it’s like reading a magazine article about how much you enjoy shopping. They will also contribute to making your account look legitimate, which can help you get engagement and followers.

You can pick and choose what types of items to list on these sites depending on whether you have control over them (like when you take photos of yourself with your phone) or not (such as when you buy something while tram travelling

Encourage commenting and sharing

how to get famous on instagram

This is one of the most important things you can do as an artist who wants to get famous on Instagram. If your goal is to gain followers, then start engaging with others’ posts and comments.

If someone has posted an inspiring picture or video, leave a comment telling them what you love about their work and why it inspired you. Your comment should be focused on complimenting the other person, not just trying to advertise yourself or your products.

This will help inspire the creator to keep posting and motivate them to show off more of their art and themselves.

And for all those people out there wishing they had more followers? Make sure to include the username and link to their profile in your comment!

That way, your comment will go much further than ‘I like your Pict pictures hopefully influence some new followers.

Post consistently

how to get famous on instagram

Another way to get more engagement is to just keep posting! This could be daily, weekly or even monthly pictures that stick around for a little while. Your followers will enjoy your content and want to see what you’ll share next.

Your followers will also gain inspiration from your posts and create their content. The goal of social media marketing isn’t only to gather views but to create an audience of loyal followers who admire you and believe in you.

Running out of ideas can sometimes make people give up on creating quality content, which defeats the purpose of having a presence online. Don’t let this happen to you!

Produce quality content every day and you’ll eventually find yourself with a large fanbase and lots of exposure. Starting off l and investing time into developing your talent is the best way to grow as an artist.


Finding new followers is the hardest part when starting as a photographer. It takes some effort to go back and look through all of your old photos looking for potential followers.

But don’t worry, there are ways to do it quickly without going too overboard. Some apps and sites offer free accounts that you can use to add people to follow.

Having a niche account like a food photography one gives allows you to target specific people who may love your style.

Link your account with other social media

how to get famous on instagram

Many people have made a career off of their Instagram presence, so it’s an excellent way to get more exposure for your person or business! By linking your Instagram account to others, you can gain new followers, inspire new posts, and promote your ent.

By having a second (or third or fourth) level of engagement, your popularity will grow naturally. You don’t need to be famous to make this work but being well-known is never a bad thing in our connected world!

Link accounts via username/handle, profile picture, etc. And don’t forget to check out the link lists of other users – some may offer you great opportunities as well.

Accept sponsorships or paid advertisements

Another way to get more engagement is to accept sponsored posts or advertise products through social media sites. Companies will pay to have their product mentioned in a post to increase exposure and brand recognition.

By accepting sponsored content, you are still getting your message out there, just not as expensively. Make sure to moderate comments and do interviews etc., but nothing too time-consuming, otherwise, you may be spending your energy working instead of investing in advertising campaigns!

Some people also make a good income off of advertising via IG. It does depend on how much time you want to invest in it though.

Gain rapport with your followers

how to get famous on instagram

A large part of becoming popular on any platform is establishing an engaged community. Your success will depend heavily on how involved you are with your audience, not just in terms of content, but also engagement.

You can easily gain popularity by posting engaging pictures and videos that appeal to your audience. But aside from those products or services you endorse, there’s another way to increase your exposure – by creating and participating in conversations with others.

By interacting with other users, whether it's through direct messaging, comments or polls, you expose yourself to new opportunities.