How To Get Employment Visa In New Zealand

By Tiara

Finding employment opportunities can be hard for even experienced job seekers, much less those who are experiencing a down turn in their career or life. It is even harder when you do not have enough money to spend due to limited income.

In these times of need, there are several ways to get help finding employment. The easiest way to apply for work visa’s in Australia and Canada is by using an online service. Companies that offer this type of service typically charge around one hundred dollars per application, making it very cost effective.

There are also many charities and non-profit organizations across the globe that will pay for employment services for qualified applicants. Some require you to bring proof of your ability to find employment as well as some basic documents like ID and address proofs.

This article will go into more detail about getting employment visas in New Zealand.

Find out what jobs are available

Finding employment opportunities is one of the most important things you can do as an international student. Employers look at past work experiences, education qualifications and skills, and hobbies to determine if they want to hire you.

It’s not always easy to find job openings while you're studying, but there's no reason you have to spend your time looking when you can use resources to help you.

There are many sites that feature all sorts of positions, from part-time to full-time, for students or non-students. Some even connect employers with individuals who match their profile!

By using these tools, it will be much easier to search for new careers and begin working towards your goal of getting a visa and finding employment abroad.

Prepare your resume

how to get employment visa in new zealand

A visa for employment in New Zealand is called a working holiday visa (WHV). You must be at least 18 years old, have an invite or job offer coming from a business that wants you to work full time during your stay, and you must make sure your health insurance is proof of coverage before applying.

The WHV can last up to one year, so it’s important to apply as early as possible. When submitting your application, make sure to include all the necessary documents and forms. These vary depending on where you are applying, but most require your passport details and a copy of your current valid Australian resident card, national identification card or driver’s licence.

Depending on which country your employer is located in, they may need to prove financial stability by providing two months salary per month. They will also want to know about any dependents you will have in Australia, as well as what kind of accommodation you will be staying in.

Connect with professionals in the field

how to get employment visa in new zealand

Finding employment opportunities can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the area or career paths that are possible. Luckily, there is an easy way to find jobs!

Interactive sites like LinkedIn make it very simple to connect with other professionals in your targeted field. By creating a profile on this site, you get the chance to add links, photos, and videos about yourself and what you’re interested in.

This helps potential employers research your skills and determine whether or not they would be a good fit for their company. It also gives them a look into your personality which is important when seeking employment.

By interacting with others in your industry, you increase your exposure to new things and learn more about what careers are available to you. You will also meet people who may know of job openings that could help you reach your goal of finding work.

By being aware of all of these tools, you will never have to struggle to find something relevant to do or someone to talk to about employment options.

Read up on New Zealand culture

how to get employment visa in new zealand

Whilst living abroad is great, being an immigrant can be quite stressful. It’s important to understand how the locals live and what makes them happy so that you can determine if this is your lifestyle or not!

New Zealand has a relatively small population of just over five million people which means there are very close-knit communities. Almost everyone knows at least one person who was raised here and lives a relaxed life.

Making friends here is easy as most people are willing to help each other out and connect outside of work. Plus, almost every city and area in New Zealand has some kind of event or activity going on with other like-minded individuals.

If you’re looking to make new friendships then start by taking part in events and activities where others will likely be present. You could also join a local club or team to meet more people.

Speak with a visa consultant

how to get employment visa in new zealand

Whilst there are many ways to get work visas for working in Australia, doing so can be tricky if you do not know what immigration laws apply to your situation.

Most employers will go through an employer application process that includes verifying employment history, proof of funds to live in the country, and sometimes requiring references or interviews.

This is why it is important to have someone help you navigate the process, as they may know some tips and tricks about how to prepare for the interview.

They could also make sure all the required documents are in order and cover any possible questions that might arise.

It is totally normal to feel nervous before the interview, but having someone support you will take away part of the stress.

Pay to get a job offer letter

how to get employment visa in new zealand

Employers typically require you to include an additional document or proof of payment as part of your employment visa application. This is called a ‘job offer letter’. It must be formal, signed by the employer, and prove that the position has been paid for.

Usually, employers will ask for this at the time they issue the work permit. However, it can also be included within the first few days of working. Some countries don’t require it, but most do! The rule makes sense – if the employee gets paid before he/she comes into the country, then there isn’t much risk of fraudulent activity.

Fund your trip

how to get employment visa in new zealand

A second, more formal way to get employment visa sponsorship is to fund your own trip to New Zealand. This can be done by either buying or renting a house or apartment in New Zealand, paying for all of your expenses while you are there (including travel costs), or putting aside some money towards your stay.

Many companies will offer employment visas to their employees if they feel that you have enough resources to come back home safely once you’ve finished your job here. These employers take into account things like whether you have dependents back at home, if you will be receiving adequate financial support upon arrival, and how well you manage stress.

While it is not obligatory to apply for an employment visa before coming to New Zealand, most people do because it gives you time to look around and decide if this is the right place for you to live. It also helps you assess whether you will be able to find work easily after arriving, which is important since many other types of visas require you to have lived and worked here for a certain amount of time.

Apply for the visa

how to get employment visa in new zealand

Finding employment can be quite the task when you are just starting out as an immigrant, or even a resident. It is not easy being away from your family members and life back home, so make sure that you start looking soon!

There are many ways to get work visas in New Zealand, some easier than others. This article will discuss how to apply for working holiday permits and student visas which have less requirements but may need more time to process.

Getting a job in Australia is also very possible, however it requires much longer processing times due to additional paperwork and questions about income.