How To Get Employment Visa In India

By Tiara

Finding employment in Canada is not easy, it takes hard work and lots of applications, but you can always rise above what has been done before! Employers look at past job experiences and skills when deciding whether or not to hire someone so having examples of your work is very important.

Canada is a great place to live if you are looking to improve your quality of life by learning how to spend more time with friends and family, exploring new places and going out more often than you would back home.

Finding employment opportunities in Canada is similar to finding jobs anywhere else in the world – it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there and being persistent!

Getting an O visa for employment in Canada can be quite difficult unless you do some research first. This article will help you navigate through the process easier. If you are already familiar with this topic, then read our reminder below and see all the things you need to know about employment visas in Canada.

Reminder: For additional information about employment visas in Canada, check out our separate article here: What Is An E-Visitor VISA? And Why Are Visas Important For Work In Canada?

This article will talk mostly about the Canadian Experience Class (EC) visa which is typically referred to as the “working visa” in Canada. There are two main types of EC working visas: skilled worker and entrepreneur.

Apply for a visa

Finding employment can be tricky, even more so if you are not familiar with all of the immigration laws in the country that employs you. There are many ways to get an work permit in another country, but most require you to apply directly abroad or at least outside your home nation.

Finding job offers in other countries is hard enough, making it difficult to coordinate such applications can cause additional delays and problems. By being informed about how visas work, however, you will know what to do when things go wrong.

There are several different types of non-resident visa available to employers in India. The best type depends on your situation, so it’s important to understand the differences before picking one.

Pay a visa application fee

how to get employment visa in india

It is not too difficult or expensive to apply for employment visas in India, but you must be aware of how much it costs! The fees are typically paid online via an e-commerce site like Amazon or Google checkout.

Most countries have quotas on the number of workers that they will accept so it’s important to know what these deadlines are before starting your search. Some embassies run special applications weeks or even months ahead of time, so check out those as well.

In some cases, employers actually pay for their foreign worker to stay in a sponsored apartment or house while he/she looks for work, which can save you money if you are looking to stay somewhere close by.

Provide documentation

how to get employment visa in india

A proof of residence or employment for at least six months is required to be submitted with your visa application. This can include receipts, utility bills, bank statements, etc., depending on what country you are applying in.

It’s important to have these documents before hand as it will save you time once you apply for the visa. Many countries require this several weeks prior to the interview, so please make sure that you have them!

The employers you work for while studying or living in India may not be familiar how to process visas, so check out our article here about working while on an international student visa for some tips. We also cover getting a work visa in our separate article here.

Provide your passport and plane ticket

how to get employment visa in india

Finding employment in Canada is not easy, but it is possible! If you are interested in working abroad, then there’s an important step that most people forget. You will need to ensure that you have adequate proof of departure before leaving for Canada.

This could be as simple as telling family or friends that you’re moving away for work, or buying a bus or train ticket. However, it is very important to make sure that you don’t lie about this information or misrepresent yourself.

It would also be helpful to know what kind of visa you will require. This can vary depending on if you are coming for a short term job opportunity or long term, so it's best to go through all of this early.

Wait for your visa to be approved

how to get employment visa in india

Even if you have no money, there are ways to get employment visas into India. You can apply for an Indian working visa through another country’s embassy or consulate. This is called a non-immigrant work visa.

Many countries offer this service because they want to recruit skilled workers from outside their borders. A lot of them don’t require much documentation other than a passport and proof of income.

Some even allow employees to live cheaply in India for up to six months while they find more appropriate accommodation. This way, you won’t need too much extra cash at the time of application!

By applying through an embassy, you also get access to resources like job listings, tips, and direct contacts within the Indian workplace.

Prepare your visa and passport to be returned

how to get employment visa in india

It is important to make sure you have all of your documents organized before leaving for Canada or India. Make sure that you do not leave these items at home, as you may need them while traveling there as well!

Not only will you need this information when you return from your trip, but you can also save money by buying second-hand passports and travel visas online.

By doing this, you get great deals due to the discounting process that most sites go through to keep their prices low. General brands like Visa and Mastercard offer lifetime memberships which are very cost effective if you want to purchase many visas and passports.

These sites also usually reward you for being a member with frequent discounts on products and services. An easy way to stay motivated on your journey to organize your documents is to use the site’s help sections to find ways to earn points or rewards for it.

Contact the consulate or embassy to see when your visa will be ready

how to get employment visa in india

It is important to know that most countries have limited capacity for processing employment visas. This means there may be a time lag before an employer can use you as a worker. The length of this waiting period depends on many things including how quickly your country’s immigration agency receives applications, the number of employees applying for work visas, and whether there are available resources at the workplace.

At times, even if all these factors are ideal it could still take several weeks or months until you get confirmation that your application has been received. During this time you cannot work legally so make sure you have adequate savings to live off of while you wait!

If you need to travel for business or visit friends outside of India during this process, consider doing so earlier in the year. A good way to avoid having money run out is by investing in a recurring monthly subscription. For example, online shopping sites like ShopClaw and Amazon offer a subscription service where you pay each month instead of buying every product individually.

Once your visa is ready, arrange your travel

how to get employment visa in india

It’s important to note that once you have an offer of employment, it’s very difficult to take it back. You can apply for another job or stay at your current one, but you cannot change your employer name on your VISA.

If you are still looking for work when you arrive in India, this could be problematic because most employers will require two years of employment under their company before they issue visas.

In such cases, you would need to look for jobs within those two years or source visa sponsorship from your previous employer.