How To Get Eb Visa

By Tiara

Finding an eb visa is not easy, even more so in recent years due to stricter guidelines. It is also expensive to apply for one, which can be discouraging if you are looking to live and work in Australia as part of your career.

Luckily, there are some ways to get around this! You can research online how to obtain an eb visa directly from us at VISA FEE HOUSING. We have made it simple for anyone to learn about their visas and the process to applying for them.

We have gathered information and tips here that may help you navigate through the application process and pay no fees! These include things like where to find low cost accommodation, what documents you need, and more.

There is nothing wrong spending money on visa applications, it is just important to do it correctly. Make sure you check out our article above first though to make sure you are aware of all the different types of visas and how they work.

Apply for an eb visa online

how to get eb visa

It is easy to apply for an eb visa via online applications. There are several companies that offer this service, but your eligibility is determined mostly by your ability to prove you have at least $7000 in savings. This amount can be adjusted if needed during the application process.

Most of these sites will send you all of the forms directly through their site or pre-made PDFs they make available. Then, you simply fill out the form and upload documents (proof of savings and residence) and pay using credit cards or gift cards

Some websites may not accept debit card payments as fully proof of funds.

Pay for the visa

how to get eb visa

The next step is to pay for your visa. This can be done in two ways- through online vendors or by going into a specific bank that offers credit cards with their services.

Most major banks offer an international credit card that does not require you to live overseas or spend lots of money abroad. These cards allow you to stay in the US while spending internationally, which can help you get the eBusiness VISA even if you do not have one yet!

Some examples of this include Barclaycard’s Prestige Credit Card or HSBC's World MasterCard. Both of these cards don't cost very much up front, but they do carry high annual fees (for example, $200 per year for the first year with the Barclays).

However, these fees are still relatively cheap when compared to the price of the visa itself.

Provide evidence of your financial stability

how to get eb visa

Before you even apply for an eb visa, you need to make sure that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in Australia.

You will be given a stipend during your stay in Australia which can range from A$500 per month up to $5,000 per month depending on how much funding you have.

So what kind of proof do we look at? Evidence such as bank statements, house deeds, car titles or driver’s licenses go a long way towards proving your current income.

It is also important to show us that you own nothing but these items so there are no hidden assets that people may find later.

We also require a copy of the passport along with our signatures confirming that you are who you say you are! This helps prove that you are legally allowed to enter Australia.

Provide evidence of your trip

how to get eb visa

It is very important that you show proof or records of your planned vacation. This can be done in two ways, through documents and via videos.

Through documents, you must have these proofs before coming up with a credit card company. Most companies will ask for at least two months’ worth of rent, utility bills, receipts, etc. Make sure to save all this information and organize it properly.

These days there are apps which make doing this easy. You can use them to upload all your documents easily. Companies also require an address where you live and work, so make sure to have those ready as well.

Via video, you do not need any sort of formal documentation. Just create a simple YouTube channel using your account and test out your camera by filming yourself and some surroundings.

This way, they can check if you actually traveled and what area you spent time in.

Submit your application to the nearest US Embassy

how to get eb visa

If you are already in the United States, then submitting an eb visa petition is easy! All you have to do is make sure that your documents are up-to-date and correct, and submit your applications via email at the appropriate embassy.

Most countries require two forms of identification proof for individuals seeking visas. These include a passport or national ID card and a residential lease/utility bill. Make sure to update your IDs before submitting your petitions so that they are valid when the embassy reviews them.

Some additional documents may be required depending on if you will live with someone while here, etc. However, most embassies accept self-explanatory documents only.

It’s important to remember that it can take several days to receive word back from the embassy about whether your petition was approved or not.

Wait for your visa to be approved

how to get eb visa

After you have received all of the appropriate documents, it is time to wait for the visa to be processed! This can take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on how many employees you have helping you with proof reading, editing, and organizing paperwork.

Some things that may influence the processing time include the embassy’s current workload as well as their staff members’ personal lives (is someone going through a big change like getting married or having a baby?). The longer you wait for your visa, the more likely it is that something will get lost or broken down during this process, which could also hold up approval.

It is best to check back via the Embassy website every few days to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything and that your passport is always accessible as you start to prepare for travel.

Pay for your visa before you travel

how to get eb visa

It is not easy getting an eb visa, which is why most people do not try. This can be very expensive! If you are ever contacted about whether or not you have an eb visa, make sure you check first.

It’s totally normal to feel nervous when asked if you need an eb visa, but don’t worry- it's almost impossible to get one without proof that you will return.

So as long as you tell them truthfully that you intend to return, there should be no problem.

Keep your visa in a safe place

It is very important that you do not keep your e-visa in a location that can be accessed by anyone, as this could cause you to lose access to VISA or even go through deportation if someone finds it.

It is also recommended to only have one copy of your e-visa at a time, as there may be situations where you need to use both yours and another person’s for example, when traveling or working abroad.

We recommend creating a password protected PDF version of your visa so that you do not forget what it is ever again.