Here's How to Get Art Noticed on Twitter and Get Followers

By Tiara Ogabang

Becoming an art lord 

The visual arts have found many platforms online to be promoted and to attract new attention. Obviously, in previous years, sites like Deviantart were dominating hubs for specific genres of visual arts, and sites like this one were an excellent way for young and new artists to find a much wider audience. 

In fact, some of the most successful Deviantart users have gone on to establish successful careers in the arts, seeling work online and even holding exhibitions in major cities. 

But for many of these slightly older sites, their days of dominance in the online art space have long since come and gone, and today, artists can use some of the most popular social media platforms to promote their work and gain followings. 

Instagram and Twitter in particular have been especially useful to visual artists in recent years. Today, we'll be talking about how to get art noticed on Twitter and get more followers who will be excited about your work. 

If you gain enough followers on Twitter and other social media sites, then you may even be able to start monetizing that following by selling your work or maybe even starting a Patreon account where followers can contribute money to support your ongoing art career. 

Contribute to the community 

The very first tip we'd like to share is that you should try your best to contribute to the community, which in this case would be Twitter. 

But while contributing in some way to the entire Twitter platform is definitely a good idea, you'll also quickly notice that there are many, many sub-communities on Twitter as well, not the least of which is the art community. 

Contribute to the community 

So how can you contribute to Twitter's art community? Well, for one, you can follow many different art-focused accounts. This is one of the easiest and best ways to support other artists who are in a similar situation or whose work you just really enjoy. 

But your contributions shouldn't stop with idle follows. Liking and commenting on specific posts will help give each artist some valuable feedback, and these are also just other ways to make your username more visible to more people, increasing the chances that other users so far unfamiliar with your work will take a look at your profile. 

Of course, your profile should be ready to welcome first-time visitors and get them interested in following your work long-term, which brings us to our next tip. 

Post content consistently 

Posting content consistently has several different benefits, but we'll go over just a few of the key benefits. 

One of the biggest benefits of posting work to your Twitter profile on a consistent basis is that Twitter's algorithm will be more likely to promote your posts, especially to people who don't already follow you and your work. 

The algorithm is less likely to promote a profile that only posts maybe once a month or even less. 

Another key benefit is that the followers you already have will feel taken care of in a way. You want to show them that you're appreciative of their support, and when you post new content on a regular basis, they'll know that you haven't dropped off the face of the earth. 

The last key benefit of posting consistently is that it will continually motivate you to do new work. Any artist can tell you that sometimes it's difficult to sit down and force yourself to make something new. 

But when you know that you need to have something new to post very soon, this deadline can give you all the motivation you need to start, and maybe even finish, a completely new piece. 

Improve your art skills 

Improving your art skills is important for many different reasons, obviously. Practice makes perfect, not just for musicians or public speakers but for visual artists as well. 

Yes, it's definitely possible to improve your skills simply by doing your work on a very regular basis, which ties back into our tip to post content consistently. 

Improve your art skills 

But there will also be times when you simply decide to improve a certain skill. For example, you might already have a great deal of skill when it comes to shading and value, but maybe your linework leaves something to be desired. 

Identifying this area for improvement is the first step, but then you need to follow through and find ways to actually improve this skill. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources online to help you with just about any art-related skill you could possibly think of. Or, if you're feeling especially honest and you want to engage with your Twitter following, you could even create a post that asks your followers for tips on a specific skill. 

You'll probably get lots of helpful tips. Or you might even find a follower who just happens to give art lessons that could help you out in a big way. 

If your followers can see in your work that you're constantly improving, then they'll be happy to stick around and see what you decide to create next! 

Pay attention to trending hashtags 

One of the best aspects of Twitter, for any kind of user, is the trending hashtags info box. You can easily find this information on Twitter, and it does exactly what you'd think: it communicates what the most popular hashtags are right now, that very minute. 

If you find that you can easily create a quick sketch in just a few minutes or maybe an hour, then you can easily take advantage of that list of trending hashtags by creating content specific to one of those hashtags.

Of course, not every hashtag will be worthy of some original art, and there will also be certain trends that may be too sensitive to comment on with your profile, especially if the profile tends to avoid more serious subject matter. 

But if you can make your profile more relevant and timely, it's only ever a good thing. Try it with some of the hashtags that are trending today!