How To Get An Employee A Work Visa

By Tiara

Getting an employee a work visa can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with all of the regulations. An employer typically has to submit your company as a business sponsor in order to prove that they/you will pay enough for them to make a living while here.

They also have to confirm their employment eligibility by verifying that they are legally allowed to work in Canada and that they don’t pose any security threats or health risks. If these checks fail, then the employee would need to find alternative accommodations or leave the country!

Business sponsors sometimes struggle with proving that employees are able to earn enough money due to currency fluctuations and rising costs of living. This is why it is important to ensure that your employers are aware of what products and services their department offers so that they can describe how successful those departments have been in the past.

If there is no proof that the job exists and/or that it is possible to make a living off of it, then the employee risk staying in Canada without a permit becoming too difficult or impossible to get.

Pay a visa application fee

how to get an employee a work visa

It’s not enough to just submit your paperwork, you will also need to pay a small fees for each country that wants to review your documents. This is typically done through VISA, the organization that oversees international travel visas.

Some of these fees are paid when you apply online with VISA, but there may be additional costs if you choose to do-it- yourself or hire someone else to help you out.

It’s important to remember that most countries have deadlines to receive applications so it’s best to start them as soon as possible.

Provide documentation

how to get an employee a work visa

The next step in the process of obtaining a work visa for your employee is proving their qualifications as an employee. This includes providing proof of salary, employment contract, and evidence that they have enough money to live on while in the country.

You can also prove that you are aware of their current status by confirming that they are working legally in the United States or that they have secured appropriate visas.

By having all this information ready, it will help make the process go more smoothly. You can start gathering these documents at least two months before the employee’s arrival so that there is time to organize them.

Once everything is gathered, send out emails or call each other back and discuss how to best organize and present the documents. Make sure to be honest with one another about what you do not have and who does!

This way everyone knows who has what paperwork, and people can update their own files when needed. Also remember to keep email conversations private so person A doesn’t see person B’s emails about their personal life.

Prepare your work visa application

how to get an employee a work visa

It is important to make sure you have all of your documents in order before submitting your application. Make sure to check and confirm that your documents are current, and verify their authenticity.

Many employers will require you to bring proof of health insurance coverage or job-related sick leave during the initial start up period while your employment visa is being processed. This way, they can be assured that you will have adequate coverage while working for them!

Some things like pay stubs and time cards may not be required until later stages of the process so do not worry about those just yet. However, when you do receive this notification it’s good to know what kind of proofs of employment they want to see.

Submit your application

how to get an employee a work visa

The next step in getting this job is applying for the visa. This process can be quite time consuming as there are lots of documents you will need to gather, organize, and submit proof of.

Make sure to start preparing your application at least six months before you expect to receive confirmation from USCIS. That way, you have enough time to collect all of your documentation and file it properly.

Get your visa

how to get an employee a work visa

Getting a work visa for yourself or someone else is no easy task, nor does it happen immediately after you submit their application. You have to go through several steps that can take months before they are finalised, depending on what country you are applying in and who needs the visa.

In this article we will talk about how to get a working visa for yourself, or as referred to as a F1 visa, or a student visa. If you are looking to hire people then you need to also check out our tips here!

We’ve included all of the important things needed to know during the process so that you don’t waste any time on anything. Check out the full length version at the end of the article!


Be aware of timing when hiring staff. Make sure you do enough due diligence first by checking references, doing a credit check, making sure there are no criminal records – even if this is years ago, many countries require them these days, and ensuring e-mail addresses are up to date.

Also, make sure the person you want to employ has appropriate visas and residency status, as well as being legally able to work in your area. This includes health checks and proof of insurance.

Work on your visa

how to get an employee a work visa

If you are not able to find work in Australia, it is possible to apply for working visas in your home country. There are many ways to get into this job so here we will talk about some alternatives that can help you get back onto Australian soil.

There are two main types of Working Visas available to employers – either under the skilled worker program or short term business (STB) visa. Both require you as the employee to be self-supporting while you are in Australia but only the STB requires you to live in a specific area.

The most common way to obtain a working visa in Canada is through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). This allows you to nominate someone who works for the same employer you do in your homeland and supports their employment there. This person does not need to know anything about your life in Australia other than what is written in the documents you submit with your application.

Ensure you have your passport and visa

how to get an employee a work visa

It is very important that you do not apply for a work visa without first ensuring that you have all of your documents at hand. Make sure that you have proof of both your income and job position, as well as proof of adequate housing.

It can be tricky to get some of these things in place before you leave for Canada. Once you are there, it will take time to find them again! The embassy or consulate may ask about this information while you are waiting for your visa to come through, so make sure you don’t forget anything.

You also need to remember how much money you have with you. It is best to only carry what you need for the length of your stay, otherwise you could end up having to go back home empty-handed.

Getting a student visa does not require you to live outside of town, however, so keep checking back on our Student Visas page to see if that is something that applies to you.

Register your business

how to get an employee a work visa

The next step in getting your employee their work visa is registering with the appropriate government agencies for your business as well as yourself. This includes things such as filing taxes, opening up bank accounts, etc.

Many employers also register themselves or their company with the Department of Labour so that they are not left working without a job because they can’t legally employ anyone yet.

While this may sound tedious, it must be done if you want to start hiring soon! Most countries have quick websites where you can do all of these things within minutes.

And once everything is registered, you will need to update your records every few months to remain compliant.