How To Find Bloggers To Promote Your Product

By Promo Panda Staff

This article will discuss how to find bloggers to promote your product and why public relations can help you enormously in the digital era.

Most businesses are reliant on marketing. Some are in the market to make money; others wish to generate revenue through acquisition, distribution, or maybe by way of profit.

Whatever your goal, there are specific steps you need to take if you want to be successful. When you start selling your product, it is not enough to set up a website.

Promote your product

You need to promote your product as much as possible and try to sell it to customers. This can be difficult, as you might think.

It would help if you also convinced consumers to buy your product. This is the crux of your business.

How can you promote your product if you don't have the sales team to sell it to people?

Indeed, it is not that easy to find bloggers who can be your sales team. The most popular platforms for promoting a product are Facebook or Google+ (Google has social selling).

To be successful in social selling, your product has to stand out. How can you achieve this?

By generating buzz and visibility through the press. What's more, you don't need to be an expert to do this.

All you need is a little know-how and a lot of creativity.

Create a marketing plan

To find bloggers who can promote your product, you need to create a marketing plan.

A marketing plan doesn't only have to have information on what to promote and how to promote it; it also should include an outline of how you can get the media to talk about your product.

It would help if you thought of different ways to convince the media to talk about your product. For example, you could include giveaways as part of your marketing plan.

This is a popular approach.

Organize contests

Another way to promote your product is to create contests. This helps you earn free publicity and should also draw people's attention to your product.

There are also ways to get people to talk about your product on their blogs. Make sure your blog has a decent following, at least in the tens of thousands.

Take, for example, Health Jumpstart. It is a cloud-based software that helps connect healthcare providers with patients to meet their needs better.

Health Jumpstart realized early on that blogger, who is in tune with what is going on in the healthcare industry, would be a good sales source for its software. The company hired its first blogger when it launched its software.

Eventually, they hired a press agent to help market their software. And in 2013, they started using Instagram to promote their software.

Today, Health Jumpstart has three health bloggers promoting the product and a further 20 accounts in their network. They have also sponsored 12 national blogs.

They have done all this in the last five years.

Become familiar with the blogger and blog

Harsh truth: if someone reaches out to me and seems like they haven’t taken the time to read my stuff, I’m less inclined to work with them. Mentioning a few posts you really like or that you like my writing style shows you’ve taken the time to get familiar with my blog, which means a lot!

And it helps you understand their tone as well. If they’re super formal, better to pitch to them formally (simple as dropping a “Hey there!” for “Greetings!”).

If they’re laid back, pitch to them in a friendly way (while still keeping it professional).

Reading up on a blog you’re going to pitch to beforehand will also help you figure out what kind of post ideas and offers appeal to them if they’re even actively posting on their blog anymore at all, and will save you the awkward moment of pitching a post they published something similar to just recently.

Build a relationship with them

One way to show you’ve read up on someone’s blog? Get involved!

Comment on posts, share them, like tweets, follow them on social media, etc. Showing that you’re actually interested in their content goes a long way.

Just don’t overdo it. Get engaged, not a stalker.

Why would you need to use bloggers to promote your product?

Bloggers are a good way to let people know about your products. They also help boost your visibility in the press.

Remember that you have to create a plan and then execute it. You cannot just sit down and hope to get good press coverage.

The most important thing is to identify the right bloggers. Sometimes, bloggers will do promotional work for you.

When they receive a sample of your product, they might post a review or a review that would promote your product. Once you have identified the right bloggers to work with, be consistent and keep in touch with them.

You also need to follow through on what they say.

A good blog is a must for any business. It is a tool that helps promote your product.

Make sure to follow through on what the bloggers say and build on that. If you can show that you will act on what they say, they will help you grow your business.