How To Famous In School

By Tiara

As we grow up, we develop different personality traits and behaviors depending on our surroundings. Kids that are surrounded by other kids with similar personalities as them will learn how to be those people.

For example, there are very shy children and outgoing ones. A kid that is always laughing will influence others around him/her to follow his or her lead and have more fun.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing! It can help you build your own social skills and self-confidence. But it also creates some tough situations for students that don’t know what to make of these new habits.

Some things may even push someone away because they feel uncomfortable being part of the group or having to work too hard to fit in.

Famous parents like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah all talk about how their childhood friends helped shape who they became today.

Stay awake

how to famous in school

One of the most important things you can do to become famous in school is to stay enrolled. This may sound silly, but it makes sense! If you drop out then people will forget about you which could hurt your reputation or make it harder to get enough work done.

It also helps your social standings as students tend to look at how well behaved students are during class time, so staying engaged with classes and being active outside of school hours is an excellent way to gain respect.

Furthermore, there’s no better place to find out if someone is truly talented than by watching them in action, and spending time studying their work can tell you a lot about what they know.

If a student spends half the lesson period sleeping then probably not much goes into learning that material, and therefore they’re wasting their potential. A few minutes of sleep every now and again isn’t going to ruin anyone, but for some people it adds up and becomes too much.

Running away from your responsibilities doesn’t help you nor yourself, and eventually people will start treating you differently.

Think on your feet

how to famous in school

In our increasingly connected world, students will find themselves being asked about topics they have no clue about! If you can’t answer a question, it is okay to say so. Don’t worry about looking stupid or not knowing the right way to respond – there are always resources available via technology.

It may help to think of yourself as an expert on something. For example, if given a topic like “What causes climate change?” you could quickly identify factors such as greenhouse gases, acid rain, and ozone depletion. You would then know how to cite these facts and studies proving their effect on the environment.

By staying informed and practicing appropriate responses, you will be able to show what you know and contribute to the conversation.

Be friendly

how to famous in school

Being well-known in your school is not about being famous, it’s about being popular. If you go out of your way to make friends with everyone, that will play a big part in people thinking of you as someone who is friendly.

If you are already a pretty friendly person, then there isn’t much you can do to be more friendly, but if not — try making changes to see how motivated you become.

Start by greeting people when you meet them, offering help where appropriate, and asking questions to get to know other individuals.

By acting like you care, people will feel more connected to you. People will also think you’re more intelligent because you took the time to talk to others.

Gain friends

how to famous in school

It’s not enough to be popular with your classmates, you have to gain their friendship as well. Get to know them- how they like to eat, what sports they are fan of, what classes they have, things like that!

Studies show that being popular is only half of it – the other part is staying popular. If you lose some friends, don’t worry about them– just move on.

By knowing who these people are, you’ll find out if there’s someone else more suitable for them or if they’re totally alone. Either way, you’ve left a good situation for them, so win-win for you!

Try asking them about something they both enjoy or talk about, see where it leads. Or ask if anyone knows anything about them, maybe you’d get exposed to another side of them then.

If they mention something interesting, follow up by saying “Oh yeah? I heard [x] was such and such…” You create a conversation while also showing an interest in them.

Join a club

how to famous in school

One of the most effective ways to be famous in school is to become involved in your community. You can choose to join an existing organization or create your own group to do things such as hosting movie nights, serving food at fundraisers, holding education seminars, washing cars, cleaning up parks, etc.

By getting involved, you bring attention to yourself by doing good for others and creating links with other people (aka “people watching”). It also gives you an excuse to spend time outside the classroom which are both valuable assets.

There are many ways to get involved in your local community and be seen.

Become an active member

how to famous in school

Being famous in school is not about being known, it’s doing things. It’s spending time outside of class working on projects or joining clubs that bring credit to your name. It’s speaking up in discussions and taking part in activities that showcase your leadership skills.

It’s staying after school for student council meetings so you can show off your organizational skill set. Or volunteering at the library so people have reason to recognize you!

If you’re already involved, great! Keep doing those things and helping yourself be recognized as a popular person in school. But if you don’t, we should probably talk.

There are many ways to get involved at our schools, from student government to athletic teams to arts programs. All too often students choose to remain “I am busy with my studies” or “I do my best in classroom settings so I don’t need to go out.”

Doesn’t necessarily make them unpopular anymore, but they could be missing out on opportunities to find themselves truly well-known.

Be consistent

Consistency is one of the biggest factors that determine how well you will succeed in life. If you are consistently putting in effort into school, work, or hobbies, then your success will grow with time.

If you want to be famous in high school, start now! You should know by now that being popular is not guaranteed, but you can always try your best to become more likeable.

Try engaging in some of the things that make people feel comfortable around each other such as talking about common topics, reading same books and magazines, etc.

By doing these, you will begin to understand who others are and what makes them happy which will help you become more socially intelligent.

Furthermore, learn from those people that seem to have their place among students and adults alike. Doing so will show you there’s no secret way to be popular, but instead it takes hard work and dedication.

Set goals

how to famous in school

As mentioned before, being famous in high school doesn’t just happen overnight! If you want to be well-known in your community, then you have to put in some effort to make it happen.

If you would like to become more recognized around your school, start by establishing clear goals and milestones. Make sure that you understand what makes someone popular in your area so that you can take steps towards achieving that.

It could be making friends or becoming known for an specific skill such as playing sports or singing. Whatever it is, you should aim to be top contributor of this field.

Once you reach this goal, celebrate with a party or reward yourself with something fun to do with your friends.