How To Cite A Famous Quote

By Tiara

Sometimes, before you can make a solid argument or conclusion, you need to cite a strong source of knowledge or inspiration. A citation is when someone credits their ideas or thoughts as coming from another person. For example, if you read an article that mentioned a famous saying about friendship, then next time you are trying to be more friendly, you could say the writer took part of the idea from the original author.

It is very similar to how writers develop their style and tone. The writers influence who they are influenced by and what styles and tones they use in writing.

In this article, we will look at some ways to identify your favorite books, movies, music, and other media so that you can properly credit them for their contributions.

How to Citation

There are several ways to effectively give credit to a source. You do not have to include all of these information sources, but it is good to know how to recognize them so that you do not forget!

Some of the most common ways to credit a source are: title, chapter, line, and italicize. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1) Title

The first way to credit a source is through its title. This includes the name of the book, movie, song, or whatever else there is. It also should contain which year it was written down, so that people can verify whether or not it has gone out of date.

Make a list of famous quotes

how to cite a famous quote

A well-respected way to refer to a person’s sayings or quotations is by using their work as citations. By adding an asterisk (*), “quote source,” before the quote, it gives credit for the words to the original author while also emphasizing the importance of the words in your own life.

Some examples: Abraham Lincoln – “I have never let go of anything I wanted to get away from until I got it.”

Steve Jobs -"You can always do better," "Keep trying new things,”and “Don't be shy about asking questions.

Find the quote you want to cite

Finding a famous quotation can be tricky, especially if you do not know the source or context of the statement. There are several ways to find a well-known saying or phrase that brings credit to someone or something.

You could look up the words individually, use thesaurus terms to define each word, check online sources, or simply create your own! Creating your own sentence is an excellent way to achieve this.

Here we will learn how to cite a famous quote using three different methods. These include using bullets, paragraphs, and topic and bullet point combinations. Make sure to pay attention and practice these steps before applying them in another article.

Provide a reference

how to cite a famous quote

When quoting someone, make sure to give them proper credit by providing their full name, initial of last name, and appropriate citation. This is important because people’s names are valuable properties that they have ownership of.

By giving credits to the author of the quoted material, others can verify that you did your research and gave them their due respect. It also helps promote creativity as other writers may use these citations for inspiration.

The internet makes it easy to find most anyone, so don’t be lazy by looking up references! Instead, use credible sources like Wikipedia or Google to look up answers. (Be careful to source yourself though!)

At this stage, you should also include an attribution space which includes the authors' final signature, title, and date. These three components together constitute the author's overall identity who wrote the piece in question.

Check your citation

how to cite a famous quote

Sometimes, before you can properly cite a famous quote, you need to check if there is an updated version of it available online or not. If so, great! You know what part of the text contains the quoted phrase, and you can simply copy and paste that into your work.

But even if there is no longer a complete version of the sentence floating around out there, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it in your paper! In fact, you may be able to find a similar line from the original source that sounds almost identical. This would make your paraphrase more authentic, effectively hiding the fact that you are using someone else’s words!

However, just because something has been said once does not make it a good idea to include it in your paper. Even if there is nothing wrong with the concept, adding too many references could backfire and hurt your grade instead of helping it.

Publish your blog post

how to cite a famous quote

A famous quote is described as words or statements that express an important message or idea. They are usually short, catchy and dramatic.

Many people use quotes in their writing, either as a topic and bullet point or as a sentence filler. When used correctly, it adds emphasis and flavor to your writing!

It can also help give credit to the source of the saying by using quotation marks and citing a source. For example, if you were reading about how to do your nails beautifully then you would refer to this article as proof. A great way to close out this article is with a famous nail polish quote.

Here we will learn how to cite a famous nail polish quote. In fact, there’s a beautiful one just like this! Read on for more information. __________________

How to Citation a Nail Polish Quote

In case you're curious what all this talk of nails has got to do with publishing, I'll let you in on a little secret. It's related to our topic today — how to write a tribute paragraph or tribute note.

A tribute paragraph is a small part of your article that doesn't quite fit into another category. Technically speaking, it's not a body paragraph nor is it a headline.

Instead, it ties together two other parts of your article. In this case, the body paragraph is written as a direct quote and the other part is a simple explanation.

Be creative!

how to cite a famous quote

A famous quote is no longer just about words, it can now be used as a source or citation. You could use this technique for inspiration or to make your own small tweak to something bigger. For example, the word “change” has been quoted many times over. But what does that mean to you? Does it refer to internal change (self-improvement) or external change (other people)?

You can create your own version of this idea by using the phrase as a basis and then adding your own personal touch to it. Or you could add another part to the sentence to make it more complex. For instance, “Never let go of passion” may be adapted as, “Don’t give up on dreams because they are hard to come true.”

This way you keep the same message but add your own twist to it. It also helps if you have a habit of taking notes so you remember the important parts later.

Quote famous people

how to cite a famous quote

A great way to learn how to cite a quote is by looking at examples of done-y’s. You can find many online or through book publishers who have published compilations of famous quotes.

By studying these, you will be able to see how it is done and what style they use to write their own quotations.

Other ways to learn how to properly cite a quoted work includes finding an example in your own literature and taking notes, reading other books that discuss this topic, and talking with teachers or professors about this.

Share your quotes with your friends

how to cite a famous quote

After you find a famous quote that really resonates with you, share it! Post it onto social media, put it in online notes, add it to yours favorite quotations or even create an inspiring motivational set or motto using this quote as a source.

Sharing your most meaningful life lessons with others will help them grow and inspire them to do the same.