How To Cite A Famous Quote In APA

By Tiara

In academic writing, there is an easy way to begin almost every sentence you write. It’s by using either a quote or word fragment that includes their work product or idea. This process is called citing.

By consistently incorporating quotes into your writing, it helps make your words sound more professional and sophisticated. When used correctly, quoting also gives credit to the source of the quoted material while at the same time promoting literacy and education.

It can even help hone your recall skills as you will be able to refer back to the original text quickly. Plus, most software these days has built-in functions for looking up quotations so don’t worry about losing the hard copy!

This article will go over some basics of how to properly cite a famous quotation within the formatting style known as APA. Hopefully afterwards you’ll have the toolbox full of smart ways to use this feature of academia.

Provide a reference

how to cite a famous quote in apa

Sometimes, however, you will come across a quote that seems too good to not include in your work or conversation. A well-known saying or phrase is one that people recognize and refer to constantly. These are referred to as motivational quotes or wisdom quotes.

When it comes time to write an article or speech, you will have to provide a source for the quotation. This can be difficult because most writers do not add quotations to their works!

Fortunately, there’s a solution! You can find a template of embedded references under the format section here at Student Writer Tips. Simply take the quoted word from the sentence and match it with the appropriate bibitem entry before adding the rest of the citation.

The process looks like this:

Take the bullet point (the topic) and the supporting sentence (the context). Then look up the quotation and its author. Find the first letter of each word and combine them into another word. The result should be the name of the source.

For example, if the quote reads “Success has no coincidence,” then the source would be ‘success has no coincidences.’

Now that you know the source, you can access the online free citation tools to create your bibliography. Most allow you to enter the source and get automatic citations back. Some even let you organize your sources by category or field.

Spell the quote correctly

how to cite a famous quote in apa

Sometimes, you read an article or get through a chapter of a book where you feel like there was too much emphasis on promoting a product or company. You may even find some material that seems very biased against one side of a argument.

This can make you feel discouraged about reading more books with similar content because you want to stay objective.

However, this does not need to be the case when it comes to using references or citations properly.

A reference list or citation is an important part of writing articles or giving speeches. It helps prove your point better by showing how other people have spoken about the topic.

Using references effectively also shows good literacy skills since you are aware of basic grammar rules.”

When citing someone else’s work, make sure to give them their full title, their last name, and put their first name as parenthetically before the period ( ).

You do not need to include any additional information such as their birth year or whether they have written an autobiography, but these things are helpful for identifying who they are.

Use the proper citation

A great way to include this element into your writing is by using an author quote as inspiration or motivation for next action. This can be done through and with the use of attribution, which comes before the quoted sentence.

The attributions used for this includes source, quotation, paraphrase, and summary. The first two are not quotations, but instead forms of citations that describe the second part. For example, say you read an article about how to motivate employees at work.

A good section would be to take some notes and then later apply what they said to yourself. Or perhaps you read an essay about why people should exercise more often.

Share the quote with your friends

how to cite a famous quote in apa

A famous quote does not have much content, so sharing it with someone is the best way to use it. You can choose to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you feel appropriate.

By sharing this article, I hope that people will add this as an inspiration for creating their own quotes. People may also want to include this under Citation style – paraphrase.

Enjoy the quote

how to cite a famous quote in apa

A famous quotation is just like any other sentence you want to understand fully. You must look it up, underline it, and then repeat it out loud or write down what you hear yourself say. Once you have this process down, repeating a famous quote is not difficult at all!

After reading this article, you will know how to cite a famous quote using either APA or MLA format. Both of these styles use an inverted pyramid structure which means they begin with a brief summary and work their way up from there.

This article will help you choose the right style for your source text and citation method. We will also discuss why using Google as a tool to find quotes is the best approach.

So let’s get started by looking at some examples!

Example 1: Citation Using Initial Letter And Bullet Point (APA)

Here we are going to look at a great example of citing a quoted phrase using the appropriate formatting style. For this example, we will be using The Associated Press and the initial letter and bullet point style.

To see this in action, let us look at our paraphrase and citation.

Paraphrased: Living without passion is like living without food – you may feel well enough while you're doing it, but at the end you'll be suffering badly.

Take a break

how to cite a famous quote in apa

Sometimes, you read an article or get into an argument that gets your blood boiling and you feel like you need something more substantial to calm yourself down.

A good way to do this is by taking a short break. You can walk up the stairs, go for a quick stroll outside or just step away from your computer for a few minutes.

When you return, you will probably find yourself less heated and motivated to perform other tasks. Give yourself some time to regroup and you’ll want to use these breaks next time you are about to start working on another project.

Stay positive

how to cite a famous quote in apa

Even though you may not feel like doing so, you must stay positive at times. When things are going badly, it is easy to become negative and cynical.

However, this will only make your situation get worse. If there’s one thing we have learned, it is that no matter how bad your situation is now, it can always get much worse than it is right now.

So instead of spending your time thinking about what could go wrong next, try looking for the good within yourself and others.

Doing so will take some work, but it will help you find your inner strength and keep you motivated. It also helps us put ourselves into other people’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.

This way, you learn who is worth investing energy in and which opportunities are wasted – or even harmful. You also start developing self-respect, which is an invaluable asset.

Eat your veggies

how to cite a famous quote in apa

Let’s look at some examples of this powerful quote by Mother Teresa. First, she says “We should make it our daily habit to give up eating meat.” This is very clear — if you want to be healthier, give up meat!

She goes onto say something that may surprise you—she suggests instead of giving up meat, we can try to do without sweets for one day every week.

This is an excellent suggestion because after you give up meat or sugar once a week, people will notice a difference in how you eat other foods! You will probably find yourself being more conscious about what you consume because you’ll be thinking about whether or not these foods are needed before you put them into your mouth.

And while you're thinking about food, you'll also be thinking about how much money you spend on it which can lead to saving money later. So, both recommendations have benefits that go beyond health.