How To Cite A Famous Quote

By Tiara

A famous quote is a short phrase or sentence that contains an important lesson for life. It can be funny, inspirational, motivational, or instructive. Having a source or citation of the quote adds credibility to it and helps people understand the quote better.

It is very common to see students using paraphrased versions of quotes as their source. This is not okay because it does not properly represent the original author’s tone and style! Using your own translation instead of the actual word-for-word version will result in different meanings for the same quote. That is why it is important to know how to cite a famous quote so that you do not distort the message.

The article below will teach you how to correctly cite a famous quote. So that others can read the quotation and its source together and get the exact meaning intended by the writer.

Citation methods

how to cite a famous quote

There are many ways to properly cite a source in an argument or conversation. The best way depends on what you are trying to say, the context of your statement, and how well-informed you want to appear.

In fact, there are several types of citations that exist! Some use very formal language, while others can seem more casual. It really doesn’t matter which one you pick, just make sure you are familiar with them.

The easiest way to identify the appropriate citation method is by thinking about the quote itself. If the author sounds like they were very passionate about their message then using a formal tone may be better for your audience. On the other hand, if their voice was calm and steady, then it may convey a sense of confidence to your listeners if you use the simpler style.

You should also consider the context of the quoted text. A short, succinct sentence will usually set off more effectively than a longer, elaborate version. This applies particularly to long paragraphs or even full length essays!

Lastly, try to find out when each quotation was written. This gives you some idea of how popular the author is and whether their popularity has increased or decreased over time.

Popular citation methods

how to cite a famous quote

There are many ways to cite a famous quote professionally, depending on the context and setting of your work. In this article, we will go over some popular quotation styles and how to use them for inspiration.

Other than using the author’s name only (which is never appropriate), there are three main types of quotations that you may find in various formats: direct quotes, indirect quotes, and paraphrased quotes.

Direct quotes are exact word-for-word versions of what someone said or wrote. This is the most common type of quotation used in academic settings and other formal contexts.

Indirect quotes take away from or add something to the original statement.

The great quote

how to cite a famous quote

Many people have quoted famous lines that describe life, the universe, and everything. Some of these quotes are very popular, while others remain obscure and unknown. However, no matter how well known the quotation is, there’s always something valuable you can take away from it.

The simple truth about life is that we all suffer. We're all broken in some way that makes us feel like less than someone or something else. Sometimes this feeling is because you think you’re not good enough, so you make yourself even more un-goodenough by thinking that you must be doing something wrong to be unhappy.

Other times, you believe that other people are better than you, and you hate them for it. You may compare your own life to theirs, and come up short.

And sometimes, you just don't know what to do next. You could sit and worry and obsess over things that didn't work before, but eventually you'll run out of time and energy.

Life will move onto another chapter, and you will too.

Helpful tips for citing a quote

how to cite a famous quote

Sometimes, after reading an article or listening to a podcast, you will find yourself inspired by what you read or how you felt about something. You may want to mention the piece in another article, use it as inspiration for your own writing, or even cite the writer or speaker directly!

It is very important to give credit where credit is due when using someone’s work as a source or quotation. If you are able to, include their name along with the quoted material so that people can easily identify who said it and under whose voice it belongs.

Recognizing fake sources

how to cite a famous quote

A famous quote can be sourced correctly using two different methods. You can use an author’s or speaker’s name with their respective era or you can use their contribution without a source.

With authors, there are several ways to identify if what they say is truly authentic. Some of these tips include:

Does this sound familiar? It should because it has been covered before!

Authors will typically credit someone else’s work as inspiration for their new material. This inspired them to do something or add some elements into their own writing/speaking.

If you’re ever gifted these credits, you can probably assume that the materials were not self-published. They were published by an official company or person. General internet rules apply here – try to verify any information online before believing it!

Generalizations like “X said…” or “Y believes …” usually have no solid source attached to them. If you see these, run away! We're talking about trends in marketing here, not statements of fact.

Popular famous quotes

how to cite a famous quote

A well-respected way to show an admirer of yours that you are smart is to cite a famous quote from their work or speech.

Many people have left memorable statements for the world to see and refer back to them often. Some make quotable comments, others leave messages that stick with readers.

Some say things so cleverly that they become iconic, like “A mind full of thoughts is a little empty” — Marcus Aurelius. Or how about, “You can never get enough sleep if you want to be successful” – Benjamin Franklin?

These are just some examples, but there are many more!

Here are some tips on how to use a popular saying as part of your own writing or to inspire other writers.

What is the source of the quotation?

It is very important to know where the quoted phrase originated. This could be another person’s word, something said in media (like TV or film) or reading material such as a book.

It may even come directly from the writer or speaker themselves! For example, someone might take a sentence fragment (a short phrase with no complete words) and blend it into its own piece. That would not be possible without the original author having written that bit first.

Nice list of famous quotes

how to cite a famous quote

A nice way to cite a famous quote is to use an online source that has the quoted work along with the citation. This makes it easy to create your reference!

The internet is a wealth of information so do not feel limited in this area. There are many great sources where you can find inspiration, tips, and/or tutorials. Many of these sites have free content too!

This article will talk more about some of those sites and what people have done with them.