How To Check Your Employment Visa Status In UAE

By Tiara

Finding out your visa status is not easy, even for experienced immigration consultants. This article will go into detail about some tools you can use to check employment visas in UAE.

It’s very important that you understand how each one of these works before using them so that you don’t cause any issues for yourself or someone else.

The term ‘visa’ refers to both work permits and residence cards (to live here long-term). The two are completely separate documents with different length time frames.

Work permit details usually include where in the country you are allowed to work, your employer, start date, end date and position. Residence card holders also have to prove they have enough money to survive living in the country which means it’s good to be aware of what salaries are like around the world!

There are several ways to check employment visa statuses in UAE but none are 100% reliable. By being careful who you trust, you can get the most accurate information possible.

Check your visa status online

It is very easy to check employment visa status in the UAE, you can do it through various websites or apps. There are even smartphone applications that make this process quick and simple.

Some of the most trusted sites for checking employment visas include Smart Visas (, Hire-To-Settle ( and eVisaHQ (

These sites have both mobile and desktop versions and they all work similarly. They will always tell you whether there was an issue with your visa or not, as well as what action needs to be taken next.

They’ll also let you know if anything has changed about your visa, so it is best to update your information immediately after receiving confirmation.

Phone your embassy

It’s your responsibility to keep track of your visa status, but you can check it easily using our service! Simply upload a picture proof of employment or job confirmation via email or text message, then us along with some quick links we will provide verify your status and update if needed.

We have verified that this method is reliable and safe for use, so feel free to try it out today!

Disclaimer: By using this tool you agree to us updating our website every time there is an change in your visa situation. As such, we may ask you to confirm your identity or add additional documents as necessary. You should also note that importing photos can cost up to AED 10 per document, depending on how many pages they are. We recommend doing it yourself only if you live close to a computer.

We hope these tips help you in your search to stay in contact with your current livelihood! If you need any more help feeling confident and informed, don’t hesitate to write back here or give us a call at 971-941-640.

Talk to a local friend

This can be done through a close friend or family member who is also living in the area, or via an online platform like LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for work, then it makes sense to stay in familiar areas while searching for new opportunities. By staying in a familiar area, it will save you money by avoiding expensive transportation costs as well as time spent finding a place to live.

By being aware of your visa status, you can also make sure that you don’t overstay in the country. If you do find yourself running out of cash, there are many things you can do to get more money fast such as selling some belongings or requesting help from friends and family.

You shouldn’t worry too much about visa issues if you’ve made every effort to leave the country before they expire. In fact, most people don’t even know their visa expiration date so it's impossible to tell whether someone has overstayed without doing a background check.

Use social media

Recent developments have made it possible to check employment visa status in the UAE with just about any smartphone or computer device. There are even apps that do this for you!

Most foreigners need an entry visa, also known as a work permit, to live and work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is usually valid for one year and can be renewed once it expires. It depends on your employer whether they will renew it though, so make sure to keep track of that!

If your visa has expired, there are some things you can do to stay in the country. You can reapply online, through a third-party agency, or by directly contacting the embassy in Abu Dhabi where you’re registered.

It’s best to get these done as soon as possible as it may take several days or weeks before you know if you’re allowed to remain in the country. What people don’t realize is that staying in the workplace after your visa expires isn’t easy. You could face deportation if you aren’t able to prove that you secured appropriate employment within the UAE.

So how can you easily check your employment visa status? Here we will look at three ways to do so. More information can be found here: https://www.quora.

Keep your visa stamped in your passport

It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not forget to keep your employment visa stamped into your passport. If for some reason your employer does not update their paperwork, or if they are no longer able to be contacted, then you can come back here to see if you have permission to stay in the UAE.

If this happens several months later, it’s possible things may change at your current workplace. For example, someone else may have been given responsibilities equivalent to yours, so your job might be re-classified.

It’s also important to note that just because your visa expires doesn’t mean that you automatically need to leave the country. In fact, most expats don’t even know this rule!

There are two main reasons why people remain in the UAE after their visas expire: they haven’t found another position yet, or they find it difficult to return home due to commitments (such as school kids etc). Either way, staying in the UAE beyond the permitted time isn’t very productive so shouldn’t be done too frequently.

Pay the visa fee

It is your responsibility as an employee or employer to make sure that you are not underpaid or overpaid when paying your worker’s legal fees. Employers must also check if their workers have appropriate working visas before starting work.

It is absolutely essential for employers to verify this information, as illegal employment can be very expensive. Illegal employees may even qualify to receive public benefits such as healthcare and education. These costs can easily add up!

Legal aid organizations offer free services for undocumented immigrants so they do not have to worry about paid attorney bills. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that your staff members know what their rights are and who to turn to for help.

Some countries have reciprocal labor treaty agreements with other nations. If this is the case then it is advised that your employee find out if there are similar treaties in place between your home country and UAE’s. This would avoid any issues of nationalities clashing.

File a lost or stolen visa report

how to check your employment visa status in uae

It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that you are aware of all immigration status for employees you hire, sponsor, and work for wages. If this employee has visa issues, it can have major implications for you!

If someone goes missing after they have worked for you then it is important to file a ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ visa report with the appropriate authorities. This includes notifying the police and embassy.

It is very common for undocumented workers to be asked by colleagues, family members, or even law enforcement about their employment situation. They may also run into trouble at home because of being without documentation.

Be careful what you say when this happens so if you know something then go directly to the source and confirm it before telling anyone else.

Obtain a police report

It is very important to check your visa status before leaving for Thailand or the UAE, this includes obtaining a police report if you are involved in a car accident there.

It’s not enough just to make an appearance at your embassy after returning home, you have to do it within a set time frame. And don’t expect much help since many embassies have their windows closed until they know whether you overstayed your visa or not.

So what can be done? You can ask locals to assist you by checking your passport and visa documents via private means (yes, that’s expensive). Or go through trusted websites and social media accounts to see if anything comes up.

But even those aren’t completely foolproof, so we recommend doing one more thing.

Consult with an Immigration Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of visa regulations and requirements can be daunting. While online resources and community advice can be helpful, there's nothing quite as reliable as seeking guidance from a professional. Consulting with an immigration lawyer can provide you with accurate and current information on visa status, renewal procedures, and any legal implications associated with overstaying or other visa-related issues.

An immigration lawyer can:

  • Provide personalized advice based on your unique circumstances.
  • Offer guidance on paperwork and documentation, ensuring all details are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Explain the consequences and potential risks associated with visa violations.
  • Assist in the visa renewal process, ensuring all steps are taken correctly.
  • Represent and advocate for you in case of legal disputes or issues related to your visa.

While seeking legal counsel might come at a cost, it's a worthy investment to ensure peace of mind and compliance with UAE regulations. Additionally, having an established relationship with an immigration lawyer can prove invaluable if you face any unexpected issues or complications during your stay in the UAE.

In conclusion, while there are numerous ways to check and confirm your employment visa status in the UAE, it's crucial to stay informed and proactive in managing your visa responsibilities. Regularly reviewing your visa status and consulting with professionals when necessary will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free stay in the country. Whether you're in the UAE for work, leisure, or long-term residency, staying on top of your visa status is an essential part of your journey.