How To Check Visit Visa To Employment Visa In UAE

By Tiara

Employers typically require you to have proof that you are able to financially support yourself and your family while working for them, as well as a job offer proving that you can perform your duties under their company’s policy.

It is important to remember that not every country requires work visas, so it is best to do some research before applying anywhere outside of your home country!

Some employers may even run background checks or ask for references from past jobs, making sure they don’t have any complaints or concerns about you. It is good to be prepared for all of these things!

If you need help finding employment, try looking at local businesses or community organizations where you know someone who would vouch for you. This could mean offering professional services or doing business with them, such as taking over phone calls for an employee during a break period.

Also, there are many great resources available to you via social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Check your visa

It’s important to know what documents you need to present when visiting certain countries. For UAE visas, you must have proof of employment or business engagement as well as medical insurance.

It is also essential to know which type of visa you will require for your trip. You can usually choose between tourist, working holidaymaker, student or business visitor types.

Depending on how long you plan to stay in the country, there are different length-of-stay rules that apply. For example, if you fall into the student category then you will only be able to remain in the country for a set period after graduation or qualification.

Contact your embassy

It is very important to understand that even if you have all of the documents proving employment, there is still an initial step that needs to be taken before you can move forward with traveling or immigrating.

Most employers will require at least one week’s stay in the country as a part of their contract. This means that you will need to make sure your visit visa has at least a one-week extension!

It is extremely common for employers to run background checks when hiring someone, this includes checking criminal records, credit reports and more. They may also perform drug tests or lie detector tests. All of these things take time so it is best to be prepared by having enough proof that you will not get paid without showing it to them.

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Contact the UAE government

how to check visit visa to employment visa in uae

It is your responsibility as an employer to make sure that you are complying with immigration laws, so do not hesitate to check up on your employees!

If you suspect someone may be working without the right visa, talk to them directly!

Do not assume things – ask questions and do your research by talking to people around them.

You can also report suspicious activity to authorities immediately.

Confirm job details

how to check visit visa to employment visa in uae

It is important to confirm that you are talking to the right person, for the correct position. Make sure your call is not being recorded or listened to using a headset, as this would be illegal if done during work hours.

Also make sure that the caller has permission to speak with you before accepting their offer, both verbally and via email. You should also check that their social media profiles look authentic.

Medical check

how to check visit visa to employment visa in uae

A medical check or VISA health examination is one of the biggest hurdles for employers seeking workers abroad. It’s also an important part of the process, as some countries require you to be healthy before granting work visas.

Most Western nations have regulations that require employers to perform at least a basic medical exam on every new employee. The exams are usually limited to looking at your heartbeat, checking blood pressure, and taking pictures of your eyes and hands.

The kind of tests done during a medical visa check depend on what country you are applying to and what position you will hold while working there. Some positions require more rigorous checks than others, but no matter what job you have, you should always expect this test.

Medical checks can cost anywhere from USD 50–150 per person, depending on how many people get tested and where the test takes place. This price includes the doctor’s visit, the nurse who does the testing, and any prescription drugs needed.

Getting these prescriptions requires proving that you will only use them for work-related purposes and not for personal ones. Many doctors won’t give you the medicines without proof of this, so make sure you have enough medication prescribed for when you do come into contact with patients.

Some jobs even ask if you have certain diseases, which could further complicate things.

Get insurance

It is very important to have adequate health coverage while traveling abroad. This includes both short term and long term medical plans, with frequent check-ups.

Many employers require you to have proof of health insurance before giving you employment as a professional working for their company. In some cases, they will even pay for your policy.

You should always make sure that your policies include sufficient coverage for emergency healthcare whether it be from the doctor or hospital. A lot of times, credit cards do not offer this level of coverage so make sure to research your best options ahead of time!

Some things to consider are comprehensive (full) coverage, speciality (e.g. heart disease) coverage and Medical Insurance Coverage in UAE, how to verify if someone has medical coverage in Dubai, types of policies, etc.

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Stay updated with the laws

UAE laws and regulations related to employment and visit visas can frequently change. As such, it is essential for both employers and employees to remain updated with any new rules or requirements. To do so, regularly check the official websites of the UAE government or the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Also, consider subscribing to newsletters or alerts from reputable law firms specializing in UAE labor laws.

Networking and industry events can also provide firsthand information from people who recently went through the visa process. Remember, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and not being updated could lead to unintended violations and potential penalties.

Meet your employer

It is very important to meet with confidence, as you will be representing their company when visiting visa-wise. Make sure you are well prepared for this meeting by doing some research into the organization, what they do, and who works there.

Be aware of any potential red flags such as if anyone was ever terminated from employment or if complaints have been filed against them. These are all part of doing business and being able to identify these things can help avoid awkward situations later.

If possible, try to speak with current employees or look up interviews they gave about the company. This gives you an idea of how people related to the company interacted with others and whether they were trustworthy.

We recommend using Google Maps or another website to find the workplace since it may not be obvious where the office is located. Having this information will aid in determining if the office is accessible and easy to get to.

Language and Cultural Preparedness

Given that the UAE is a diverse country with a mix of cultures and nationalities, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with the local customs, traditions, and basic phrases in Arabic. While English is widely spoken, especially in the business world, understanding and respecting the local culture will smooth your transition and integration into the UAE workforce.

Attend cross-cultural training sessions if available or consider hiring a local consultant to guide you through the nuances of Emirati culture. Remember, building strong relationships is crucial in the UAE business world, and understanding the local etiquette can make a significant difference.

To truly thrive in the UAE, immerse yourself in the culture. Attend local events, try traditional foods, and engage in conversations with the locals. This will not only help you in your professional journey but also enrich your overall experience in the country.

Prepare your passport

Before you can check employment visa for UAE, you will first need to make sure that your passport is valid and up-to-date. You can do this by making an appointment at your nearest United States Embassy or Consulate where they can also tell you what documents you should have as well as review and update your existing visas if needed.

Usually, employers will ask for copies of both your work visa and personal residence permit when conducting the initial screening process. Make sure to bring these documents with you during your visit!

As mentioned before, it is very important to be familiar with the exact dates of your visa so that you don’t arrive at the workplace only to find out that it has expired already.