How To Check Uk Visa Processing Status

By Tiara

When you are traveling for business or for fun, knowing where your next destination is can make a big difference in how well you feel about yourself and your trip.

The same goes for knowing whether or not you will be able to stay there!

If you know that you will need a visa to enter a country, it’s important to find out what kind of visa you will need and when. Knowing this information ahead of time can help avoid spending money at the airport or right after you arrive looking for a permit that you already have.

There are several ways to check the status of your international visa so that you are always up-to-date. This article will talk about some easy ways to do this.

Find your visa application number

how to check uk visa processing status

It is very important to know who will be receiving your documents while you are traveling abroad. This way, they can keep an eye on it until it arrives in the country that you have listed as a travel destination.
It is also helpful if they know when the document will arrive so that they can start planning for you or starting the process on yours!

The thing about visa applications is that there is not just one set of documents given to each applicant. There can be up to 10 individuals involved, making it hard to remember which person gets what piece of paper.

That’s why it is crucial to find out not only whose name appears on the top page of your application but also their email address and phone numbers too. More and more countries ask for this these days, especially since most people working with visas must verify them.

You should make sure that all of these things change even though your documents may already show the old information because life happens.

Call your visa service provider

how to check uk visa processing status

It is not enough to just wait for their phone call, or their email telling you that your application has been received. You have to make repeated calls to ensure that they actually receive it. Some companies automatically send an SMS saying that their team has received yours, but this is never confirmed until you speak with them directly.

Some things to check before calling: Are there any messages in My Account showing that your application was processed? Have they sent you an Email confirming receipt of your documents? Is There A Record Of Your Call In Their Phone Book/Chat History?

It is also worth checking whether they typically offer online tracking tools or not. Most small businesses do not because it is expensive nor does it provide value to their customers.

Visit the UK government's visa website

how to check uk visa processing status

In fact, you can check this information directly from their own site! Simply visit and look under 'Apply for a visitor visa'. You will see whether your application has been successful or not along with when it was due to be processed.

You do need to remember that these dates are only estimates - VISA cannot guarantee how quickly they will process your application. It could take days, weeks or months before we receive confirmation of processing.

So, if you were waiting in line at the embassy early morning on November 14th and there was no sign of any visas being issued then go back later and check again, maybe around lunch time that day.

And don't forget, even though VISA says it takes two working days to process, some embassies may actually count one extra day (sometimes called 'embassy grace period').

Check with your bank

Sometimes, even though an individual has paid their visa fees in full, they are still unable to process their documents and/or visit the country. This is because some banks do not accept responsibility for another institution’s mistakes or delays.

If this happens to you, it can be frustrating as well as costly. You may want to consider alternative routes to stay in the country longer than planned if there is no way to confirm that your passport and visa have been accepted by the embassy in London.

You could also look into ways to move visas up in line or give yourself more time to receive them at the destination.

Run credit card numbers through fraud detection software

how to check uk visa processing status

Another way to check if your visa has been processed is to run your credit cards numbers through some type of fraud detection software. These applications can monitor all purchases, determine whether or not a purchase was fraudulent, and also give you detailed information about each transaction!

Most fodetection softwares have an option to search for visa numbers as well. You can then choose which country’s visa number you want details about and when they were last used. Some even allow you to create alerts so that you are notified whenever there has been activity with one of your visas.

Check the status of the payment with the issuing bank

how to check uk visa processing status

The next step in checking your visa processing status is to check with the company that issued you the visa. Most major airlines will let you know if your card has been denied or not, as well as whether it was due to insufficient funds or because the credit cards company refused to authorize spending limits for travel.

Some countries may also require you to confirm your return date and place of residence, so make sure to keep those updated too! Many banks have their own websites where you can view this information, and some even allow you to update or change your personal details.

Check the status of the payment with the processing bank

how to check uk visa processing status

It is very common for credit card companies to work together to process transactions. Because of this, most major cards have an online portal where you can check your account’s current status.

By going into your account directly through their website, you can also view all details about your transaction. This includes information such as how much money was spent, when it was processed, and whether or not there were any complaints.

Some banks will even let you know if someone else used your account to make a purchase, which could give you clues as to who stole from you.

Contact the embassy or consulate with information about your passport

how to check uk visa processing status

It is very important that you do not contact the visa agency directly to check processing status. If you choose this route, you will need their phone number or email so you can stay updated as to when they heard back from the government.

By contacting them directly, you may end up causing more stress for them and creating an uncomfortable situation for you. They might even tell you something like “I thought we had approved it, but now I have been told we did not” or “We received no notification of any kind” which makes it hard to believe they had already accepted your request.

That would then mean you would need to start the process all over again! Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to check if your visa has been processed or not, other than waiting for it in person at the embassy or consulate where yours was issued.