How To Check My Visa Processing Status

By Tiara

Recent developments in technology have made it easy for anyone to check their visa status. You can do this free of cost, and you don’t even need to use your computer or smartphone to access it.

Visas are an important part of international travel. They give individuals permission to enter another country so that they can stay there for a certain amount of time. This is particularly true if the individual needs to visit for work or school.

It can be difficult knowing when someone's visa expires. Some countries require at least one month's notice before an exit permit can be arranged, which makes tracking its expiration tricky.

Fortunately, there are several ways to check your own visa processing status and find out when it will expire. The best way depends on who you are looking to learn this information from as well as what type of visa you hold.

I've included all the possible methods here, and some helpful links where you can read more about each one. Even though we're talking about visas, these strategies also apply to residency permits and green cards.

Call the embassy or consulate

how to check my visa processing status

It is your responsibility as an international traveler to keep track of all your important documents, stay in touch with where you left things back home, and know what’s happening with them.

If something gets lost or broken, this can be very frustrating. Luckily, your passport doesn’t take too long to replace, but if your visa does it can get more complicated.

Fortunately, contacting the appropriate government agency will almost always have easy ways to check your current status.

Check the Department of State website

how to check my visa processing status

In addition to using VISASTAT, you can also check your visa status with the department’s Global Visitor Information System (GVIS) or through their Traveler Portal.

To do this, head over to the Department of State’s website at On the left side of the page, under Services, you will find “Visit my US Record.” You can input your passport number here to see if there are any alerts related to your visa.

If there is an alert, it will direct you to view the notification in Your Account Settings where you choose whether to update or not depending on what you want to know about.

Email your embassy or consulate

how to check my visa processing status

There are several ways to check your visa status via email. Some embassies and consulates have an online portal where you can access this information, but some do not.

Many international organizations use their own internal systems to track how long it takes for different types of visas to be processed. These include business visas, student visas, tourist visas, etc.

By using these resources, you will know what stage each of your applications is at, which helps you determine when to expect updates and confirmation.

Use one of the following websites

how to check my visa processing status

Now that you have done all the hard work, it is time to check your visa status! You can do this online using any of the following sites. Some will even update their services automatically so make sure to look for these updates to see if it has been processed already.

It is very important to know what day your visa was due at in order to determine when it could be expected back. So before checking over the site’s service offering, search for your name and find out how many days past your visa expires. After doing this, you can then go ahead and log onto the website to see whether it has been returned or not.

Remember, some sites may take up to 24 hours to process the information so wait for your result within this period of time.

Visas Go

how to check my visa processing status

The next step in processing your new visa is to have it issued or “gives” you permission to enter Australia. This happens when an Australian Consulate, embassy, or immigration office receives confirmation that all of the necessary documents are valid and authentic from your country.

It can take some time for this to happen after submitting your application so be aware of this! Once again, there is no set timeframe as every consulate has their own individual process. Make sure you keep up with everything via online sources and by talking to people who know about migration in your area.

We recommend using our check VISA status tool which allows you to track the progress of your visa at any stage.

Visas Now

how to check my visa processing status

Over the past few years, there have been some major changes when it comes to visa processing times. While once upon a time you could be waiting weeks for your documents to be reviewed and processed, this is no longer the case.

Visas now have what’s called an e-visa system which allows you to check the status of your visa online at any time. This can include checking the date of entry into Australia, if the visa has expired or was cancelled, or simply whether or not your visa has been approved!

There are several companies that offer this service so make sure to do some research before investing in their services. We recommend using Visas NOW as they are one of the most trusted vendors that people rely on.

Smart Visas

how to check my visa processing status

Recent developments in visa processing have left many people wondering how to check your visa status. Gone are the days when you would look at your mail, talk to friends or family, and assume that everything was fine!

With changes being made to the way visas are processed, it is now possible to be blind-sided by an unexpected visa decision. This can make it difficult to plan future trips or stay longer than planned due to time constraints. It also makes it more challenging to return home as you may not know if you will need to leave the country soon.

Visitor visas for stays of up to six months used to be issued quickly (usually within one week). Now, this can easily take two weeks or even longer. People often do not find out about their visa until they try to board flight or come back into the country.

Luckily, there are some ways to check your visa status online. There are several good sites that offer fast, easy access to the most recent information on your visa. By having this knowledge early, you will have time to adjust your travel plans or get medical treatment here in the United States before you must depart.

Visa Lounge

how to check my visa processing status

A visa lounge is typically an area with adequate resources, such as bathrooms and restaurants, that you can use for free while your documents are being processed or you have a flight out soon. Some livengs may even let you hang out there while you wait!

Some major international airports have their own dedicated visa processing facilities. These are very helpful since you do not have to go outside to find services like this one.

At some smaller airports, however, there may be nothing beyond what we mentioned before. If this is the case for you, then do not worry! You can check your visa status online at various sites like VetraGlobal.

We will discuss more ways to check your visa status here but first, how to find if a visa-lounge facility is available at your airport of departure.