How To Check If My Employment Visa Is On Process

By Tiara

At this stage, your employment visa has already been processed but you will need to confirm that it is still active before you can work in Australia. If for any reason your visa expires or is cancelled, you cannot work here unless your documents are up-to-date!

It’s important to know what happens to expatriate workers after they have finished their contract. Most employers offer paid leave at some point during the working week. This is usually two days per week (usually Monday and Friday) and is referred to as statutory annual leave.

However, many migrants don’t take all of their available leave because they want to keep in touch with family back home so we often refer to it as ‘vacation leave’. Unfortunately though, some people don’t use all of theirs and end up having to stay in Australia without any rest!

This article will look at how to check whether your employment visa is on process and also talk about taking additional vacation left by your colleagues.

Check your visa

how to check if my employment visa is on process

It is important to check that your employment visa has been processed as well as expired. You can do this by speaking with someone at your workplace, checking online, or using any of the resources mentioned in this article!

If you are working under an employment contract, then make sure it has been signed and that your employer knows about it. If it has not been done yet, talk to them about getting one!

Your employers may be able to help you stay in the country temporarily while your visa situation is sorted out. This way you don’t have to find new accommodation or work immediately, which can be very difficult.

It also helps their business if they know you will soon be leaving so they can start looking for someone else to hire.

Call the embassy or consulate

how to check if my employment visa is on process

It is your responsibility as an immigrant to keep track of all important documents, such as visas. Make sure you know where each document is!

If you are ever unable to work in Canada due to visa issues, there are some things you can do to check whether your employment visa is on process or not.

You can call the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your home country to see if their office has received notification that you have been granted a working visa in Canada. If they have not heard from anyone, then it is likely that yours has still got stuck at the other end.

This does not mean that you are automatically barred from entering Canada, but instead means that your employer must go through additional procedures before granting you permission to enter.

Check your bank account

how to check if my employment visa is on process

Sometimes, when you’re in Canada as an employee, it can be hard to know whether or not your employment visa is on process. This happens mostly at holiday time, when most employers let employees go because they assume that they will return after their break!

When this occurs, some of them may offer to help you apply for another visa or work permit while you are away. But before accepting these offers, make sure you check your bank account to see if there is any money in it!

If there is, then chances are good that you don't have much time to look for new jobs — unless you want to risk having to repay all of those fees!

Luckily, there are ways to check your bank account without exposing too much information about yourself. You can usually view basic info such as username, mailing address, and debit card numbers, but no credit cards or other personal details.

Confirm your next paycheck

how to check if my employment visa is on process

Sometimes, things get stuck in bureaucratic limbo for months before getting processed. If you don’t check up on it soon, you can end up having to start the visa process over from scratch!

Before confirming that your employment visa is on track, make sure your next pay period has been approved and paid.

If it hasn’t – or if it’s not due out for several more days - then it's safe to assume that your job application was accepted and your visa status is still valid.

Ask friends or family who have recently visited

how to check if my employment visa is on process

It is very common for employers to ask their new hires whether they are in-status workers. This is not only true of employment visas, but also work permits, visa status, and health insurance. Employers check this information before hiring so that they do not run into issues later!

If you receive such an inquiry from your employer, it is important to be honest with them. Tell them that you cannot confirm your employment status at this time as there has been no confirmation received yet. If they press you further, tell them that you will update them when you know more about your situation.

This way you do not need to lie to them, but you also give them some leeway to come back to you later. Keep in mind though that if they find out that you lied to them, they may choose to terminate your employment.

Ask your employer for confirmation

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether or not your visa has been approved. There are lots of ways you can check this, but unfortunately, most of them require you to have an appointment at your workplace, which doesn’t always exist in the immigration world.

That is why it is best to ask your current employer whether their documents have been submitted and processed yet. If they say that they have, then there isn’t much more you can do aside from waiting!

If however, they don’t seem too sure when asked about it directly, it may be time to look elsewhere for work.

Prepare your visa application

how to check if my employment visa is on process

It is important to make sure that you have all of your documents in order before you apply for employment. This includes proof of residence, health insurance, and work authorization.

If you are working under an employer who has been granted permission to employ you then they must be able to confirm that you no longer need job protection. A way to do this is to check if your employment visa is on process.

This can be done by speaking to someone at your current place of work or via their internal systems. If both tests pass, then there is nothing more that needs to be done! You have already received approval to accept new employment so you can now look into applying for other jobs.

However, it’s best to give yourself some time after leaving your current position to see if any issues arise.

Make a plan in case your visa is not on process

how to check if my employment visa is on process

If you are experiencing delays with your employment visa, it’s important to have a Plan B.

You should make arrangements for other accommodation while you wait for your permit to be approved as this can get expensive!

It's also helpful to know what documents you need before you leave Australia so that when you do travel back, you're not left waiting for something or someone else to help you.

In these situations, it is very easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, which only makes things take longer.

So try and reduce the stress by planning ahead.

Set up Email Alerts

Technology has advanced in many ways to make our lives easier. To ensure you're updated on the status of your visa, it’s beneficial to set up email alerts or notifications through the immigration portal or website. Most immigration systems have automated systems that send out updates regarding the visa application process.

  1. Register on the Immigration Portal: Most countries, including Australia, have online platforms where immigrants can track the status of their visa application. Ensure you register on these platforms using an email ID that you check frequently.
  2. Enable Notifications: Make sure that you have allowed the platform to send you email notifications. This way, when there's an update, you won’t miss out.
  3. Regularly Monitor your Spam/Junk Folder: Sometimes, emails from automated systems might end up in the spam or junk folder. Ensure you check these folders regularly to ensure you haven’t missed out on any critical updates.

Engage with a Visa Consultant

Another effective way to keep a tab on your visa status is to engage with a visa consultant or an immigration lawyer. These professionals are well-versed with the intricacies of the visa application process.

  1. Professional Insight: A visa consultant has experience and can provide insights on typical wait times and any potential delays you might encounter.
  2. Proactive Follow-ups: Having a professional on board means they can make follow-ups on your behalf. They often have direct channels of communication that may not be available to the general public.
  3. Peace of Mind: With someone professionally handling and overseeing the status of your visa application, you can have some peace of mind. They will keep you informed about every development, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your relocation or employment.

In conclusion, keeping track of your employment visa status is crucial. Make sure you utilize all available resources, whether it’s checking online, engaging with professionals, or setting up notifications. Always be proactive in seeking information, so you're never caught off guard.