How To Check Employment Visa Status Online In Uae

By Tiara

Finding out if an individual has employment visa status is one of the most important things you can do as a friend or family member of someone who may be seeking work abroad. This article will go into detail about some easy ways to check this!

It’s very common for individuals working overseas to not tell their family and friends where they are going, so it is best to try and find out before hand. Luckily, there are several reliable sources that can give you information within minutes.

Sources such as these can help prevent any possible complications down the line, so why not invest time now to make sure everything is okay? It will also save your loved ones lots of stress too!

There are three main types of visas that people working internationally need to have – student, tourist and business. Knowing which type of visa an employee in your life holds can help determine whether or not they are able to stay in the country long term.

This article will talk more about students, but the same process can easily be done for workers under a tourism visa or for those holding a business visa.

Find your passport number

how to check employment visa status online in uae

It is very important to know your visa’s passport number before you can check employment visa status online. This information will be found at the top of every VISA or work permit that you have!

Usually, it starts with either an ‘EV’ or an ‘ESI’ followed by something that looks like a national identification number.

This ID number changes depending on what country you are in at any given time, so it is best to make sure this is verified beforehand!

Many employers require this document as proof of identity and/or residency when making hiring decisions. As such, it is helpful to know if there has been a job opening and who applied for it.

You should also confirm their residence status – whether they live in the city where the workplace is located, or if they reside somewhere else. A lot of times, new hires start working from home until they find a place close to theirs, at which point they update their documents.

Find your passport expiration date

how to check employment visa status online in uae

It is very important to know when your visa expires so that you do not have to go through extra measures of finding out if your visa has expired. You can check this information online or by contacting the embassy directly.

Most countries require at least one year of stay for most visas, even if you are only visiting for a few days. If your visa expires before one month, you may be able to extend it temporarily while you find work here. A lot of employers will allow this.

Find your visa application number

how to check employment visa status online in uae

It is very important to know what visa type you have before you can check employment visa status online, as this will determine how you can access the information. Your employer should be able to send you a VISA appllication (or job offer) letter or form that contains your visa duriungtion and employee identification number. This number helps us connect all of your documents together and determines whether or not you are allowed to enter the country while on vacation or for work.

It’s also worth noting that employers sometimes give out two different numbers – one for internal use and one that customers don’t see, even if it’s the same document. Make sure you keep track of which number you received!

We were talking about those pesky passport expiration dates earlier, so now let’s take a look at some helpful tips for checking employment visa statuses online in the United Arab Emirates. You can for more tips.

Check your visa status

how to check employment visa status online in uae

If you are looking to confirm or update your employment visa, then there is an easy way to do it. Most embassies have a system that allows you to check your visa information online. This can be done through their website, mobile app, or via a third party application like Google or Apple.

Most embassy websites now offer this service so users don’t need to go outside to verify their visa status. You can easily check yours by going to their site directly or using one of these apps!

There is no cost for this service nor does it require login credentials. It will walk you through all steps quickly and clearly as well.

Pay a visa fee

Finding out if you have active employment visas can sometimes cost money depending on what country your employer is located in as well as how much it costs to do so directly with their embassy or consulate. Thankfully, there are some free alternatives that can be just as effective.

There are several websites that act as brokers for various countries’ work visa systems. Some of these sites pay small fees per check (usually around $20-30) for employers to update visa status information online. After paying this initial fee, job seekers can then use the site to search for their employee records!

These services also usually keep track of when the last updates were made, which helps determine whether an inactive visa has recently been corrected or not.

Get your passport stamp if applicable

how to check employment visa status online in uae

If you find that your visa status has expired, then it’s time to start thinking about what to do next. Fortunately, there are some great resources available to help you check employment visa status online in UAE.

Most companies in Dubai will have an internal system for employees to view their personal information, including visa statuses. Some even allow you to update or change yours directly from within this app!

If you work for a small business or individual outside of the UAE, checking employee visas can be tricky. Luckily, there are many free services that connect employers with employees, allowing both parties to verify each other’s details.

Enjoy your freedom

how to check employment visa status online in uae

Finding out if an employee is legally allowed to work in the UAE can feel like looking through files and documents for clues about past relationships, or trying to determine whether someone you met at a party was telling the truth when they said they are still married.

It’s not quite that dramatic, but it can be tricky to tell if an individual working in the UAE has their paperwork in order. That could mean no proof of employment visa status, no valid passport, or no proof of insurance. All of these things are essential pieces of documentation to know before starting work, so make sure to check this out ahead of time!

If you find something questionable, speak with your potential employer immediately, and get all the details from them. Don’t assume anything – there’s no use in diving into the job search process if everything is okay.

Plan your next vacation

how to check employment visa status online in uae

If you are planning on traveling abroad for an extended period of time, it is best to make sure everything is worked out ahead of time. This includes finding employment while you’re there so that you don’t have to start looking for work right away when you're back home.

It also helps if you know how long you'll be gone because it gives people time to find you! There's no need to worry about keeping in touch with friends and family back at home unless you really must, but thinking through all the possibilities can help avoid being stranded due to unexpected delays.