How To Check Employment Visa Status Online In Qatar

By Tiara

Looking for information about your employment visa status is not a new concept, but there are now several easy ways to do it. You can check this information online via various sites and apps that have been made specifically for this purpose.

Many employers also keep records of such information themselves, so checking with them is another way to find out if you’re allowed to remain in the country. This article will go over some simple methods to do this at home!

If you are having trouble finding what type of visa you need or whether you are eligible for working here, we recommend talking to an immigration lawyer directly. Only use a professional legal service though, never try doing it yourself as it could get you into more trouble.

Find your visa information

how to check employment visa status online in qatar

Recent developments for employment visas in Qatar have made it possible to check job offer letters, I-9 forms, and other important documents online. There are even some tools that can compare this data with databases of known fraudulent documents.

Many employers in the Gulf send an email confirming their acceptance of your application and asking you to confirm your attendance at an upcoming interview. Many applicants don’t realize that this confirmation is also keeping a record of your passport number and date of arrival into Qatar!

If you get this notification but never hear back from the employer, there may be something wrong with the status of your visa. You should still keep track of how long it takes to receive word from them, though, as this could indicate if they received your application or not.

By law, most foreign workers in Qatar must go through local recruitment agencies when applying for work. These agencies take up to two weeks to process paperwork so staying in touch while waiting isn’t unreasonable.

Register your passport with the government of Qatar

In addition to checking employment visa status online, you can also register your passport so that it is easier to track its location.

If you are planning to stay in Qatar for longer than six months, then it’s necessary to register yourself as an immigrant. This way, you will know your legal rights and responsibilities as an alien resident in the country.

You have two options when registering your passport – through Qatari diplomatic missions or national police stations.

Qatar has over twenty-five embassies around the world, including one located in Los Angeles. By visiting their website, you can find all the information you need to register your passport. You do not have to be living in America to visit these sites.

Alternatively, you can go to any local police station and ask them about how to register your passport. They would help you complete this process quickly and easily.

Register your visa with the government of Qatar

how to check employment visa status online in qatar

In addition to being able to check employment visa status online, you can also register yourself as an employer with the Qatari Ministry of Labor and Social Development. This way, you will get automatic notification when someone inquires about your work permit or if it expires!

Employers are required by law to be registered with the MOL so that employees have proof they exist and can verify their identity. It is also important for tax purposes. The employee’s passport must show that he/she has legal permission to live and work in Qatar while under your employ.

Registering as an employer is free and easy to do. Just visit where you can choose whether you want to become a private individual hirer, self employed person or both and then from there, you can pick which state agency you would like to report to and how frequently you would like job notifications sent to you.

Check Qatari government visa website

how to check employment visa status online in qatar

Recently, there have been some reports of employers asking for more than one year’s worth of employment records as proof that someone has worked for their company. This is totally unacceptable!

If you are asked this question during your visa interview, be sure to bring copies of these documents and do not share any private information such as bank accounts or social security numbers.

The is an excellent resource for those looking to verify employment status. You can easily search through employer profiles to see if they have verified work history.

This site also allows users to create profile pages with all of their personal information, which may include past jobs. By clicking “connect” at the top of every page, users can access their account settings and add job applications.

Check Consulate General visa website in Qatar

It is your responsibility as an employer to make sure that all of your employees are legally able to work in Qatar. If you discover that someone does not have valid employment status, you can face serious penalties including dismissal and legal action.

It is important to note that even if a worker has expired visas or no job offers, they may still be able to remain in Qatar indefinitely by working without pay under what’s known as ‘freelance work.’ This is illegal however and could result in deportation for both parties.

Fortunately, there are now ways to check whether an employee needs to renew their visa in Qatar online. You can do this directly through the consulate general’s website which will also tell you how long their current visa expires.

Call the embassy or consulate in Qatar

It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that you are aware of any visa status for your employee. If this person has expired visas, it can be very embarrassing for your business because they will not be able to work when they come back to visit.

Not only does it hurt their personal life, but it also hurts your company’s reputation. In fact, some governments may even impose penalties on your organization for employing undocumented workers.

It is important to note that most countries have immigration departments with databases that contain information about all current foreign employees working within its borders. Because of this, it is easy to check employment visa status online in Qatar.

There are many websites where one can find such info, but we will discuss two of our favorites below! We believe that both are excellent resources that can help you in your search for qatari job seekers.



We will now look at Visamtch and SmartMatch, two different sites that do the same thing. Both allow you to enter basic details about a foreigner seeking employment in Qatar, along with their passport number and date of birth.

After that, each site will pull up a profile page for them from either Immigration or Passport Control. On these pages you will see if they have valid visas, how long they expire, and whether there are active applications for new Q-visas.

Enroll your visa if you are registering it

how to check employment visa status online in qatar

When you first register with VISAQ, you will be asked to provide your name, national identity card number, passport information, and employment details. You do not have to include your employer’s email address at this stage as that is provided later when you login to our system.

Once all of these pieces of information has been received, we can then connect your account to verify the legitimacy of the information you submitted. This process usually takes two to three days to complete, so please wait before doing anything else!

When everything is verified, you will receive an authorization letter which confirms that your visa has been granted and can now be used for employment.

Check your visa status once a month

It is important to check your visa status at regular intervals as it can be difficult to access VISA INFO without proof of employment or residency.

Many employers require you to have active work visas, so make sure to always update this information!

You should also remember to review your visa expiration date. If you find that it has expired, then you must reapply for a new one before attending an event or traveling.

At times, people may not know how to correctly use the visa services online, so here are some tips for using them properly.

Tips for Using Online Visa Services in Qatar

Using online visa services can be a tad overwhelming for those who are not familiar with the process. Here's how you can smoothly navigate through the procedure:

  1. User-friendly Interface: Most online visa services are designed with users in mind. They have a user-friendly interface that makes the process easy and straightforward. Always follow the instructions provided on the website.
  2. Document Preparation: Before you begin, gather all the necessary documents. This often includes your passport, a recent photograph, employment details, and any other pertinent information.
  3. Secure Connection: Ensure that you're using a secure connection when accessing these services. Look for a padlock symbol in the address bar or the website starting with 'https://'.
  4. Regular Updates: As with most online processes, there might be regular updates on the site. Make sure you’re accessing the latest version of the website or application.
  5. Data Entry: Enter your details carefully. Double-check for any errors before submitting, as even a minor mistake can lead to a delay or rejection of your request.
  6. Save Your Progress: If the platform allows, save your progress frequently. This will prevent loss of data if there's any technical glitch.
  7. Feedback and Reviews: Before using a new online visa service, read reviews and feedback from other users. This will give you a fair idea about the reliability and efficiency of the service.
  8. Customer Support: If you're facing any issues, don't hesitate to contact the website’s customer support. They are usually available to assist with any queries or problems.
  9. Service Fees: Some online visa services may charge a fee. Be sure to be aware of any costs associated with the service and ensure that they're reputable before making any payments.
  10. Confirmation: After completing the process, you should receive a confirmation, either through email or SMS. Keep this for your records, as you might need it for future reference.

Checking and maintaining your employment visa status in Qatar is crucial for both employees and employers. With the rise in digital platforms, it's become easier than ever to access and monitor this information online. Remember, staying informed and up-to-date with your visa status not only ensures your legal stay but also fosters a sense of security and compliance.