How To Check Employment Visa Processing Status In Uae

By Tiara

Finding out if your employment visa has been accepted or rejected can be quite tricky, even for experienced immigration professionals. This is especially true when it comes to working in the UAE where there are no clear guidelines as to what information needs to be gathered and how to go about doing so.

There are several ways to check this but none seem completely reliable. Some require expensive tools that must be shipped abroad which could take weeks or even months depending on whether you’re waiting for a refund or not. Others just cost too much and don’t provide very accurate results.

That being said, we do have some helpful tips here for you to try. If one of these works for you then great! But remember, the more detail you include the more likely it will matter so please make sure to note any important info.

Find your passport page number

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

The next step is to find your passport page number which includes both your VISA PAGE NUMBER AND YOUR PASSPORT EXPIRATION DATE! This can be tricky, as some pages do not include this information or place it very lightly.

It’s best to go into our website directly instead of going through another source. On the left side of the screen, under ‘My Visas’, you will see a link called ‘Passport Page Number’. Click that and then press continue to download your visa document.

This document contains your visa page number so look for it quickly! If possible, take a picture of it with your phone to have an extra copy. You can now save this image and refer back to it later if needed.

Now that you know what part of the visa is, you can check whether it has been processed at Immigration by clicking on the links below.

Find your visa number

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It is very important to know what visa status you have before you try to work or move abroad. You need to make sure that you are allowed to live and work in the country you want to stay in, as well as that you do not run into any major issues while traveling to meet with employers or attending job interviews.

Most countries ask for at least two documents when granting residency or employment visas – an invitation letter or confirmation of the position/job offer and the passport of the employee. The embassy will also verify that the employer is legitimate and you received adequate time to look for work after leaving the country where you were already residing.

There is usually a one-month grace period during which it takes place, but some places may be stricter about this.

Check with your embassy

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

Sometimes, it can be difficult checking employment visa status online. This is because not every country has an easy way for you to check this information. Some countries do not make their employment visas or acceptance letters public so that people cannot verify they have them!

In some cases, there are no real ways to confirm whether or not someone has permission to work in a certain country unless you know someone who knows the person. If this is the case then staying away from job hunting sites may be our best bet until you find a solution!

Luckily, most embassies offer their employee’s records to look through at least once a year. You should definitely take a look before seeking employment here! Many times, employers will ask if you have checked their record, but we would recommend doing it earlier than later.

Once again, stay clear of those looking to connect for jobs by advertising positions or offering paid services to help you research these things.

Use any of the following websites

There are several ways to check your visa status in UAE. Some people may consider these methods tricky, but they’re easy to do if you use them properly. You can find all sorts of information about each site here so we will not go into much detail about that.

Instead, let’s talk about some great sites to visit to see whether or not your employment visa has been processed already!

We have gathered ten quick and easy to access sites for you to review and determine if your visa was approved or not. These include Google, Facebook, and Yahoo as well as various government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and The United States Department of State.

Some of these sites also offer live chat support so you don’t need to worry about things being busy and difficult to connect with. Simply search their website or mobile app for “employment visa process time.

Talk to your employer

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

If you can’t get a response from any of the other methods, then your next step is to talk to your employer or supervisor about when employment visa processing times are.

It is very important that you remain professional and level-headed during this conversation as it may be perceived as a threat towards the company.

Make sure to keep things factual and not accusatory.

Also remember that employers have a lot of responsibilities aside from hiring and firing, so asking questions such as ‘when will my H1B visa be processed?’ could mean there is nothing you can do until then.

Call your embassy

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It is very important to make sure that you have all of your visa documents and proof gathered before you call your country’s embassy. You do not want to be stuck waiting for them while they gather their own documentation, so try to be prepared!

If there are any significant delays or things that you need to know, your embassy will notify us via VFS (the company that handles visa applications for most countries) or the consulate directly. They may also send someone to pick up your application if needed- this can save hours later.

We recommend calling at lunch time or early evening when the phone lines are less busy.

Check with your friends or family who have experience with this

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It is not possible to check VISA processing status online, nor does it seem like there’s an app that can do so at this time. This is probably because most employers don’t release this information unless you are already employed by their company, or you as a person directly interact with visa services on behalf of the employer.

However, one way to get this info is to ask people who have worked for the same organization as yours has. You could also talk to others within the industry, or even outside of it if you are very well-connected.

Check with another employee of your employer

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

If you are still unable to track down where things stand, try checking with someone at your workplace or one of their friends/relatives who worked there before.

If they heard anything about visa processing delays from other sources, this can help confirm that it is true. They may also be able to provide more information as to why potential visa issues have come up.

By asking around, you will get the most accurate info possible!

And don’t forget to follow-up properly by calling or texting them back to make sure everything is okay.