How To Check Employment Visa Processing Status In The UAE

By Tiara

Finding out if your visa has been approved or rejected is one of the most important things you can do as a resident or work visa holder. A denied visa will cause major setbacks, such as being unable to enter or remain in the country.

A job seeker may be able to apply for an extension but this usually requires you to have proof that you’ll soon be back home and there are no guarantees that it will be granted, especially if you’ve already spent money traveling here.

Luckily, there are some ways you can check employment visa processing status in UAE easily without too much cost. You should know what information is available and how to access it so you don’t waste time looking.

We’re going to look at two types of visas – work permits and non-work visas like student and tourist ones. Make sure you understand which type of visa you need before checking the status of yours!

What does ‘employment visa processing status’ mean?

When talking about visa processing, people often refer to either:

Visa issuance - As we mentioned above, proving who you are and where you live is part of the process when getting a work permit. This includes collecting documents from your home country and making sure none of them is fraudulent.

As we mentioned above, proving who you are and where you live is part of the process when getting a work permit.

Check on the U.A.E. government website

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It is very easy to check whether or not your visa has been processed in UAE, you can do this by going onto the United Arab Emirates’s official website.

Go to and then scroll down until you reach ‘Consular Services’. Here, you will be able to find information regarding what steps need to be taken if your visa has expired, as well as how long it could take for them to process it again.

You also have the option of looking up any documents that you might have sent off back home so that they can be re-filed here in UAE.

Call the U.A.E. embassy in your home country

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

If you are still unable to get through, call the U.A.E. Embassy in your home country. They can tell you what process they went through with getting your visa approved or denied.

This is very helpful as it removes some of the mystery surrounding why their phone line is frequently busy and there’s no answer when you try to reach them!

Many times, employers will request that employees working for them in the UAE stay beyond the expiry date of their visa so this explanation is acceptable. Make sure to confirm this though, as staying past the visa expires could result in being arrested.

Check with your employer

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It’s not enough just to check LinkedIn or other job listing websites- you have to actually check if there’s been any activity related to employment visa processing!

If you find that there has been no activity, then it’s probably safe to assume that everything is fine and your friend was too busy celebrating her birthday to update her profile. However, if you notice something isn’t quite right, get in touch as soon as possible!

It would be best to do this as discreetly as possible so that your colleagues don’t realize something may be wrong and start asking questions. If necessary, let them know that you are doing an internal search for work and this is the most efficient way to locate it.

We recommend using Google Apps (like Gmail) to compose your email since they automatically save copies of messages in their servers. This helps ensure that your message does not disappear forever like a standard webmail service could. You also get more features such as call recording which some employers require for security purposes.

Keep your visa document in a safe place

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It is very important to keep your employment visa documents in a safe location so that you do not have to go through a lot of processes to access them.

Most employers require their employees to bring proof of their work permit to show they are allowed to be in the country, this includes having it with them when going to work and coming home at night.

If someone does not return from work or leaves early, there must be confirmation that they left the workplace and where they were going after leaving the office. This way, no one can accuse you of anything!

By keeping your visa documents in a safe place, you will know exactly what you need to do if something happens. Make sure to also update your paperwork monthly to ensure everything still works correctly.

Prepare your visa document for renewal

It is very important to make sure that you do not need to renew your work visa before it expires. If this is the case, then you will have to start the process over again!

It can be quite difficult to track down what happens to your visa after it has expired. Even if you think you know where things go from there, it is best to check first as some countries may still accept old documents.

There are several ways to check employment visa status in uae. Some of the most common ones include using government websites or social media accounts, contacting businesses directly, and checking local newspapers and/or magazines.

Make a plan for reapplying for your visa

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It is very important to make sure you have all of your documents organized before you leave for home. This way, when you return, you can quickly pick up where you left off!

If it takes one week longer than expected to process your visa, be prepared to do some things like apply as an Australian resident or extend your current tourist visa. You may also need to find accommodation while you wait so that you are not stuck paying expensive hotel fees!

By being prepared ahead of time, this will prevent any hassles which can cost you money and stress.

Confirm your visa application was received

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It can take some time for an employer to receive confirmation of employment, so it is important to check this out soon after submitting your application!

It’s also worth noting that not all employers report their payroll data to VFS Global or EIUC, which are the two main providers of employment verification services.

So, even if you have been given a document confirming your employment, make sure you don’t rely on these documents alone as proof of employment!

You should always do your own due diligence by contacting the employer to confirm they actually submitted the documentation. If they didn’t, then it may be possible to withdraw your visa application, or at least delay things further!

At the very least, you will know whether there could be issues proving you were employed.

Check your visa application was reviewed

how to check employment visa processing status in uae

It can take some time for a new employer to review your documents, so you should check whether that has happened by speaking with colleagues or someone at your former workplace.

You also need to make sure your passport is up-to-date as it may have been delayed while employers verify who you are.