How To Check Employment Visa Cancellation Status In Dubai

By Tiara

As mentioned before, if you are facing visa cancellation issues in UAE, it is important to know what steps you can take to prevent this. If your employment contract has already been terminated, then the next step will be to determine whether or not your current job qualifies as an ‘eligible employer’ under immigration laws of UAE.

If so, then you must prove that you have adequate time to find new employment after your departure from work. This process is called “employment period continuity” and looks at past instances where you worked and how long you had between jobs.

The length of these gaps depends on the individual employers and industries, so it is best to do some research and learn about different rules for each situation. In fact, there is even a free online tool to check this!

This article will go into more detail about potential solutions to get your visa re-issued. But first, let us look at one final thing that may play a role in getting your visa reinstated.

Contact your visa service provider

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

It is crucial that you do not take the services of an agency or recruiter without first checking their qualifications. You can check whether a company has been disqualified by the immigration authorities here in UAE with ease.

Visas are short-term documents that must be renewed every six months, but some companies fail to update this information which may result in your job being lost.

It is best to go through reviews online to see if there have been any complaints about a particular firm. By doing so, you will get an idea of how well these firms work for clients and what changes they make during the process.

By using these tips, you will know exactly where to look for important info. Also, stay close to local businesses since it is easier to find out more sensitive information than it is from individuals living far away.

Call your airline

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

It’s very common for employers to run background checks before offering you employment, which is totally fine! But sometimes things go wrong even when they are legal. If this happens then it’s important to know what to do next.

In some cases an employer will get your visa cancelled after you have left their workplace or been given notice of termination. In these situations, staying within the law may be difficult.

If this has happened to you and you want to continue working here then you can try talking to someone at your airline. They might be able to help refer you to another consulate where you can apply for readmission onto the visa that expires later than the one you currently hold.

Check your bank account

If you have lost track of where you left your job, there are ways to check if you were fired via your bank accounts. It’s not a perfect way to know for sure whether or not you’ve been terminated, but it can help rule out some possibilities.

Most employers will leave a small amount of money in their employee's savings or checking account while they're still working so that they don't need to take too much control over spending. This drops off as time goes on until they can no longer afford to pay for things like food and rent.

By looking at these withdrawal records, it is possible to determine when someone was let go. Even if they are able to make up an excuse as to why this happened, it could show whether they've changed their phone numbers or moved home. All of this information can be found through a person's financial institution.

Visiting the UAE Immigration Department

Another effective method to check the status of your employment visa cancellation in Dubai is by visiting the UAE Immigration Department personally. This method is the most direct and accurate way to get information on your visa status. While it may take some time due to waiting and travel, you'll be able to get first-hand information and ask any related questions you might have.

When visiting the department, ensure that you have all the necessary documents such as your passport, visa copy, and any other relevant papers. It is also advisable to dress modestly, respecting the local culture. Before heading there, it's a good idea to check their operating hours to avoid any inconvenience.

Using the MOHRE Mobile App

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has a mobile application that can be downloaded from various app stores. This application provides various services, including checking visa status.

Once you've downloaded and registered on the app, navigate to the visa section and enter your details to check the status. The app is user-friendly and is available in both English and Arabic. It provides real-time updates, and you can check your visa status anywhere and anytime, making it a convenient option for those who prefer digital methods.

In conclusion, ensuring the status of your visa is crucial for your peace of mind and to avoid any legal issues. Always stay informed, and if in doubt, seek advice from reputable sources or professionals. Remember, staying proactive is the key to navigating the complexities of the visa system in Dubai.

Consider changing your job

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

Finding out whether or not you can stay in Australia depends mostly on two things: Your employment visa and how long it has been expired. If you are still employed when the visa expires, then chances are they will issue you with another one.

If however, you have resigned or been fired from work, this may create more problems. You could be deported if you cannot prove that there is no chance of finding similar employment. This could also mean that you’re unable to re-enter Australia as you would need a valid working visa.

So what can be done? There are several ways to check if an Australian visa has been cancelled. The best way depends on your situation and timeline, so do some research before taking action. Some strategies mentioned here can be expensive unless you are willing to spend money.

This article will talk about three different ways to check employment visa status in Dubai. All three are simple to use and don’t require too much time or effort.

Contact the UAE embassy or consulate in your home country

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

If you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an employee, then it is important that you know how to check if your visa has been cancelled. This article will tell you what to do next!

It’s totally normal for visas to be cancelled due to insufficient proof of employment, poor job performance, or both. In fact, this happens very frequently throughout most international locations.

But before you worry about whether or not your visa has been cancelled, make sure to confirm that it has! It may sound silly, but it can waste lots of time otherwise.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to check this information easily. All you have to do is find the right source and do your research.

Make a plan B

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

If you are currently living in Dubai and have an employment visa, there is still hope! Even if your visa has been cancelled, you can remain in this country until your departure date with a valid non-visa related business or tourist trip.

Most countries allow tourists to stay for up to 30 days so that makes sense as a way to spend your money while you wait for your return flight. You could also look into staying at a friend’s house or in a hostel.

Some employers will be willing to offer you temporary work so it wouldn’t hurt to ask around and see what they recommend.

Stay calm and confident

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

Checking your visa status can be stressful, which is why it is important to stay calm and confident. If you are experiencing high levels of stress, that could mean something is wrong with your visa or employment contract.

It’s totally normal to feel anxious when checking whether your visa has expired or if you have done everything correctly while looking for work, but don’t let that control you.

Interfering with visa expiration dates and being dishonest about job searches are serious criminal offences. Even though there isn’t much you can do except report the offender to police, it is still worth noting because employers check this information before offering you a position.

If you find yourself becoming too stressed, consider talking to someone else (family member, friend), maybe doing something you love instead of working and then deciding if you want to look for jobs. Also try breathing exercises or yoga to reduce tension.

Check the visa again

how to check employment visa cancellation status in dubai

Recent reports of employers asking about your work visa status are very concerning. If you have received such a call, it is important to check if this information was given directly by someone at an employer or via email, social media, or text message.

If you do not feel comfortable responding to these questions, do not respond! Refuse to give any details about your employment contract or visa status until you know for certain that they are legitimate inquiries.

You can also contact your embassy or consulate in UAE to find out what information other employees had heard about. They will be able to tell you whether similar conversations have happened before and what actions were taken in response.