How To Change Tourist Visa To Employment Visa In UAE

By Tiara

Changing your visa status is not easy, nor does it happen very often. But if you are thinking about changing your tourist visa to employment, then there are some things to kno

Changing your visa type for tourism or work can be done at any UAE embassy or consulate anywhere in the world. You will need to provide proof of both your residency and employment, so make sure to pack those well ahead of time.

There is an additional fee to do this process, which usually depends on how long you have been employed but it is worth the cost as it saves re-entry visas later on in life!

If you feel that your job has enough potential to keep you here longer than just a few months, then apply for the second step – working and living permit. This allows you to stay in the country while you look for another position or find one that fits your budget more easily.

Compare the job requirements of each list

As mentioned before, you will need to make sure that your employment is for an organization or company within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If it is not, then this change visa type will be denied.

It’s also important to note that even if there are no jobs available at the time you want to enter the UAE, it is possible to find work here. Many foreigners have found success by starting their own business or finding freelance work online!

So, before applying for the employment visa, check out all of the opportunities outside of what positions there may be now. This could mean marketing your skills or offering services as a freelancer.

Examine the job requirements of your future job to see if they are comparable to your current job

how to change tourist visa to employment visa in uae

Changing visa status for employment is not as easy as just going into an embassy, submitting your documents, and waiting for approval.

You have to do some research first! Before changing your tourist visa to work, you will need to make sure that your new position meets the qualifications for a working visa. This means checking online job descriptions, speaking with people who know about your potential employer, and looking at their LinkedIn profile.

By doing this before applying for the new job, you can ensure that it fits what employers look for in employees and that there aren’t any discrepancies in the stories told by the candidates.

Contact your employer in the UAE to see if your visa can be changed

Changing your tourist visa to an employment visa is not easy, nor does it happen very often. If you are already living and working in another country, applying for this type of visa change may seem unnecessary. However, staying in a foreign country with no work authorization can pose major problems when returning home.

Most countries have rules about how long non-citizens must stay within their borders before they can be repatriated or at least given a passport stamp stating that they do not belong there. Being without proof of legal residence in a country where you live and work can seriously hinder your return.

There are various ways to apply for the employment visa but only some will work for you depending on what kind of employee you are (seasonal, part time, etc.). What we recommend doing first is looking into whether or not you need a job offer to apply for the new visa.

If you don’t then look up information online about changing your visa status in the UAE. You could also talk to an attorney who knows the local laws well and can help you determine if applying without an offer is possible for you.

Apply for a new visa for the Uae

There are two main types of tourist visas that can be used when traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These are business or tourism related trips, and non-business trip employment visas.

Business or Tourism Related Trips

A Business/Tourism Visit Visa is valid for up to 90 days and may be extended once it expires. This type of visa does not require you to work while you’re here, but your job must have a clear start and end date. You also cannot do anything beyond what has been approved ahead of time such as seeking additional training or doing freelance work.

You will need to bring documents proving both your identity and your visit. This could include a passport, photo identification card like a driver license or national ID, and proof of residence like a lease or letter from your employer.

Pay for the new visa

how to change tourist visa to employment visa in uae

Changing your tourist visa status is not free, unless you are a citizen of an eligible country for work visas or living overseas. For most people, however, it’s quite affordable. There may be some fees depending on how quickly you want to change your visa status, but staying longer than six months usually doesn’t cost more than US$100-150 per person.

There are two ways to do this: online through a company that handles such registrations, or directly at a UAE embassy or consulate. The fee depends on which method you use, so make sure to compare!

The second option is often easier as they may cover the registration process for you. Some embassies even have applications where you can apply without having to visit them, though this isn’t always the case.

Wait for your new visa to be processed

After you have gathered all of your documents and proof, it is time to wait for your visa to be approved or denied. This can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on how many officials need to review your application.

In some cases, there may be an extension available if you have enough money to stay in the country while your paperwork is being completed.

However, this cannot always be guaranteed so it is best to assume that your trip will end at this stage! If you are able to return home, you should as this could reduce the stress of waiting for your next step.

It is also important to remember that most countries require a valid reason for leaving the country before issuing a new visa, so make sure you do not overstate things such as saying you will be back soon.

Keep track of your visa status regularly

It's crucial to always be aware of your visa status while residing in any foreign country, including the UAE. Regularly checking your visa's expiration date and any possible updates can save you from possible legal troubles or overstaying penalties.

There are various online platforms and mobile applications provided by the UAE government where you can track your visa status. It's advisable to set reminders a few weeks or even months before your visa's expiration, giving you enough time to take the necessary steps either for renewal or switching to a different visa type.

Maintaining communication with your employer or the entity that sponsored your visa will also be of great assistance. They often have departments or liaisons that can guide you through the visa change process and keep you updated on any required documentation or actions.

Prepare for potential rejection

While many people successfully switch their visa status from tourist to employment, it's also a reality that some applications might get rejected. The reasons for rejection can vary from missing or incorrect documentation to discrepancies in job qualifications or concerns about the authenticity of an employment offer.

In the event of a rejection, it's important to:

  1. Understand the Reason: Always request a clear reason for the visa denial. This will help you rectify the issues in future applications.
  2. Seek Legal Advice: If you believe there's been an oversight, consult with an attorney familiar with UAE immigration laws.
  3. Consider Alternative Visa Options: Depending on your situation, you might be eligible for other visa types. Research and understand all available options.
  4. Exit Strategy: Sometimes, the best course of action after a rejection is to exit the country and then re-apply. Ensure you do this before your current visa expires to avoid legal complications.

In summary, changing from a tourist visa to an employment visa in the UAE requires diligent preparation, awareness of the country's immigration rules, and a flexible approach. It's essential to be proactive, stay informed, and have a clear plan in place to navigate the process effectively.

Receive your new visa and begin the process of changing your visa

Changing your tourist visa status is not difficult to do at all! At least, it does not look very complicated. You will need to make sure you have everything ready before you visit an embassy or consulate to get your visa re-issued.

Making changes to your visa can take some time so be prepared for that. It’s also important to remember that if you are traveling outside of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), then these steps don’t apply to you because this article applies only to people who are living in Dubai or the UAE.

If you would like more information about how to change your tourist visa into employment within the UAE, check out our separate article here! There, we go through different types of visas and what factors may require you to switch yours from vacation to work. We also talk about how to prove job availability while under the old visa type as well as what documents you should pack when visiting an employer.

Contact the UAE embassy or consulate in your home country

how to change tourist visa to employment visa in uae

If you are already in UAE and planning to stay for longer, it is important to know that most countries will not grant visa extensions unless you have an exit visa.

Getting an employment visa means staying in UAE for a shorter time period but with additional conditions. You cannot work while on this visa so make sure you find other ways to earn money.

The immigration department in your home country can help you apply for the new visa. They will also tell you what documents you need to bring back proof of.