How To Change Employment Visa To Husband Visa

By Tiara

Changing your visa status is not easy, nor does it happen very often. But if you are thinking about changing your employment visa to spouse, there are ways to make this possible. More than half of all countries allow employers to apply for spousal visas for their employees.

Some companies even have policies that promote employee marriage or adoption as a way to reduce legal costs by having both spouses work under one passport. This can save lots of money in immigration fees, airfare to get home for vacations, and ensuring no separation while traveling.

But before jumping into applying for a new visa, there are several things to consider. You do not want to be a few months down the road finding out that you cannot stay because you did not confirm your relationship with the right amount of proof! Also, remember that although most countries let employers offer a spousal visa to an employee, some require at least six month’s notice when terminating the position.

Tell him about your list

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing jobs is hard for most people, even those with work experience.

It can be especially difficult if you don’t feel comfortable in his company or the position he has offered you.

But before you make any moves, you have to know what you want out of this relationship. You need to clearly state all of your dreams and goals so that he can help you achieve them.

If you don’t, then it could put more strain on the friendship. He might get tired of trying to satisfy your needs and desires while also meeting his own.

You both will end up unhappy.

He will feel like he failed to keep you happy, and you will resent him for making you feel needed but never satisfying you.

So before you start looking for new opportunities, make a list of everything you would like to do (travel, buy a house, etc.). Then, ask yourself whether these things are possible at his workplace.

If not, you may have to reconsider the kind of person he is and the type of relationship you want.

Ask him to apply for a visa change

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing your employment visa status is not easy, but it can be done if both people are willing to work through the process together.

If one person is working while the other isn’t then changing visas is impossible unless you want to break up or live separately.

Breaking up because of a lack of effort in having a stable relationship is very hard, so try to avoid this as much as possible.

Stability is what helps relationships survive so trying to find that within yourself will help you save your marriage!

Making sure that you have time to spend alone is also important so that when you are together you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Having money saved away from home is helpful too since you won’t need to use any housing facilities while you are looking for somewhere to stay. You can always come back to Australia once you find accommodation.

Tell your husband why you want to change your visa

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing your employment visa status can be quite difficult if you are not prepared for the consequences. Before changing visas, it is important to discuss your reasons with your partner so that he understands what will happen next.

It is best to be honest when talking about this as there may be legal repercussions to lying. If he wants to stay in Australia he will need proof of his relationship to you.

Proof could include marriage certificates, DNA tests or evidence from family members. It is very unlikely that he would allow himself to be separated from these things, so make sure you have done enough preparation before telling him that you want to end your marriage!

If he becomes angry or breaks down during this conversation then it is probably too late to convince him to agree to the separation. You should consider moving out while he is distracted so that you do not spend time together when both of you know that divorce is possible.

Write down your reasons for changing your visa

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing your employment visa status is not easy, but it can be done if you are really motivated to do so and have all of the right documents.

Changing your visa depends on which country you are applying in and what type of visa you currently hold. It may also depend on whether you are working under an existing visa or if your visa has expired.

It’s important to know that some countries will not allow you to change your visa status unless you have proof that you cannot live without income.

This could include a job offer, proof of savings (e.g., money in the bank), or evidence of ongoing studies. In these cases, it’s better to look at ways to achieve the first two goals rather than trying to get around the third one.

If possible, it’s best to try and keep things as simple as possible when looking into changing your visa.

Email your husband or talk with him on the phone

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing visa status for an employment relationship is very difficult if not impossible without some proof that you are no longer able to live separately.

Most immigration laws require two things: evidence of marital commitment, and separation. Evidence of marital commitment can be in the form of marriage certificates, formal wedding ceremonies, and legal documents like affidavits stating that you believe you will marry this person later.

Separation can be documented through police reports, receipts showing money being spent together during separations, and bills paid using his credit card. If you’re willing to admit the separation into a court proceeding, then these things help prove the break up.

If you do have such strong proofs, then starting your divorce process as soon as possible will make it easier to get your visa re-opened.

Register your visa change with the government

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing your employment visa status is not easy, nor does it happen quickly unless you work for an agency that handles such things or you are familar with this process.

Changing your visa status requires you to register your intention with the Australian Government. This can be done in person at a Social Security Office (SSO), via mail, or online.

After registering, you will then have to prove that your job has ended and that you have adequate funds to support yourself while looking for new employment. If these two conditions are met, then the Department of Immigration will issue you a temporary visitor’s visa which can be extended once it expires.

This process can take months depending on how fast your look for new employment positions ends and how soon after quitting your current position you apply for the new visa. Don’t give up! Keep looking until you find what works for you and your family.

Registering for a spouse visa is similar to changing any other visa except there are some additional documents required and questions asked during the interview.

Pay a visa change fee

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing your employment visa status is not free, nor does it come without costs. You will be charged a processing (or application) fees as well as an exit (or deportation) fees depending on whether you are applying to stay in Australia for another year or permanently.

The former is usually around $200-300 while the latter can reach several thousand dollars. These fees do vary slightly from country to country, so check out the Australian Department of Immigration website before making any applications!

They’re also very difficult to get back if you overspend, so make sure you have enough money saved up for the down payment!

We recommend doing some research first by looking at past cases of people who have successfully done this with the department. There may even be groups online that talk about their experiences changing visas.

Bring your passport and visa to the visa change office

how to change employment visa to husband visa

Changing visas is not a simple process, but it does not have to be very complicated. All you need to do is bring your documents (passport and visa) to an embassy or consulate in person with proof of identity and then tell them that you are here to apply for a new visa.

They will ask if there are any other applications being made at the same time, which could affect your employment. If this is the case they will let you complete those applications while you are still under their watchful eye.

After all the paperwork has been completed, the staff will take your old visa and put it away somewhere safe.