How To Become Snap Famous

By Tiara Ogabang

Snapchat is such an interesting social media app. It allows you to take videos and photos to upload and show to your followers within a 24-hour limit.

It’s so much fun because other people can interact. Likewise, the app offers many special filters you can use to make your posts look more beautiful.

There are so many filters to choose from. This ranges from scary, funny to supper sappy ones.

Whatever mood you’re in, Snapchat has a filter for that.

What is snap fame?

What is snap fame?

Snap fame is when a brand/person receives many views in a short period of time due to a photo or video post on the platform Snapchat.

The more followers you have on social media, the more likely you will receive snap fame.

How do you get snap famous?

You first need to have a large enough following on Snapchat. As of 2018, Snapchat does not have an app rating system, so the number of followers is not a definitive measure of popularity.

Being a user on the platform for at least two years and having at least 10k followers gives you a sense of popularity.

Snapchat requires you to be verified to use the platform; this will add more credibility to you as an influencer. Once you have a large following, you can start reaching out to companies that you think will look like a good match for your post.

“You should reach out to companies, publishers, etc., that you think will make a good match for your post,” says Nikki Llorente, VP of Digital at XAPP Media.

When reaching out to companies, you should make sure you take the time to learn as much as you can about the brand or person you want to work with.

One important tip when reaching out to companies is to avoid making your email sound desperate or harsh.

“It is important to keep it professional, which means that you shouldn’t use language or refer to a brand as a cheater. You want to give the impression that you’re not looking for a quick deal, but rather that you want to work with a company for a specific reason,” says Llorente.

4 tips to become Snap famous

4 tips to become Snap famous

Once you have a large following, you will start receiving opportunities that will allow you to work with businesses, celebrities, and brands that have an interest in a specific niche.

There are many ways that you can earn income from working with these companies and some areas where you can gain exposure and build your profile.

Here are some tips for earning income through Snap fame.

1. Become an influencer on Instagram

The first thing to do when you want to make a living through Snap fame is to make sure you have an Instagram account with a substantial following.

Don’t forget that it is actually possible to make money through Instagram as an influencer. According to HeadPage, the average Instagram user has about 140 followers, and an impressive 57% of people have 10k+ followers.

It might take some time to build up an Instagram following of 10k+, but if you’re patient, it will pay off in the long run.

2. Open an account on Twitter

Once you have the following you need for your Instagram account, you can open up a second account on Twitter.

You can use a free Instagram influencer account to build up your Twitter account. Ensure you only use a free account, as verified Instagram accounts on Twitter take a considerable amount of time and money to set up.

3. Use Facebook

If you want to make money through Facebook, you can purchase an ad block that enables you only to use the platform to display ads for certain brands or businesses.

You can also search for relevant businesses that your audience might enjoy and include their Facebook page when promoting content.

4. Use the /video/#embed tag

Many people forget that when uploading content on Snapchat, they can include an #embed tag to tell the viewer that the video is available to be watched in full on their phones or desktop.

Even if you only use a small portion of the video, it might still be an effective way to earn income through Snap fame.

Getting into the Snap Fitness Snaphunt

Getting into the Snap Fitness Snaphunt

If you aren’t on Snapchat, you have to learn how to be on Snapchat to become Snap famous. The good news is that there’s a trick that gets you on Snapchat instantly.

You may have heard of the bathroom at schools. Whenever a school throws a special event like an assembly or a school dance, there’s a bathroom backstage with cameras at the sinks.

School employees may use this area to get photos of children’s faces. That’s what you do to get on Snapchat: Get into the bathroom.

However, if you’re going to do this, you need to do it before the event. The school will often lock the bathrooms for the event, so you may have to wait.

If you really want to be on Snapchat, you’ll probably have to go back and forth between the bathroom and the gym to keep an eye on everything.

You need to watch the event and then take off for the bathroom. The bathrooms will be chaotic and packed.

Don’t linger too long. Take as many pictures as possible while you’re in the bathroom, and then wait patiently until the kids are gone.

The waiting part is important. If there’s a swarm of people, you’re going to miss out on snaps.

If there’s a child dancing, the parents will be snapping, so you’re not going to get a clear shot. Still, it’s better to miss out on snaps than be there and have nothing to share.

After you are done, you have to upload the photos immediately to Snapchat. That’s the key.

You don’t want the pictures to sit around for a long time before you upload them. Also, you want to be on the same page as everyone else – upload them as soon as you take them.

That’s how you can be Snap Famous.