How to Become Internet Famous Overnight

By Tiara Ogabang

In these times it is very difficult for all those who put themselves out there, even professionals. Many may forget about their newfound popularity within a few days or weeks.

Our planet and its information networks are slowly becoming crowded and the use of social media has opened up new avenues for spreading awareness. Many are now utilizing techniques to get more views online and gain more popularity.

To be more specific, we are going to list all these techniques and guide you on how to take them to the next level. All this information can be applied to do very much more than simply to get you noticed.

Who knows? You may just become the next Internet sensation.

The real talent in this field is those who are confident and persuasive. There are many resources out there for learning how to get famous.

Tips to achieve internet fame overnight.

1. Get your photo on the front page of Reddit!


If you are a professional model or photographer, there is an easier method to go viral.

Check this link to find out the steps to become famous within Reddit. Create a screenshot with your face and enter the Reddit comment section to win the contest, which only takes a few minutes.

You can use different hashtags to make sure the contest is listed in high numbers and send your image on top of the first and second page. When all the votes are counted you will be featured on a front page full of geeks from all over the world. This is great if you want to become more popular than a 3D model.

2. User interview

Interviewing users is a great way to get more views and feedback. This is not the first time you will hear of a user answering your questions for free. Let's take a look at how to interview others within Reddit for free.

There is an entire section where the users are offering an interview to you. Just send your photo in the app along with your questions and post it in the comments section. To get the quickest feedback, you should ask about the dress or the career field and you should try to obtain more details.

You can even use your own questions as a basis for more detailed answers. As an example, if you know you are selling no so affordable fitness training items but people have contacted you about cheaper training costs you can tell them what you really charge by giving them detailed information about your work as a fitness trainer.

3. Make a video — comedy, music, silly, fitness


Make a short video with a few of your best shorts.

You don't need an expensive camera

Some people tend to use overly expensive cameras so your video is cheaper than purchasing an expensive camera. More important than the camera is the content.

Be creative and go for funny and different angles. The more videos you make, the more fans you will get. If you have a successful music video, you will get your own song which will then be featured in music videos of major Internet songs.

Also, some users upload music videos to YouTube and then use the views to generate more sales. The advantage here is that you can get millions of views and followers to gain more credibility.

4. Promote your video on Facebook

Promote your video on Facebook

Facebook is now the biggest social networking site in the world, but we shouldn't judge it just because of this. In order to make your profile look more prominent and memorable, you need to create a quality profile.

Upload a video and promote it

You can promote your video on online communities and some of them will link back to your site. Basically, this means you will be providing a potential user with a much more convenient and convenient way to find you.

If you have been using Facebook for the last year then you know that every time you wish to join a new community, you have to wait for 5 days before you are able to post.

Pay to promote your video. You will get tons of views for not that much of a cost. 

Find a popular page with at least 100 fans. These are the pages that are most popular and their content is at least interesting. Then you can post your stuff on these pages and create a strong fan following. If you post your stuff then followers will also read it and your profile will get more visibility. Later, when you are noticed by the Facebook search algorithm, your page will be the first to appear.

5. Comment on a popular forum with a link to your work

Commenting in a non-proprietary web forum is a simple way to gain internet fame. They'll notice your comment and let you upvotes and "love" comments, otherwise known as "instant karma".

Simply tell the other person that you made a comment and wait for their reply (or the friend of the other person). Sometimes they may not reply because they are playing video games, doing a class, surfing the web, watching TV or reading and have nothing else to do, or they may actually just not see what you're talking about. Y

You can always try to visit the reply thread and upvote it for people to see.