How To Become Famous On YouTube As A Kid

By Tiara Ogabang

If you have watched many videos on YouTube, you will realize that the most popular ones are from young people. They use expressions, names, and catchphrases, which kids use while they speak.

This was what allowed the original super famous YouTube personalities to become so known everywhere.

So, the question is this: What makes a YouTube child celebrity?

It is a question many of us as parents would love to find an answer to. The answer would reveal what made our kids grow to be fans and admirers of the people they now watch.

Many of the current YouTube celebrities are simply cute kids who know how to be on camera and chat away at the same time. A few kids have grown up to become so famous because they know how to make the viewer feel comfortable.

These people do what they do naturally.

For instance, Omodogo, a 12-year-old girl, takes a selfie and the viewers feel like they are in a special photoshoot, which is very special. She always has them jumping out of their seats for some of her captivating facial expressions.

Some of the top YouTube stars are also just normal children too. They don't pretend to be anything else.

They share the stuff in their lives with the audience, and, in return, they receive a lot of love.

In this article, I will discuss how you can become a YouTube child star.

However, the key to being a YouTube child star is that you need to learn how to speak the lingo, use the type of expressions, and express yourself differently. You can also learn some fun dance moves and have someone teach you a few new ones.

Become a super popular person on YouTube

Become a super popular person on YouTube

Once you learn to become a YouTube child star, you will be able to achieve this easily. You have a video or multiple videos, and it's been doing well.

A lot of people are checking it out. Maybe, you are not popular yet, but the video creators would probably want you to be.

It is a given that you will attract a lot of attention from viewers.

Once you are famous, you can start thinking about making money.

Always ask questions

Don't stop talking about what you want to ask. If the video creator uses YouTube to ask questions, that's a win-win situation for both you and the creators.

Many people like to watch videos that are answered. That will definitely give you a huge boost.

This is one thing that you need to learn to do very well.

Be cute

Be cute

Always be a cute child. You have to be a little cute when you are a YouTube child star.

Keep up with the trends. All of the current YouTube child stars are super cute.

It is possible to be a YouTube child star without being cute. But, if you want people to take you seriously, you have to make sure that your face is the main thing people look at.

Make sure you have the best videos.

You need to make sure that you are doing the most relevant videos. Do the videos that the creators of the video will like the most.

Always ask them to let you know what videos they like the most. If you do that, it will help you to create videos that will be the most popular.

You want to be one of the top creators in the world. It would help if you learned to do what the creators of the videos want to see.

Never stop making new videos.

If you want to be a YouTube child star, you must always be making new videos. You have to make sure that your videos are always fresh and updated.

If you create videos that are over a year old, you will not get views. People check out new videos daily.

That's why it's so important to keep making new videos regularly.

Interact with your fans

Interact with your fans

Once you start posting regularly, you will start gaining many followers and fans who wish to be updated about your life. This is your chance to interact.

You can initiate a meet and greet activity. And while most of our movements are limited because of the pandemic, you can do it online through Zoom or other applications available.

This will surely make your fans happy and increase your number of current followers.


Many kids become famous on YouTube because kids are innocent and tend to be themselves in videos. Thus, if you want your child to become a YouTube sensation and notice their talents, it’s time to film and show the world what they can do.

It can be your child’s journey to becoming a great pianist, or you can showcase their drawing talent.

People will be enthralled and amazed by it.