How To Become Famous On Youtube As A Kid

By Tiara

Starting your career as a YouTuber is not easy, nor does it come easily for most people. There’s an endless amount of resources available online with tips and tricks to help you start making money off of your channel.

Some of these strategies are super expensive or require having lots of social media accounts that you’ll be creating and paying for, which can get tedious. It’s very difficult to make a full living off of YouTube without doing some sort of sponsored content or advertising on your channel, but just starting as a kid would probably cost you nothing more than your parent’s credit card!

The hardest part about becoming famous on YouTube as a child is realizing that you’re never going to “win”. You will always be up against other kids who have way better equipment and channels than yours, making it hard to gain any kind of momentum. Your success will fluctuate from day to day depending on how much effort you put into your channel.

However, no matter what you do, there’s only one constant- you. The more time you spend producing quality videos and promoting yourself, the more popular you’ll become. People will look at your work and say “wow, he/she has such great talent” or “he/ she works hard on their channel”, which will clearly show.

Make a list of content you like

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

There’s a reason that kids are obsessed with YouTube these days! It offers them a way to show off their creativity, showcase their skills and learn new things from others.

If you’re a kid who loves making videos and putting together an ode to your favorite movie or TV show, then start filming and sharing what you have already made with the world!

By creating our content, we give ourselves a sense of confidence. We know what we're talking about, so why not?

It's also a great way to hone your writing skills by incorporating how to structure a video, use appropriate grammar, and emphasize important points. Plus, it's free!

There are many ways to begin filming and editing your material. You can do it alone if you'd rather keep things private, or you can pick up some cost-free tools online or through school resources.

Make a list of content you could do

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

Starting at a young age is important because it gives you time to develop your skills and get familiar with making videos. As mentioned before, being famous on YouTube comes down to creating engaging and interesting content you enjoy and then investing in the tools to create and promote that content.

So what types of content are needed to start developing your channel? You can make fun videos or educational ones! Fun videos are great for having some funny moments, doing tricks or dancing, etc. Educational ones focus on educating people about different topics.

Having both kinds of videos is good since kids grow up learning from both genres.

Narrow down your content into videos

.Starting at a young age is the best way to become famous on YouTube as a kid. As we mentioned before, starting early is important because you get more exposure to your channel as time goes on.

There are several ways to start creating YouTube content. You can pick a genre or medium that you are passionate about and create lessons and tutorials on that!

Alternatively, you can choose to make it funny or interesting by creating fun games or reviews. Or maybe you can take some inspiration from kids’ channels and do something similar but adapted to your style.

Whatever you decide to do, just be natural and honest! Don’t worry too much about what people think of your videos, instead focus on giving yourself up and letting go.

Record and edit your videos

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

Recording yourself is a great way to become famous on YouTube as a kid! Yours can be for fun or to gain new skills or both. If you are filming yourself doing an activity, like playing a video game, then use that content and add in some voiceover explaining the product or service.

If you are practicing drawing or painting a picture, upload that image onto Google Image and type in “practice” to find free editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp that you can use to resize, rotate, and tweak the look of your artwork.

You can also make your music by recording yourself singing or humming a song, changing the lyrics and tone, and adding effects using any audio editor. Some good ones are Audacity, Pro-Tools, and Melody.

Keep in mind that if you are very artistic, not need professional-grade apps to create incredible media. They are only needed for more advanced artists.

Gain support from your friends

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

As we mentioned before, being famous on YouTube comes down to creating engaging, interesting content you are passionate about. But how do you know if your content is engaging?

Your followers, or watchers, will tell you. If many people like what you make then they will give you feedback by leaving comments under your videos and giving you thumbs up or favorites on social media sites.

By having more interactions with your audience, the platform will naturally promote you! And of course, you can always reach out to them directly to ask for their help.

Gaining the trust of your community is one of the most important things to become popular on YouTube. Plus, your peers may be able to provide you with some tips or even spread your message so that it reaches an even larger audience.

Another way to gain attention is to create and launch a channel just for yourself. Launching your account takes very little time, and you can easily add others as creators to collaborate with.

Become an online celebrity

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

If you’re a kid that loves to make videos and learn how to use YouTube, then there are many ways to become famous on this platform. You can pick any genre and create your content or join someone else’s channel as their partner.

The first thing people usually do is start creating entertaining, engaging, and motivational content for their followers and watchers.

By being interesting, humorous, and informative, they gain more views and subscribers. People will sometimes even refer to you as “the creator of such-and-such video” because of what you posted abo

And since most kids, these days have access to a camera (cell phones are now considered a form factor!), it’s very easy to make fun, inspiring, and educational videos.

If you’d like to achieve success as a YouTube influencer, keep reading our article! We’ll go over some tips and tricks for becoming a popular YouTuber.

Be original

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

Being famous on YouTube comes down to being you! If your style is different than most, then people will notice and come watch you play to see what you like and how you express yourself.

As seen with many YouTubers, it’s not about having money or making lots of money, it’s about creating an audience that follows you because they believe in you and want to see you succeed.

Your personality and content matter, but so does how you promote yourself. Having fun while promoting yourself is important since this is mostly viewable material.

Avoid doing things that make you look more popularly “faked” or “glamorized”. Let your inner child show through when promoting yourself.!

Another way to become known for your creativity is by supporting other creative individuals and giving their work credit. Create a habit of linking others’ work and adding your history to them!

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Gain sponsors

how to become famous on youtube as a kid

As your channel grows in popularity, you will start receiving sponsorship offers. These are typically for toys or snacks that relate to your niche field. For example, if you make funny animal videos, then I bet you have seen some crazy toy versions of animals before! Toys with which you have featured your video may offer small gifts – this is not usually significant unless you are making large money off of your channel.

If it’s something you can use regularly, great! But remember, just because they advertise for it does not mean everyone gets it so you should be careful about asking for one.

Google “sponsor finder” to see if there are any common giveaways or ways to source one yourself. Several. apps and sites can help you do this but beware of fake reviews! Make sure to check out our review of the best Youtube Sponsor Finding Apps.

Another option is to create an account at Amazon or another online shopping site and using their coupons and/or gift cards purchase your product and get credit back! This is a very cost-effective way to gain access to products.