How To Become Famous For Writing — In A SNAP

By Promo Panda Staff

How does one be famous in this day and age of fleeting content? This article will discuss the best way to become famous through the independent press.

What is the advantage of hiring a publicist?

Every celebrity has a publicist — they make sure their image is portrayed at its best and help them navigate the craft and the work that will get them on screen and on the cover.

There are many publicists who will promise a level of fame to their clients (often very quickly), but we will be discussing the more unique aspects of this role.

The most important question that should be asked is, “Do I want to go to certain festivals and events or simply spread the word of my books?”

Ultimately, a publicist is not there to build a brand or get your name in print — they are there to make sure that your publicists stays brand new.

A good publicist will tell you what will make you famous.

1. Write a book

Write a book

The most famous way to be famous for a living human is to write a book, and they will want to get it published and promote it. The publicist is there to plan everything and to do what the publicists call “figure out the practicalities” of how they will go about making a book a success.

They will then develop a marketing plan, have you write the marketing material, arrange interviews, be involved in social media posts and events, as well as work with you when it comes to book signings and other promotional events.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg — getting a book published is only the beginning of the process of having your book become a star.

2. Have an amazing cover

Have an amazing cover

The ideal book cover is one that people will want to take a photo with or put on their bookshelves. It should be designed by you or someone you trust, and the images should convey the story and style of your book.

The way to create a great cover is by using photos you have taken that can be manipulated. The cover is the first thing the publicist looks at, and they will want to make sure it is one of the best out there. To achieve this, be sure to do the following:

  • Create an idea or a mood board
  • Scour the web for images that illustrate the topic you want to write about
  • Pick out the cover images that best express the direction you are going in your book and that will help the publicist sell it
  • Review the image you like

3. Start a blog

Starting a blog is the easiest way to get your name and ideas out to the world.

Blogs give you the ability to convey your opinions, personal style, and message to your audience. Your content will be seen by a far broader audience, and you will be able to create your brand’s voice in writing.

Create an idea or a theme for your blog and then write and post to it regularly. Set a goal for how often you want to write and how many posts you want to have on your blog, and get your staff to create and promote that goal.

5. Develop an online presence

Develop an online presence

Now with the age of social media—Twitter, Instagram and Facebook—it is infinitely more possible to develop an online presence and show the world your stuff.

This is perhaps the most IMPORTANT step on this list. So let's spend a little more time here:

Some tips when developing an online presence should be considered:

Be yourself

Never give in to the media’s false narrative that you are selling out or that you are not real or true to yourself. Follow only what you want, and let the rest fall away.

When you stop making money off your content, and you keep getting in the headlines, then you are not selling out. But if you start selling out, then you are a fake.

Understand the goal and why you have embarked on your journey:

If you want to achieve fame, you have to know what it is you want to achieve. The goal is often defined by society, which includes a bunch of wrong assumptions. That’s where you need to be different.

Are you planning to get yourself a cushy position at a good company or some kind of prestigious award? No. You want to achieve fame because of what it means for you, not society. You want to be the person who gets their articles read the most or has the most fans.

You want people to tell you how wonderful you are and tell the world why. If this is what you are after, then who cares about conventional goals?

Think like an owner, not a journalist

When looking at your potential audience, ask yourself how you would want to get your messages out.

Think in terms of ownership, not reporting. Make the decisions that get you on the front page and that you get to share your ideas with.

Share with the world only what you want to. When sharing an article, always use a headline, which is the summary of your article. And never forget to link back to your page and social media pages. This will bring your page back into the public sphere.

Communicate and deliver the message

If you want to achieve fame, you must deliver your messages, and it’s not just the message itself but how you deliver that message. With every bit of social media engagement you get, always tweet the link to your article, share a selfie or answer a question on Quora.

Never tweet the link to your own blog or YouTube channel, even if it’s something as simple as “I have a blog.” If you don’t understand this concept, then you need to do some more reading on the why of social media.

6. Think about what is going to make YOU stand out?

Once you are set on your path to fame, you must come up with a way to get your message to people — and, if you’re anything like me, it will always come down to the writing.

That’s the real draw to content creation, it is the creative aspect.

It’s all about creating value in an entertaining and easy-to-digest way. But the key is in the presentation, and there are several ways to go about this.

Figure out something that will resonate with people

Find something that a lot of people are talking about and do something around it. I have a friend who makes videos on the streets of New York City.

Not only does he document and explain the ins and outs of this world to people but he also happens to have a real passion for it. His videos get tens of thousands of views. And he works alone. There is no one else working for him.

Keep the content short

Short, short, short. 90-word articles get far more views. Post on your page and social media pages. I think this is the area where a lot of writers struggle. They want to hit a really long article or a really long post.

But you will always get more attention by creating shorter, punchier content. People are on the go. They do not have a lot of time to read.

Keep content MEMORABLE

Above all, try to make the content memorable so that you stand out as the unique voice you are. This will not only garner attention but will reinforce a good aura around your work.