How To Become Famous

By Tiara

As we already mentioned, being famous is totally different from making a name for yourself. One makes you rich, while the other can’t buy you that much happiness. It’s also worth mentioning that most people who become very well known are not necessarily admired or respected by others.

It’s your opinion of them that matters — something that doesn’t matter to them at all. In fact, they may even feel insulted by such admirers. This is why I believe it’s impossible to “know what would make someone famous” unless you’re actually famous yourself.

Join a famous person's team

There are many ways to become well-known, but none more effective than joining a popular celebrity’s team. Whether it is for your career or your personal life, being a member of the media elite will boost your fame quickly.

Media elites are people who get paid large amounts of money to talk about things they probably already have wanted to say for a long time. This is why there are so many TV shows with an audience -- someone hired them to inspire other people to express themselves and gain self-confidence.

There are several reasons why becoming a member of this group is a great idea. For one, it helps you build your reputation as a trustworthy source of information. People may not know what you have done before, but they trust that you will tell the truth because of your position.

Your success also depends on how much money you make, so choosing a field that rewards smart talking pays off.

Start a YouTube channel

Starting your own YouTube channel is an incredible way to begin your career as a filmmaker. You get to create content you are passionate about, manage your time for it, and receive lots of feedback from the community.

Running a YouTube channel comes with its own set of rules and regulations, but there’s no denying how popular this platform has become.

Now anyone can start filming and editing videos and posting them online. It’s not only a great source of income, but also a way to connect with other creative people.

There are many ways to launch your YouTube channel. Some of the most common starting points include creating a video or series talking about something that appeals to you (creating your audience), uploading gameplay videos or vlogs, hosting Q&A sessions, and sharing in-depth reviews or features on products and services.

Stay Authentic

In the age of the internet, where information is available at our fingertips, it's important to maintain authenticity. Being genuine and staying true to who you are can be the difference between fleeting fame and lasting respect. When audiences see someone who is authentic, they feel a connection, and they are more likely to engage with and support that individual.

People can usually tell when someone is being insincere or putting on a facade. Such pretense might grab attention for a short while, but it won't lead to long-lasting admiration or respect. Share your journey, including the ups and downs. Let your audience see your growth, and they will feel more invested in your story.

Tips for maintaining authenticity include:

  • Being transparent about your processes and decisions.
  • Sharing personal stories or experiences (only if you’re comfortable).
  • Admitting when you've made a mistake and taking steps to rectify it.
  • Avoiding the urge to present a ‘perfect’ image all the time.

Diversify Your Skills

In today’s interconnected world, having a diverse skill set can be a tremendous asset. While it's great to have a primary talent or focus, learning and integrating supplementary skills can make you more versatile and appealing to a broader audience.

For instance, if you are a musician, perhaps you could also learn about video editing to create captivating music videos. Or, if you're a writer, you could learn public speaking to host workshops or give talks.

Diversifying your skills can:

  • Open up more opportunities for collaborations.
  • Increase the platforms or mediums you can work in.
  • Offer varied content to your audience, keeping them engaged.
  • Make you more resilient to changes in trends, as you're not reliant on just one skill.

Remember, the key is not just to be famous, but to leave a lasting impact. The more authentic and versatile you are, the more you'll resonate with people and be remembered for your contributions.

Create a blog

Starting your career as an online writer is not like starting a new job where you are picked by someone else’s standards and pay grade. It takes work, effort, and self-discipline to become famous. And no, writing for fun isn’t going to get you there!

If you want to be well known, then start your own site or platform. This can be done through free website hosting services such as WordPress or Blogger, or paid options such as Squarespace or TypePad.

Whatever route you choose, make sure it is accessible to the public so that people can read what you have to say. Your username will probably include your first name and last initial (for example, AshleyLJohnson) but add any extra details you would like to be recognized by.

Your password should be unique and strong, using numbers, caps, and special characters. You do not need to use your full real name here – just pick something you go by.

Get a website

Having your own space online where you can share things is one of the most important parts of becoming famous on social media. This could be through using a free platform like Facebook, or creating your own site or app!

It’s very possible to become rich and famous by posting videos and pictures on the internet and marketing yourself via other sites and apps. And all of this can be done from anywhere in the world, at any time. (Think about it – even if you are asleep, you can still do it!)

"Fame" means different things to different people, but for some it's making lots of money, and for others it's more about inspiring and motivating others.

There are many ways to make an income with your digital presence, such as running YouTube channels, starting blogs, freelancing, investing in advertising spaces and products, and so on.

But first, you need to have a good online identity that sets you apart from everyone else - something special and unique. A well-designed website and profile is a great way to start.

Find an audience

Finding your voice as an artist is about exposing yourself to other people, listening to what you like and offering those things to others for feedback or validation. It’s sharing your work with the world so that it can be seen and heard!

It’s having conversations around what you’ve made art of and being receptive to ideas and input on how to make your art better. As an artist, there are always new tricks to learn and ways to improve your skills.

Your artistic style will develop over time as you explore different genres and styles, experiment with mediums and put more effort into making your creations perfect.

As artists, we all have our specialties and strengths in creating artwork, which help us gain recognition. Your strength as an artist may be color theory, typography, storytelling, realism, cartooning — whatever applies to you!

But aside from showcasing your talent by creating beautiful works of art, another way to achieve fame as an artist is to create art inspired by something else.

This could be painting a specific genre, using materials in a unique way, or even just looking at pictures and drawing inspiration from them.

Be engaging on social media

Being famous isn’t necessarily about having millions of followers, it’s about having enough followers that matter. You can have thousands or even tens of thousands of followers but if nobody is talking about you, what you do, and how you live your life, then you failed.

Your follower count will not be noticed unless you put effort into curating an engaged audience. This means spending time developing relationships with people in the community, sharing interesting content, responding to comments and questions, and creating discussions.

By giving back to the community, you create trust which can lead to more engagement from others. An example of this would be someone who has a thousand followers, but whose posts are completely empty and repetitive. Discourage this type of behavior by staying in touch and putting effort into being seen.

Running a Facebook page, blogging, tweeting, and/or instagramming is one way to achieve this. Another way is to join existing communities and participate.

Connect with sponsors

Being famous doesn’t happen overnight, but one way most people make it seem like is by promoting themselves constantly. But this can be done without paying for advertising or using paid resources, through something we call sponsored talks or promotions.

By offering your expertise in an area you are passionate about, you can get payment for writing an article or talking for a set amount of time. You could also do a live stream event or giveaway during your talk to draw attention and increase interest.

This isn’t always a direct income source, but it is a way to get your name out there, connect with others, and earn some extra money. And even if you aren’t making a lot of cash from it, it’s a good way to boost your online reputation and grow your follower base.

Be consistent

Consistency is one of the most important qualities in becoming famous. If you want to become well known, people will have to see your work consistently to know who you are and what you stand for.

It’s like buying a piece of clothing that nobody has ever seen before. The thing about clothes is, if you never put it on, no one can tell whether or not you could dress well. With internet fame, things get even more difficult because anyone can write an article about you at any time!

If someone were to come across some posts of yours that didn’t sit right with them, they might look into you and find nothing but bad reviews. Or maybe they read an interview where you said something that made them feel uncomfortable, and so they wrote an article listing all the reasons why you don’t sound trustworthy.

Either way, people won’t be able to form an opinion of you until they look into you beyond your online persona. Which is why being consistent is so crucial – it sets up a solid base from which your reputation can grow.

Consistently delivering great content is a good start, but writing with integrity is another. People will consider how you talk about yourself, as well as others, when deciding whether or not to trust you.