How To Become A Famous Rapper In Bitlife

By Tiara

A lot of people have dreams of becoming famous, and making music is a powerful way to express yourself and your creativity. Some, they want to take their music career as a professional venture, establishing themselves as an artist with a loyal fan base and earning a substantial income from it. Others are more goal-oriented and strive to reach a certain number of followers or views on their songs to feel that they succeeded as artists.

There’s always something new for musicians to learn and strategies to try, which makes it very accessible for anyone looking to make their voice heard. In this article, we will talk about one of these strategies, how to become a famous rapper in Bitlife!

BitlLife is an app designed specifically to help you launch your musical career by offering both free and paid services. The free service allows users to create and edit rap lyrics using pre-made templates, while the paid version offers unlimited access to all features. Both can be accessed anywhere through the mobile device where you write your raps.

Here at BestMusicCareers, our team has firsthand experience launching a successful music career via Bitlif e, so we wanted to share our tips and tricks here for you to read and apply to your own songwriting process.

Join a rap group

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

As we mentioned earlier, being famous means doing things that people watch for you. Being a famous rapper doesn’t just happen by accident! You have to put the work into it. One of the best ways to do this is to join a rap group or start your own.

There are several different types of groups out there with different levels of involvement. Some can be one person leading a crew of people, while others require everyone to contribute their parts and make up the team as they go along.

Either way, joining a rap group is an excellent way to get involved in hip-hop music and become known as a talented artist. Many successful artists started off as members of other artists’ teams before creating their own songs and gaining recognition themselves.

By becoming a part of a rap group, you will definitely gain exposure to the genre and potential collaborations. There are many sites where you can find new rap groups to join – some free, some paid. No matter which ones you choose, the chances are good that at least half the members are already well-known!

Finding a like-minded community full of creative individuals is its very own reward, so don’t hesitate to dive in and enjoy.

Make your own song list

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

The next step is to gather your songs! There are many ways to do this, but one of the best is to create a music library or playlist on YouTube. You can use their built-in tools to add songs to play as background or for making an album.

Alternatively, you can take some time to find appropriate hip-hop songs that fit your style and make them yours! If there’s a specific artist you like, search up those songs and figure out how to improve upon what they already have – it may be a good source of inspiration.

You can also cover songs off of iTunes, Spotify, or any other site similar to that.

Record your own songs

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

A lot of famous rappers started their careers as songwriters. This is where they compose or create lyrics for other people to then turn those lyrics into their own music. As writers, they would get paid per word while also getting credit for the finished product! As a rapper yourself, you can do this by recording yourself rapping out a few lines or even full songs.

This does not have to be totally grammatically correct nor does it need to make sense. You just want to voice-drop and rap some nonsense for fun!

Once you are comfortable doing that, record more elaborate songs with different themes and karaoke-style vocals. Once you feel like you’ve recorded enough, edit and mix these recordings together to make an actual song.

Publish a mixtape

Having your own music collection is one of the key foundations to becoming a famous rapper. A lot of artists start off by creating an album or even writing their first song, but then they lose momentum because there’s nothing to promote it with.

A pre-established track list is an excellent way to begin! If you can’t find anyone to help you produce your songs, or you don’t want to invest too much money into equipment, using free sound recording software is a great solution.

There are many sites that offer free mp3 editing services where you can upload your favorite songs and edit them down to see what works for you. Some people also use voice recognition apps to create lyrics so that you do not need word processing skills to become a popular rap artist!

Once you have your initial song written and recorded, it is time to launch it onto the internet for everyone to hear! There are several ways to do this, such as sharing it online through YouTube or Vimeo, or starting your own website and posting it there.

Make a website

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

After you decide that you want to be an artist, the next thing is to create your own space to show off what you have been doing. This can be done by creating a YouTube channel or a personal web page where you upload pictures and music or start writing a diary-style article about yourself and the process of becoming an artist.

If you already have a Facebook profile, then use this to begin promoting your art! Create separate profiles for your lyrics, music, and videos so people can follow you as an artist directly from these accounts.

BitlLife is one of the best social media sites for aspiring artists to join. It’s free to download and set up, and paid plans are available. You get all the features of the site including easy image editing, song embedding, and community chat.

Buy Merchandise

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

Merchandising is one of the most important things for any artist to have, especially as a hip-hop fan. If you want to become famous, you need to start investing in some good t-shirts!

There are many sites that sell music-related clothing such as RedBrickMusic, Spreadshirt, and AllMusic where you can find all sorts of products such as hoodies, hats, and workout gear.

These websites and apps usually offer free shipping which is very helpful as they give you the incentive to buy more goods!

In fact, many artists make substantial money by selling shirts online alone! So why not start exploring your options now?

General tips: remember to keep up with your social media accounts so people can see you’re active and doing something productive with your time.

Go on tour

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

A lot of famous artists make a decent living off their music, but most didn’t start out trying to be rich. They started from scratch by going on tours and performing for crowds or filming music videos. This is your chance to do that!

If you want to become a well-known rapper, you have to go on tour and perform for audiences. You can even choose to do it as part of a business plan if you wanted to pursue becoming a professional musician full-time.

There are many ways to launch your career as a touring artist, so choosing one depends on your budget, goal, and timing. In fact, some people don’t begin actively promoting themselves as musicians until they've saved up enough money to pay for all of it.

Connect with influencers

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

One of the most important things that newer artists must do is connect with other people in the music industry to gain exposure. You can do this by joining groups on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, or creating your own group.

By engaging in conversations, sharing songs, and staying in touch, you will influence others to look up to you and work with you. Influencer marketing is an effective way to get more followers and engagement for your account!

It’s totally normal to start out spending time talking about what you have going on professionally, but eventually shift the conversation toward what you are working on musically. Your peers will feel invited to join in and help you grow.

Running into someone else who is trying to make their mark on the art form is always helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions or talk about how they managed to succeed. Chances are, they’ve done something similar to what you want to try next, and maybe even shared some tips.