How To Become A Famous Rapper In Bitlife

By Tiara

As we already mentioned, being famous is totally different from having a large audience. Having an audience is what makes someone popular, but being famous means more than that. It means people are listening to your music for hours, or even days. It may also mean that you get paid for your work, or at least have it spread through social media and/or marketing strategies.

Many musicians try their hardest to become well-known, but few make it without any help. This article will go into detail about some of the ways professional rappers develop their brands and grow their fan bases. We’ll talk about how they do it every day!

You can start developing your brand now by looking at successful artists and trying to imitate those styles, gestures, and features. When you feel ready, begin recording yourself and sharing your songs via YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

Join a rap group

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

Even if you are not artistic, even if you cannot sing or write lyrics, there is another way to become famous as a rapper. You can join a rap group! This will give you a platform to spread your music and yourself. There are many sites that have groups for all types of artists – from hip-hop to dance songs to acoustics to anything really.

Some of these sites have you create an account through their site first, then you can search for and find a group that matches you or your style. Some make it easy to be part of a team, while others may ask you some questions about the genre and stuff before letting you join.

By being a member of a rap group, people will know who you are and what kind of music you like. This is very popular these days with most musicians using social media to grow their fan base.

Make good songs

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

As we already mentioned, being famous as a rapper doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a very large audience or even popularized your favorite song. Some of the best rappers are not well known, but they make great music that people enjoy.

The thing about making good rap music is that it can be difficult to tell if someone is just trying hard to sound like a pro or if they actually know how to do it. People who try too hard to seem professional will sometimes lose their natural flow and voice.

To truly become a successful artist, you must write your own lyrics and then find yourself a team of writers to help you polish your craft. A writer’s job is to take what you say and make it interesting for other people to read. Your writing coach should work with you at any stage in your career, from aspiring superstar to veteran hip-hop mogul.

You also need to master the art of rapping.

Buy a studio

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

As mentioned before, being a famous rapper is not easy unless you have a supportive community around you or you are very well connected within the music industry. Starting off as an artist means investing in some expensive equipment and facilities!

Finding a place to record your songs can be quite difficult at first, especially if you are just starting out. Many people start recording their song ideas at home but this will not work for anyone who wants to become popular quickly.

The more advanced artists buy dedicated recording studios that they use exclusively for writing and producing songs. These rooms usually have decent sound quality and features such as mixers, keyboards, guitars, drum kits, and microphones.

A good way to begin is by buying a used room or pack of rooms from someone else who no longer uses it. By doing this, you get all these tools for much less than what cost new. Or you could look into renting instead so you do not need to invest heavily right away.

Either way, make sure it is a comfortable environment for you to write in and learn how to use everything properly.

Record your songs

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

Before you even think about investing into music equipment, recording yourself is one of the most important steps towards becoming an artist! Recording yourself singing or rapping can be done virtually anywhere with any device that has wifi connection.

Many people start by using their phone as a voice recorder before editing the recordings later. There are many free apps such as Audacity which are easy to use and contain all of the features you would want from a professional recording app.

These apps make it very easy to edit, mix, and enhance sound quality so they are worth looking into! Also, making your own music gives you direct control over what happens next, which helps develop your business acumen.

Running out of ideas or struggling to find the right melody? You can easily search for songs online or create new ones using tools like Google Music, Spotify, or YouTube.

Edit your videos

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

After recording your song, the next step is editing! Once you have your music, now you need to edit it down to its most basic form. This means taking out any parts that you do not want or cannot use.

Music publishers will always ask for original recordings and lyrics as well as copyright clearance before allowing others to use their songs. Most artists lose money after they are paid for their songs so there is a lot of pressure to provide these services.

If you would like to avoid this, then you can purchase “generic” songs and rap yourself into fame! Many sites offer to create a song for a small fee. By doing this, you have left no trace of who wrote what and you have cost nothing extra!

After purchasing the needed music, you can begin creating your own song via software or by writing your own lyrics and music.

Publish your videos

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

After you create your song or rap, it is time to actually publish your work! While most people start recording by yourself, this isn’t necessarily the best way to become famous as an artist.

By publishing your music online, you are allowing other users to give their feedback on what you have written. This is very important since no one really knows how talented you are until they listen to your songs!

There are several places where you can upload your song including YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and Vimeo. Make sure to take some time to edit each of these sites before uploading so that they look nice and represent you well.

Get a record deal

Before you even start trying to become famous as a rapper, you must first get a recording contract! This is one of the most important things you will need for your music career. A lot of people make it seem like a very easy process, but it’s not!

It takes hard work and dedication from you, yourself only. It may also take some help and guidance from others to ensure that you are going in the right direction. But once you have made an effort into getting a recording contract, there are many ways to keep growing as a musician.

You can write and produce your own songs, find other artists to collaborate with, launch your own album or EP, and so on.

Become a brand

how to become a famous rapper in bitlife

As we mentioned before, being famous is not about having a lot of followers or watchers on your social media pages. It’s not even owning all of the cool merchandise that people have made for you. Being famous is thinking of yourself as a brand.

You develop your image and personality as a product that people can buy or use to learn more about you. You become known for who you are rather than what you do!

By developing and investing in your personal branding, you will create an online identity that people can access at any time to get valuable insights into you as a person. This will help you achieve your career goals such as becoming well-known as a rapper.

Your personal branding could be through Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and/or other sites where you show your talent. These websites and apps should represent you as an aspiring artist with messages and content that promote your artistic talents and self-confidence.

Running your own business or website is another way to strengthen your personal branding. By creating a space just for you, you showcase your creativity and expertise as someone who knows how to run their own site.