How To Be The Most Famous Person In The World – A Guide

By Tiara Ogabang

Playing the fame game

Let's face it – most people, at some point in their lives, want to know what it's like to be famous.

It makes sense. After all, there are a TON of perks for those with celebrity status.

These opportunities include performing in front of millions of people, flying on private jets, partying with other glamorous celebrities, and riding in limos.

Get ready to take heat during your fame pursuit

However, it turns out that just because it seems fun doesn't mean it's easy.

What's worse, for every smiling face surrounded by cameras, there is an untold number of nasty and mean people lurking in the shadows, waiting to criticize and bully you, just for the sake of entertainment.

To become the most famous person in the world, you're going to need to be able to take a LOT of crap that is thrown your way.

Thankfully, it turns out there are people who actually know what it's like to have all that attention thrown their way. And for the most part, they're really, really nice.

And sometimes, they're willing to give out advice to people that want to follow in their footsteps.

We've put together this guide for people who want to take a shot at the (somewhat dubious) task of becoming the most famous person in the world.

Some of these tips come straight from the mouth of Promo Panda users who are very successful in their own right.

The traditional route: Hollywood

The traditional route: Hollywood

The quickest way to some level of fame is good ol' fashioned show business.

To start building your fame in H-wood, you'll need to start with the basics

Get quality representation as fast as possible

The way you make money (and potentially be seen by millions) in Hollywood is by signing on to a project that could land you a spot in the ever-expanding celebrity community, and there are a number of outlets that will make that easier for you to do.

All you need to do is find a company or production studio that can identify you and package you up, so that when that movie exec or producer sees you, they'll want to hire you to play the leading role in their film or show.

A simple way to make sure you're on your way to getting representation is to have a website, whether it be yours or someone else's, that lists a wide range of things that you can do.

With a high-quality website that outlines the skills you have and the work you've done, you're much more likely to have an agent or manager take you on.

To get representation, try putting out your own content

You can even set up a channel on YouTube where you talk about your work and talents.

In fact, becoming a YouTuber or another personality such as a Twitch streamer are ways to become bonafide famous in their own right.

While we'll cover the internet route to fame in a bit, know this: being creative and making your own content doesn't have to be an end goal in and of itself.

Making content can be a great way to get noticed so you can get representation and start appearing in other professional content!

Get your social media presence up ASAP

Now, even if you aren't famous at all yet, if you really want to be famous you're going to need to promote yourself.

You need to post about yourself on social media, build your own personal brand, and engage your audiences.

What should you post on Instagram? What should you do on Twitter? What should you do on Facebook? And for that matter, what should you talk about?

While these questions can be helpful to ask yourself, don't spend too much time contemplating them.

The reality is, just keep posting social media content (even if you think the content you're posting isn't interesting!).

Doubting yourself isn't doing you any favors.

Plus, even if you're unsure about how to manage your social media, over time (and through many posts), you'll start to develop your voice and brand as a public figure and celebrity.

Conversely, if you're paralyzed by fear and shyness and never post, it will take you much, much longer to find that brand and voice that will eventually make you famous.

Get your story told through online media

Get your story told through online media

While social media is likely the most glamorous and talked-about form of media today, the reality is, if you want to be the most famous person in the world, you'll need to get articles and interviews in traditional media outlets.

If you're getting covered by online magazines and news outlets, people who want to learn more about you and your story will be able to find these articles on Google when they search for you.

If they find things like a Wikipedia page and other primary sources that talk about your accomplishments and sing your praises, they're that much more likely to remember you.

After all, being "famous" is basically the same as being "recognizable."

Make sure you're getting appearances in online media with the help of a PR firm or digital reputation management platform like Promo Panda.

If you don't have any traditional media to your name, we highly recommend you start getting some. You can create a profile now to start getting interviewed in awesome publications all over the world.

YouTube channel = huge fame (potentially)

Making a YouTube channel is a great way to start building a fan base. Sure, it can take a lot of work to get your channel off the ground, but since you're in total control of the type (and quantity) of content you make, it can often lead to fame more quickly than the traditional Hollywood route.

But you're still starting small, right?

We get it – when you're posting your first videos, your parents might freak out. Or something like that.

If you've ever considered starting your own YouTube channel, but don't know where to start, don't worry.

All you have to do is pick a subject, record yourself talking, edit your content, upload it to your channel and voila – potential YouTube fame, baby!

As with social media, don't overthink your content too much when you're first starting off. Just get something online and worry about refining your brand later.

Like to court controversy? Twitch can propel you to global fame

Like to court controversy? Twitch can propel you to global fame

There are two ways to make a name for yourself in the video game world: via good things you do (content) and bad things you do (controversy).

Unfortunately, the latter is a lot easier than the former.

If you don't mind being in the crosshair of serious controversy, try starting a Twitch streaming channel.

In the past, gaming leagues for pro players were probably the best way to get exposure, but Twitch changed that.

These days, you don't need to be a gaming prodigy to start building up a crazy fanbase that wants nothing more than to see you play games for hours on end.

Just work hard, and the rest will come

In summary, if you want to become the most famous person in the world, the recipe is simple: put out a lot of content and work really, really hard.

That sounds kind of obvious, but there's a misconception that it's so straightforward that anyone can do it. It's not.

In order to become the most famous person in the world, you have to have massive amounts of good content, you have to use that content to be consistent, and you have to work really, really hard.

That's it. There's no secret formula, no shortcut.

While there are many people who seemingly get famous without any real talent or skill, there are many more famous people who put in real time and effort to acquire their status.

If you want to become the most famous person in the world, just make stuff and get moving!