How To Be On Famous Birthdays

By Tiara

This week’s tip is all about celebrating someone else's birthday! It can be hard when you're the kind of person who loves to have a lot of people around, but trying to fit everyone in your schedule makes it tough for most people.

So here we are with another one of those days where you feel like you're spending all day long talking to people about nothing. And even though it may not seem like much, you've invested time in them, so why should they reward you by leaving?

That being said, this article will talk you through some strategies to be more successful at celebrating other people's birthdays. These tips will help make sure that you don't waste any time or energy wishing you had done something earlier, because if you're smart, you'll know how to celebrate next month too!

Tip number two - find out their anniversary date

Many couples don't realize that there's an additional celebration they're allowed to attend every year. Their wedding ceremony is already considered a party, so what comes next?

Anniversary celebrations occur once per decade (with few exceptions) and last a couple weeks. During this time, the spouses get together on either the person's or the couple's birthday to do things such as go out to dinner or watch a movie, etc.

This is typically a very romantic event, and is usually followed by a small gift-giving exchange.

Make a wish list of things you want to do on your birthday

how to be on famous birthdays

Now, make a list of all the famous birthdays in your life!

What is a birthday? A birthday is when someone’s body gets older and wiser due to living under the sun. We celebrate people's birthdays by giving them gifts or doing something special for them. It is kind of like saying good bye because we all know what happens after that -- death!

It is very important to recognize your own birthday so that you can appreciate it as well as others'.

Plan your birthday party

how to be on famous birthdays

If you want to be famous, then you have to make it known. Deciding what kind of event you would like to hold and how to promote it is crucial in achieving that goal.

Having an open house or a small gathering is one of the best ways to spread your fame as they are free! By having people come directly from work or home, word will get around and others who want to meet you can do so easily.

By holding an invite-only event, you will also attract more people due to the prestige of being invited.

If you would like to add some entertainment value to your event, hiring a professional service provider is another way to go about it. A photographer, musician, or comedian could all help bring attention to your event and showcase their talents.

Planning a party takes time, but not too much time. The most important thing is to start planning early and stick to your plan.

Invite people over

how to be on famous birthdays

It’s easy to feel like you’re not living your life because there are so many things going on in the world that you’ve got to focus on being successful, but what is success? Is it having more money than everyone else? Or is it making an effort to be kind to others?

It seems crazy, but I’m telling you — trying to stay focused on these goals will do nothing but make you unhappy. So why would you want to be happy when you could be famous instead?

By celebrating other people’s birthdays, you bring happiness to them (and they reward you by letting you join their party)! You can even use social media to find all of their dates and invite them to yours!

And while most people don’t consider themselves “famous,” every person you meet has at least some small influence over you for only one day of your life. If you actively try to befriend those people, you’ll enjoy meeting them and they’ll enjoy spending time with you… which brings us back to our initial question: What is success anyway?

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to be on famous birthday celebrations! Please leave comments and questions or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Decide what you want to eat

It’s very hard to be surrounded by lots of famous people, some of whom are constantly talking about their healthy eating habits and fitness routines, when you don’t know what they ate or how many minutes they spent working out that day.

So, being in a position to help others is one of the best ways to stay motivated yourself. And if you’re always looking at the examples set by other people, then you’ll automatically feel inclined to follow those patterns as well.

By setting your own goals, you’ll also be more conscious of what you’re doing, which can make it easier to stick to them.

And while probably not every person who knows you will necessarily admire your diet skills, I think most people would agree that it’s pretty admirable to try to live healthily. So why not aim to keep yourself healthy?

If you ever notice someone with the eye-bulge of desire staring at you, let us know! We’d love to connect with you on Instagram @zerosumzerohealth.

Make a wish list of things to drink

how to be on famous birthdays

Many famous people don’t spend much money on food, but they are always in fashion so their followers buy what they sell and learn how to be like them through imitation.

If you admire their style then why not adopt some of their habits by buying whatever they enjoy and making sure your palate is well-rounded?

For example, Beyoncé loves coconut water and was even known to take an eight-pack of 16 oz bottles during her pregnancy! So if you love coconutt water, get yourself some!

She also enjoys rooibos tea which has many health benefits, so pick up a box or two and make it part of yours.

By educating yourself about who these people are and what they like, you will gain new insights into being more fashionable.

Make a toast

how to be on famous birthdays

The thing about famous people is that they are very popular, so there’s always someone celebrating their birthday or award ceremony. If you want to be like that person, then it makes sense to celebrate in their honor by making a speech and doing some of the things they did.

The most important thing to know when giving a birthday toast is to make your own unique contribution. Don’t try to sound just like everyone else.

Instead, emphasize how much the person means to you, and talk about something personal between you two. For example, if Michelle Obama was honored with an Award for her work promoting healthy eating, then someone might mention their favorite food item of hers.

That would not only speak well of her as a chef, but also show them as more creative than they thought.

Do fun challenges with friends

how to be on famous birthdays

Doing activities with people you know is one of the best ways to be inspired by others. Becoming familiar with the lives of your peers can inspire you to live yours more boldly.

A few months ago, I read about a very inspiring young woman who gave a speech at her high school graduation ceremony. During her speech, she talked about how she grew up watching YouTube videos as a way to learn different skills and do fun challenges like dancing or swimming for hours on end.

She said that this inspiration helped her to become motivated and confident in herself and allowed her to pursue things she wanted out of life.

After listening to her talk, many students were encouraged to do some daring acts themselves such as jumping off a bridge or sailing across the ocean on a boat. Some even told her they would follow her lead and start studying healthier diets if she was able to do it!

This type of influence is powerful because it comes from someone your own age who has lived beyond their years through hard work and education. By learning what tools these individuals have used to succeed, you can use them as tips to help you achieve your dreams.

By being aware of the things successful people did to grow, you will make changes to fit your lifestyle and get the same results.

Tell your friends and family about your birthday

how to be on famous birthdays

Let’s say for example that there is a one year anniversary of your favorite movie coming up in a month. Or let’s say you love shopping and this season was all about rings, so someone else you know has their wedding ring size done. You could do some matching with them and include it as an option in bridesmaid gift baskets or even get it framed yourself!

The thing about celebrating milestones is to be creative and find ways to make it special for those who may not know what time they have had together. For instance, if your friend just got back into work, don’t ask why they didn’t come to watch your favorite show with you- instead, invite them out somewhere fun!

This way, they will feel appreciated and included, which are two things we all need from our loved ones.