How To Be On Famous Birthdays

By Tiara

This week we are talking about how to be on your favorite celebrity’s birthday! A lot of people love celebrating these special days, so why not make some fun of it by hosting a party or attending one as a guest?

It is very sweet to celebrate someone else's birthday, but there is an art form to doing this. And yes, it is possible to be a success at being invited to their celebration!

If you happen to know when their big day is, great! But if you don't, that is okay too because there is something you can do about that.

In this article, I will talk about some ways to remain in touch with those important life events even if you aren't totally informed.

I'll also tell you what types of information most celebrities release about themselves and how you can use that to help you.

Make a wish list of things you want to do on your birthday

how to be on famous birthdays

Now, choose one item from this list that you would like to accomplish on your special day. You can then write down some reasons why this item is important to you and how it will make you feel if you manage to pull off this goal.

By putting in some extra effort into yourself at these items, you will feel happier and more accomplished.

Plan your birthday party

how to be on famous birthdays

After you have asked yourself what kind of party you want to hold, next is deciding where the event will be held. If you choose to do it at home, then you can invite as many people as possible!

If you feel that there are more professional opportunities out there, then you should consider holding the event elsewhere. This could be hosting the event in someone else’s office, having the other person provide decorations and food, or having a restaurant cater the event for you.

Planning an event takes time, so don’t rush into things unless you really know what you're doing! There are several ways to get help while planning your event. You may already have some friends who would like to celebrate with you, or you may find online groups dedicated to celebrating birthdays.

By being aware of these events, you'll have a better chance of being invited, and knowing how to prepare if you are allowed to participate.

Choose a theme for your party

how to be on famous birthdays

Having a birthday celebration is not just about picking something sweet to eat and drinking lots of drinks, it’s also about having the right decorations, celebrating with friends, and choosing an activity or event that people can join.

It’s great if you have a friend who loves dancing so you organize a dance party, but what if there are no compatible dancers in your circle? You could always invite someone to come as their guest, but most people don’t know how to dance!

By planning your own party first, you will know what types of events you want to do and what themes feel appropriate.

Make a dinner plan

how to be on famous birthdays

It’s always better to make a habit of doing things rather than making an effort to do them once in a while, so why not set a precedent for yourself to celebrate someone else’s birthday by planning a party for your friend or family member?

Plan a nice meal, invite some friends over, and spend time with those you care about! If you have any leftover food, take some good pictures of it and share it on social media to spread word about what you made and how much you loved it.

Make a drinks plan

how to be on famous birthdays

It’s always great when someone gets their dream job, but sometimes that person doesn’t have any friends or supporters who can celebrate with them.

The same thing happens when people get famous – they may not know what kind of events are happening, where they can meet up with others, or if there’s anything special going on.

And while it’s lovely for every fan to be able to watch your work and show support for you, it can also mean those fans are left out!

It’s totally okay to invite some friends over and make some plans, but don’t forget about all of the little ones out there!

Ask around before deciding where to go, and try to coordinate as much as possible so no one is left out!

Planning ahead of time will help avoid this problem and give everyone more options.

Plan your outfit

how to be on famous birthdays

A lot of people gain popularity after having their birthday so this article will talk about being famous on another person’s birthday! As you know, when someone turns a certain age, they like to do things that relate to that age.

So if you want to be celebrated on someone else’s birthday, then you need to make sure you are in fashion. If you are not in style, then no one will recognize your efforts to celebrate with them.

Planning your look ahead of time is the best way to ensure you are in style for all of the important events! Luckily, we have some tips here for you.

Take notes and save pictures of successful looks to mimic or improve upon those styles. Also, keep an eye out on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to see what products and brands other people use to show off their look.

Practice self-care

how to be on famous birthdays

Being famous means being surrounded by a lot of people, media, and demands for your time. It can be hard to find quality time with friends or family when you are constantly promoting yourself or interacting with the public.

This is especially true if you’re not in the habit of doing it yet. The more you expose yourself to, the easier it will get!

Practice self-care by giving yourself time to do things that matter to you. You should include activities that win you praise (watching sports, reading books you invested in, going out with friends), as well as ones that make you feel good (taking a bath, practicing yoga, listening to music).

Do something personal once in a while even if it's for just five minutes every day. This could mean taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or simply looking at yourself in the mirror. Do what makes you happy and take breaks from working on projects so you don’t burn out.

Journal about your feelings

how to be on famous birthdays

There are many ways to be celebrated, but being invited to an event or receiving a gift online or through social media is not the best way to feel appreciated.

That’s because most of us have become very detached from our own experiences in life. We live our lives via the internet, we interact with people who share similar beliefs and thoughts as ourselves, and we lose sight of what it means to really place value on something.

We become too focused on proving that we know more than other people and how smart we are, which is totally fine and even healthy at times, but celebrating someone else’s success doesn’t make you successful.

Celebrating someone’s birthday should be about them, not you. If you want to enjoy this celebration, then remember to focus on yourself first.

Think about all the things you like and do, and why you like and done them. Try writing down everything you can think of and see what comes up.

This will help you connect with your inner self and give you some insights into your subconscious reasons for liking certain things. You may find that you’re more conscious of some parts of your life than others.