How To Be Famous On Youtube

By Tiara

A well-paying career in online media is possible through YouTube! With the right marketing strategies, you can pick up followers, watchers, and subscribers that may lead to more opportunities.

Many big name YouTubers make good money every month, and they’ve made it by investing time into their craft and developing strong relationships with other content creators.

Here are some ways you can start your journey as an aspiring Youtuber! Read on for tips and tricks. 🙂

1) Create a channel using our free tool

We have created a free tool that makes creating your own YouTube account quick and easy. Simply click here to create your new channel!

2) Pick a genre or style of video that fits you

Your audience will not watch your videos if you do not put effort into making them interesting. What kind of videos does your favorite celebrity run? Probably something about fashion, beauty, or fitness.

You can make your videos around those themes too! Yours could be cooking, lifestyle, educational, etc. The best way to find out what types of videos appeal to your audience is by looking at the ones that already exist.

3) Use keywords effectively

The second most important factor in gaining viewers is having relevant content. Make sure to research appropriate keywords for your field so people can search for and find you.

Create a website

how to be famous on youtube

After you create your YouTube channel, you will need an online location where people can access it. This is called a web site or domain!

You can use any free domain name provider like Google to get yourself a nice URL. Make sure to check out their fees before you choose one – sometimes they are not too expensive!

Most good domain providers offer you a free starter account which allows you to publish a certain amount of content per month. More content means more views so this is very important to start off with!

By registering as a user at these service’s that already have a community built up, you will be able to gain some inspiration from other users’ work. You could also add links to your own material there!

Your domain should clearly describe what content you produce and fun little decorations are okay (like the bullet points in this article!).

Buy some good quality filming equipment

The first thing you will want to do is to find your audience! If you can’t seem to get enough views, then you need to make changes to how you use YouTube.

Start by picking an appropriate niche for your content- this should be something that people are looking for or seeking answers to. Your potential audience may also not know who you are so start creating content and promoting it!

After all, with over 2 billion users on YouTube, there’s always going to be someone out there that wants to learn more about you!

Your gear choice will play a big part in what type of content you create so don’t forget to check off the best buying sites before investing. Make sure to look at reviews as well as price comparisons to see which one seems to fit you best.

Also remember that even if you aren’t making a lot yet, you still need to update your account settings to promote yourself. For example, you could set up re-uploads, descriptions etc.

Find content that you love

how to be famous on youtube

Finding your YouTube voice is more than just picking out what colors to use or which camera settings are best for filming yourself. It’s about choosing topics you are passionate about, creating entertaining videos of them, and promoting those videos via the platform.

Your style will develop as you grow more comfortable in fashion, hairstyling, and digital art, but starting off with simple videos that you enjoy making can get you going quickly.

Once you have filmed your video, it is time to edit! The first things to do after editing is make sure your numbers are up and your self-promotion efforts are underway.

You want to start sharing your videos before people have a chance to see all of the work you put into them, so be fast to update Your Channel, add members to your team, and promote your videos.

Build a community

how to be famous on youtube

Being famous on YouTube doesn’t happen overnight, but it is definitely possible if you are willing to put in some work. Creating your audience takes time, but being popular online comes down to creating engaging content people want to watch!

Your followers will keep coming back if there is an element of fun or entertainment in each video you upload. They will also come back for interesting conversations or challenges that you create.

You can use comments and subscribers as ways to boost your popularity. By leaving thoughtful comments, interacting with others, and asking questions, you will gain attention and praise.

Running a contest or giving away freebies is another way to get more views. If you have something valuable to share, let other people know by posting about it. Your followers will reward you by sharing your info!

Keep experimenting with different styles and genres to find ones that fit you.

Invest in good quality editing software

how to be famous on youtube

As we mentioned before, you will want to make sure your videos are of high quality and professional looking. If you don’t take time to edit your videos properly, then people won’t watch them or believe they invested in their video production skills.

There are many free and paid apps that can help you achieve this! Some of the most well-known ones include Adobe Photoshop, YouTube studio (where you upload your videos), and of course, Microsoft Office.

But beyond just using these apps to create and edit your videos, there are some tricks you can use to become famous on youtube. These tips focus more on producing engaging content and growing your audience.

Learn to edit your videos

how to be famous on youtube

After you create your YouTube channel, the next step is editing your videos. This may sound very complicated at first, but it does not need to be!

After you upload your video, you can go back and edit it anywhere from one day to a week later. It is best to start with no edits for two weeks until you feel comfortable doing so.

Your title plays an important role in how well your video is received. Make sure they are catchy and tell someone something about what your video will discuss. Your content is the second most significant factor!

The third biggest factor is setting a good tone or mood for your video. What kind of environment do you use while filming? Is there enough light? Are decorations appropriate? All of these factors affect whether or not people watch you seriously.

Some tips: if possible, record yourself narrating the video. Or have some fun and perform as needed.

Record your videos using a good microphone

how to be famous on youtube

Having a great recording quality mic is one of the most important things you will invest in as an aspiring YouTube content creator. Your voice can be your biggest strength or weakness, so make sure it’s strong!

The first thing people notice about your video is indeed the sound. A decent microphone will ensure that what you say stays clear and audible for those listening.

Many of us have a phone we use for calls, which has a front facing camera. This is very useful when you want to do some quick talking before filming, but unfortunately, these phones never seem to have a good enough battery to keep them going for long.

After filming your video, there are several ways to get rid of the noise. You could use a computer to upload and edit your files, or you could use software such as Adobe Audition to fix the problem later.

Learn to take photos

how to be famous on youtube

Having a YouTube channel is great, but you will never get anywhere if you do not have any content you can add to your channel.

You need to know how to take good pictures or use of free image editing software such as photoshop.

Photos are one of the most important things that people will see about you online, so making some from now on will help build your audience!

Take your time to invest in learning how to take nice photographs, there are many ways to learn this. You could pick up a camera for digital photography, or investing in some light bulbs to experiment with different shutter speeds and exposure times.

Using a tripod and neutral background is a helpful tip when taking still photos.

If you’re more creative then try experimenting with coloring fun shades and doing something unique like drawing shapes in the air with a fan blade or using glow sticks to create an interesting effect.