How To Be Famous On Tiktok

By Tiara

As we all know, tikTok is a very popular app that has people creating funny videos and songs or dances to fit with the theme of the video. These songs are typically called “Tik Toks” because they usually feature music and dancing to the tikTok song!

Some people have made their own versions of these tikToks by adding in their own lyrics and/or musical pieces. Many users will create a parody version of a tikTok hit so that it no longer sounds like the original piece.

These modified tikToks are then shared across other apps to make them more well-known! It is your duty as an internet user to look up tikTok songs and see what others have done to get famous on the app.

It is also your job to check out how many views each tikTok gets to determine if its success was due to the song itself or the company that uploaded it. This article will go into more detail about some of the most popular tikToks and why you should care.

How to find popular tikToks

If you want to learn more about tikToks, first you must know where to start looking. There are several ways to do this. You can use website resources, YouTube tutorials, and even social media sites to gain knowledge.

Famous musicians on TikTok

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While not as famous as some of their contemporaries, there are still many notable artists who have made it onto the platform through popular songs or collaborations. Some even manage to achieve viral success with just their voice!

Many music makers have found success by creating and sharing lip-synced videos of themselves singing songs that people know well. This is called lip sync trolling and has become a fun way to show off your talent while getting attention for your song choice or style!

Music tributes and covers are also very popular modes of entertainment on TikTok, especially ones featuring lyrics that make you feel emotional. Creating your own version of a well known tune or cover is a great way to win over new fans and see your name go up in popularity!

What are we talking about?

We’re talking about songs, dances, and stories that people can relate to, add beauty to, and inspire others to do more of.

Famous comedians on TikTok

As we know, tik tok is a very popular app that allows users to create and share short videos or songs and lyrics. Companies have made it into a way to make money by creating content you must watch!

Famous comedians have their own channels where they upload jokes and music of theirs for people to enjoy. These are not only entertaining to look at but also earn them extra revenue from advertising while watching their channel.

Many use technology such as Facial recognition software or voice changing apps to achieve this. A lot of these celebrities’ accounts are in high numbers so there is always someone who wants to join in the fun!

Some even manage to get sponsorships or rewards for being seen enough to gain popularity.

Popular singers on TikTok

how famous on tiktok

Recent tik tok artists include some famous musicians! Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake, Andra Day, Nick Jonas, Khalid, Alessia Caruso, and many more have made their way onto the platform by posting covers and songs or just themselves singing!

Many of these artists make use of the app’s feature that allows for up-and-down editing which gives their videos a more stylized look.

Fashion trends on TikTok

how famous on tiktok

Recent tik tok fashion trends include trying to find and recreate popular looks that have been made into videos, editing or changing the colors, adding new features, and even creating your own style! All of these make for great inspiration!

Many people gain popularity by putting together their favorite things and making them look unique. People who edit and redesign existing clothes are called “retro-futurists” because they combine elements from different time periods to create something new.

By studying retro-future styles, you will definitely pick up some cool looking ideas. These concepts can be applied to daily life clothing or extended to online content like tumblr blogs and twitter accounts.

This article will discuss several tik tok influencers as well as some examples of their designs.

Celebrity cameos

how famous on tiktok

Recent tiktokers have paid close attention to their followers’ lists of favorite celebrities so that they can include them in videos as a cameo or guest. This is typically done for an entertainment feature video, like “BEST WAY TO USE A REFUND VISA CARD!”

A popular way to do this is to create a chat with only two people – you and your friend who wants to add the celebrity as a third party. Then, you both agree to invite the famous person as a fourth participant.

The rest of the chat should focus on the topic and contain some kind of media or link to prove the point. The audience will then vote whether the claim is true and if it is, how much money was spent on the item mentioned in the link.

Celebrities love free things, so most likely they will accept the invitation and participate in the chat. Their fans may even reward them by buying what they endorse for a price.

How to start a YouTube channel

how famous on tiktok

Starting your own YouTube channel is an incredible way to spread your message, promote yourself or business, and make some extra money online. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most popular ways to get started is to create a channel using a service that allows you to upload content and connect with others to gain exposure for your work or business.

The second step in starting your career as a YouTuber is choosing a genre or area of YouTube that fits you. If you can’t decide which kind of video to make, making a series of videos (e.g., “My favorite foods”, “Tips to stay motivated”) will probably be the best option. This article will talk about some things you should consider when picking your niche and what types of products fit it!

What is a niche?

A niche is a small group of people who share similar interests. By creating content targeted at their needs, you become an expert in the field and thus, more likely to earn money from advertising or sales. Most good brands know how to cater to their audience, so investing in general knowledge around your niche field is great first steps towards becoming famous on YouTube.

There are several different types of niches, such as creative, educational, motivational, etc. The easiest way to determine if your niche exists is by looking through our list here: https://www.youcanfindanythinghere.

Creating a blog

how famous on tiktok

Starting your own website is one of the best things you can do if you want to spread your online presence. It’s easy to create a free account at WordPress or another well-known blogging platform, and then start writing about anything you want!

By having your own domain name (like, you get to use your site’s URL easily instead of using the hosting company’s short address. This makes it much easier to share your web page with others since they don’t need to remember your long domain name!

Another way to increase your tiktok fame is by investing in sponsored posts on other people’s blogs. There are many ways to make money fast promoting products via YouTube, but staying authentic is important to grow as an influencer.

Social media marketing

how famous on tiktok

As we mentioned before, being famous on social media is totally different from having a large audience. Having a large audience can make you rich, but not everyone will know who you are or like what you have to offer.

It’s great to be well-known, but only people that feel connected to you will actually appreciate your work. This is why it's so important to focus on developing relationships through engaging in conversations and activities with others.

By interacting with other users, sharing interesting content, and responding to comments and messages, you’ll win over some loyal followers. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to improve your own performance on the platform.

In fact, many top tiktokers started out as popular commentators or influencers on other platforms.