How To Be Famous On Facebook Lite

By Tiara

Having an Instagram account is almost a requirement these days for most people. With over 1 billion users, it’s also become very popular to use it as a way to gain social media exposure and followers.

With all of that attention focused on the app, creating engaging content has now become one of the top priorities for most businesses.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because producing entertaining content can be a nice source of revenue. If you are already posting interesting pictures, then why not make some extra money by offering your services as a freelance writer?

In this article, I will talk about how to start writing for free before investing in a quality writing software package. There are several ways to do this!

I will discuss two easy ones first before moving onto more advanced options. By starting off with nothing but the internet and Microsoft word, you have already done much of the hard work to get started.

Buy a domain name

how to famous on facebook lite

Having a great looking profile is one of the first things people will notice about you online, making it a significant factor in establishing your reputation as an artist or entrepreneur.

It’s also what potential customers will be able to access if they are looking at you later, so make sure yours looks good!

Most people use Google to find websites, so why not take advantage of that by buying a domain name through their services? You can buy cheap domains via Namecheap, for example.

Alternatively, there are many free web hosting sites out there such as which allow you to create free blogs from them.

Create your website

how to famous on facebook lite

Having an online presence is important in today’s society. An easy way to do this is by creating a website or landing page. You can choose from several free web hosting sites like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

You can also use a third-party service such as WordPress, which already has a community of people supporting it. This gives you more professional looking options at no cost!

There are many ways to make money with your site, but writing about things that don’t cost anything is the best way to start. Writing is one of the most productive things you can do, so starting out writing for free is a great way to get into blogging.

Your website can be any type of content you want it to be. It could be about fashion, sports, politics, and even how to survive the apocalypse! The only thing is, people will look at your website before buying whatever you are trying to sell them.

Buy a business card

how to famous on facebook lite

A little known, but very effective way to become famous on social media is to buy a business card or get a free one from another person who already has a large number of followers.

By buying a business card you start off with a clean slate and need not worry about creating your account first before picking up where you left off.

This article will talk you through how to do this step by step. First, you find someone with a lot of followers and then you purchase their business card!

It’s totally legit too – some people have their business cards advertised on sale via an affiliate link which helps the seller earn a small income for referring users to the product.

Start gaining followers

how to famous on facebook lite

Starting from either level one or level two, you can boost your follower count by investing in advertising on Facebook. Creating an account with FB and Instagram is free, but advertisements are not!

There are several ways to spend money to gain more followers, but there’s no need to invest heavily unless you are very well connected already.

By spending just a few dollars per day, you will still see great results. Many people have success using paid ads to grow their audience quickly.

You can choose to promote products, pages, programs, or services. It doesn’t matter what you advertise as long as someone else advertises something you want to market.

The best way to use sponsored posts is to contribute to and interest group conversations. This helps generate natural traffic that may buy whatever product or service you endorse.

It’s important to remember that producing content for a business is different than creating content to attract attention. People don’t follow advertisers, they follow others who share similar interests.

Purchase advertising products

how to famous on facebook lite

After you have done some free testing, it’s time to invest in advertisements. There are three main types of ads that can be ran for your Business or personal profile: Sponsored Posts, Promoted Stories, and Create an Ad.

Sponsored posts are like normal posts except they are paid for by someone else. This could be another business seeking feedback about their product or an individual wanting more followers. You pick the price per post and how many people will see it before it is funded.

Promoted stories are just plain old stories that have been submitted by the person creating the ad. They are usually focused on promoting a specific item or service, so there is limited content outside of the advertisement.

Create an ad allows you to create your own advertisement with pictures and videos. The settings allow you to determine if it is mobile-only, desktop-only, or both.

Create engaging videos

how to famous on facebook lite

The second way to make your account famous is by creating engaging, entertaining content. You can take some tips from YouTube to create your own video content or use one of the many free online tools that can easily be modified to fit your style!

On this article, we will talk about how to make your first YouTube channel with no budget. This includes things such as recording yourself singing along to music, doing a fun experiment, or telling off-the-wall stories to get funny reactions.

Your first upload should be an extended introduction to you or your business! Why not start with your bio, link to your website, and tell people what you do? These three items are very important so don’t forget them!

After your intro, launch into talking about something that affects most people (hint: anything related to relationships or sex). Then, mention your career or skill in the middle and close with asking for help or contributions.

For example, if your main talent is knitting, then ask someone else who does that to contribute by donating some wool and/or patterns. If you have a food recipe, ask others to try it out or give their feedback.

Link your website to Facebook

how to famous on facebook lite

After you are all set up with Facebook, it is time to start linking your site to the social media platform!

You can do this by clicking “Linked Sites” in your account settings. Then, search for facebook and input your domain or create an additional field for yourself to link your site from as an external source.

Once that is done, you will be able to upload a profile picture and cover photo, add links and descriptions to certain pages, and even choose whether or not to show people their personal profiles.

Encourage commenting

how to famous on facebook lite

The first way to make your lite profile more famous is by encouraging comments! This could be done through asking questions or creating conversations in groups, you name it.

The second way to get comments on your posts is by offering helpful information in the form of tips or answers to other people’s questions.

By sharing knowledge with others, they will feel motivated to do the same because they see that you take interest in them.

This would also create some sort of community where people can come together and chat about things they have in common.

Running an lte account doesn’t mean you don’t want to share info or talk to people, but spending time on rich profiles may not be worth your time if you want to reach out to others.

It depends on how much you value socializing and communicating with people. You should consider whether or not this is something important to you before limiting yourself due to cost.