How To Be Famous In RPW

By Tiara

A rising real-pet food chef needs to know how to market themselves. Starting your career with RPF means being famous for serving delicious foods, not just because of what you cook, but how you promote yourself and your business as well!

As chefs, we are storytellers. We tell our customers where to eat, why they should choose us over the other restaurants, and what kind of food we like/don’t like. We talk about ourselves and grow attached to our stories when people ask questions or say things that challenge us. This is our chance to be creative and showcase our talents!

Many aspiring professional cooks start their careers by creating recipes online and putting them onto Pinterest and YouTube. While this is great for getting exposure quickly, it is limited to those resources and cannot be extended to many others due to copyright restrictions. Having your own website is one of the best ways to get started as an amateur chef!

Having a restaurant staff member’s profile on social media is another way to spread your brand. But only if they actively use these sites to interact with friends, family, and potential clients can you benefit from that. You will have to do some research and testing to see which ones work for your company and marketing strategy.

Some tips: If you are trying to connect with someone, make sure your messages are personal and interesting.

Start a blog

how to be famous in rpw

Starting your own website is one of the best ways to get into internet famous status! It’s easy to create a free, custom WordPress site using their tools.

All you need to do is pick an appropriate domain name and then head over to WordPress’ dashboard to start designing and editing your site. You can now begin adding content and linking to other sites or social media accounts to promote yourself and your business.

Your success will depend on how hard you work to grow your online presence, but don’t underestimate the power of writing quality content and engaging with others on the web- all from the comfort of your home.

Buy a website

how to be famous in rpw

A domain is an address for your site, like or In addition to being able to add pages and functions to your site, you can buy domains with links that go directly to other sites. This is called linking out!

By buying a domain name, you get to pick your own place to make yourself known online through what people link to you (or even if they don’t, you still have this tool). It’s like having your very own channel on a social media site!

It’s totally up to you whether you want to use your domain as an online profile, a shop, etc., but most people begin by creating blogs on their websites.

Create a podcast

A podcast is like having your own radio show, except you are not limited to air time and there are no commercials! You can publish your audio content online and distribute it through various media channels.

There are many ways to launch a successful podcast. Hire a professional studio to record an interview with someone or have them do a live broadcast via internet streaming. Or, create your own by recording yourself talking or listening to other people’s material.

Your listeners will want more of what you have once they find out about your talent – speaking as well as listening. They will come back for more because you gave them entertaining and educational information.

And since most podcasts are recorded remotely, you don’t need a lot of resources to start broadcasting. All you really require is a device that others can access via the internet and some self-confidence.

Start a Instagram account

how to be famous in rpw

Starting an online presence is a great way to become famous in role playing games! If you have a strong personality, then creating your own profile where people can watch as you live life online and interact with others is a great way to grow your followers and audience.

There are many free apps that allow you to create your own IG profile, but it is not recommended that you use one of these unless you are very experienced at internet marketing.

Using a pre-existing IG profile will probably help you find more followers faster. The easiest way to do this is to search for ‘follow me’ or ‘create new account’ on the app and see who already has a large number of followers. You could also try looking up popular roleplaying content such as YouTube videos or blogs and adding their accounts to yours.

Become a Twitter influencer

how to be famous in rpw

Being famous on social media is very different from being known or recognized outside of it, especially if you’re trying to grow your fame platform.

A lot of people make money off their followers on social media, which is why most people have a large number of followers. It is not always an appropriate way to build your Fame!

You should be investing time into growing your influence properly before asking others to invest in you. This includes developing relationships with other users, engaging in conversations, and creating content that people are interested in reading and responding to.

Running gags can help get attention for you, but only if they're done well and you know how to play up fake excitement for them. You should never use humor that does not feel authentic to you.

Be engaging on Facebook

how to be famous in rpw

A lot of people make fun of social media, but I have actually learned a great deal from it. You see, before social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, you would spend your time watching TV or listening to music, staying within those genres.

With the emergence of these site-focused tools like Snapchat, YouTube, and even Discord, we as humans needed a way to connect with one another. Social networks gave us that!

By creating interactive forums where individuals can share content and talk about things they are passionate about, we were able to reach out to others who had similar interests as us.

This is what made the success of sites such as Reddit, Tumblr, and now, (a community for anyone interested in improving their focus) – people get inspired by how other users are living their lives and want to learn more about how they achieve this.

It’s definitely not something everyone does, but I feel it’s important to use technology to promote happiness and inspire change in people.

That’s why I sometimes refer to myself as the “Technology Consciousness Ambassador.” My job is to spread inspiration through my personal life and career, and then carry onto helping others create momentum in theirs.

Be a part of the RPW community

how to be famous in rpw

Being famous is not about having a lot of followers, or being popular, it’s about having people that look up to you and believe in you and your talent. It’s about inspiring others through your actions and behaviors.

It’s also about helping other people be more like you by demonstrating good behavior and examples.

By actively participating in the Reddit WikiHow community, you are showing off how dedicated you are to writing and improving your writing skills. You are establishing yourself as someone who puts time into educating themselves and sharing their knowledge.

Offer your help to some local chapters

how to be famous in rpw

Even if you’re not very active in the RPG community, you can offer your time or money to organize an event or promote another member’s project.

There are many ways to be famous in this game!

Running an online store is a great way to make money while promoting your favorite games. By offering low price products, free goodies for opening a new account, or giveaways for supporting a cause, you will grow your customer base and fan base.

A better way to run your business is by partnering with other vendors that share your passion for gaming. You both get paid for selling product and each other gets exposure.