How To Be Famous In Rpw

By Tiara

As we all know, role playing games (RPGs) have become very popular recently. With users creating increasingly elaborate worlds filled with rich characters, it is now possible to make your way into famous gamers!

However, not everyone gets a chance to be featured on the internet as “famous” gamer or blogger. The reason for this is usually because of how competitive gaming can get.

Some people enjoy competition and having fun trying to beat others down, but that doesn’t always translate well to the media.

This article will talk about some ways you can make your fan base grow by offering helpful content to other RPG players.

Start a YouTube channel

how to be famous in rpw

Starting your own YouTube channel is an incredible way to launch your career as an artist! You can pick any genre or style of art you want, and you do not need special equipment to start filming and editing your videos.

There are many free software programs that can help you edit and produce your videos quickly and easily. Many people have made a living off their creativity so why not try it out yourself?

Running your own channel comes with its own set of responsibilities but if you take time to create engaging content and use quality production tools, then there’s no reason you cannot become famous on the platform.

YouTube is a great place to be seen so make sure to update your account at least once per week by creating new videos, promoting others, commenting under relevant posts and responding to comments.

Create a website

how to be famous in rpw

After you have built up your presence through other means, it is time to create an online space where people can now visit you!

You can pick from several free website platforms or use one of our recommended websites for writers here.

Whatever site you choose, make sure it allows you to easily edit content, does not require too much detail when creating pages, and is easy to navigate.

Some examples of popular sites are Blogger, Squarespace, WordPress, and WePower (this last option is more business oriented).

Most let you add plugins and/or apps which can help boost your profile even more! For example, YouNow has applications that allow users to create live chat conversations, do Q&A’s, and so forth.

Buy a book

how to be famous in rpw

A while back I wrote an article about how to be famous on the internet through blogging. One of my main tips was to start with the basics by buying a book.

I’ve seen it done both ways, people who make a living off their writing that no one has ever heard of before or people who are well known for what they write. It really doesn’t matter which way you choose to go as long as you know your material and you’re good at writing.

But owning a quality book is a great way to get started. It can easily cost $20-30 depending on the size and content of the book, but this is a very reasonable investment if you are looking to build a career out of writing!

And even though most writers earn more than the average person because they have a passion for writing, anyone can become rich writer by investing in a good book.

Become a famous YouTuber

Being famous on YouTube comes down to creating engaging, interesting content you are passionate about. It is easy to start your own channel if you have an idea or toy that you like and want to showcase it on camera!

Your audience will come looking for your content so make sure to update your account frequently, do research and study other people’s routines, tips and tricks and keep it fun and interactive.

You can also run paid advertising campaigns which give you more revenue per advertisement depending on the length of time they run for.

Many people begin as YouTubers because they love making videos and sharing their knowledge and experiences with others, thus giving them their big break.

There are many ways to get started as well, some by accident while trying new things, some through hard work and preparation.

Start a podcast

how to be famous in rpw

Starting your own podcast is one of the best ways to become famous online. There are many platforms where you can start your podcast, from YouTube to Spotify to itunes and more.

You can pick any genre as long as you’re passionate about it! Many people make a lot of money with their podcasts so this is a great way to earn extra income while staying close to home.

Your listeners will be able to access your podcast anywhere there's internet, which is very convenient. And since they're paying for the service, they'll probably appreciate all the work you put into improving your craft and engaging with them.

There are even some services that allow you to monetize your podcast (which means you get paid per listener) making it possible to pay your bills while still being successful.

Become a Twitter influencer

how to be famous in rpw

Being famous on social media is totally different from being known or recognized elsewhere, such as through your work or via word of mouth. While having lots of followers is very important for influencing people with your tweets, tweeting interesting, catchy, and engaging content is what will really help you achieve your goal!

Just because someone else has a large number of followers does not mean they are an influential person. Only people who look up to them believe they know everything will follow them, so don’t assume that just because others think you are great then you would automatically become popular if you invested time into sharing informative posts related to your niche field.

Influencers are still considered rare, even though many people use social media to connect with each other and grow their online communities. If you want to be like these digital celebrities, you have to realize that hard work doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build up your follower base, and it takes time to develop your reputation within this community, but don’t expect instant results.

Your success will depend heavily on your consistency while promoting yourself and your brand, as well as maintaining strong relationships with other users. Technically unskilled individuals can also succeed at becoming internet celebrities by investing time in learning how to use various features of social media, but only those who enjoy interacting with people may find themselves truly successful beyond mere popularity.

Be a part of the gaming community

how to be famous in rpw

Being famous in this industry is not about having a large social media following, being popularly discussed or even making an appearance on TV. It’s not about owning a flashy car nor is it about your house looking nice. All of those things are very well-known ways to achieve fame in the video game industry, but they’re only half of what matters.

The other important piece of the puzzle is being a member of the gaming community. You need to be someone people can look up to as an authority on games, someone who understands the medium and has lots of experience within it. Plus you should strive to always put forward quality content that most people will enjoy reading or watching.

Your time here on the internet is limited, so make every second matter by investing in great content you produce that will help you reach your goal. Don’t spend all your time talking about how much money you have, invest instead in YouTube videos that talk about videogames. Or maybe read some article tips for becoming more productive with your gameplay.

Gain sponsorships

how to be famous in rpw

As we mentioned before, being famous on Reddit is not easy and does not come easily. To stay popular, you will need to put in some effort into promoting your account and yourself.

One of the best ways to do this is by gaining sponsorship. Sponsors are people or companies that want to promote their product or service by including your username or profile picture in their postings, tweets, or statements.

By doing so, they’re telling their followers about them and what they offer, which can be valuable marketing material for them! Many online communities have dedicated sponsor pages where you can find out more information as well as applications to join as a sponsored user.

General subreddits like r/funny and r/gaming may not have explicit rules against it, but there probably aren’t too many big brands willing to pay money to advertise in those areas. The same goes for less general topics – fashion, fitness, etc.

Try looking through your favorite subreddit’s moderator tools to see if you could get paid to endorse something.