How To Be Famous In Nigeria

By Tiara

Being famous is definitely not easy, nor does it come easily to everyone. It takes hard work and dedication to become well known or recognized for your talents and/or personality. While there are many ways to gain fame, there are also many types of celebrities.

Some people are famous for their achievements while others are known for something totally unrelated to working hard and being successful. Some make money off of their appearance or talent, whereas other people use theirs as a way to express themselves or convey an idea.

With that said, this article will talk about some simple things you can do to be more famous in Nigeria! These tips will include making yourself known through social media, writing blogs and articles, creating YouTube videos, joining organizations and groups, starting conversations, sharing knowledge, giving talks, speaking at events, etc.

By doing these things, you’ll increase your online presence which will help you connect with other people and promote your image and brand.

Start a YouTube channel

how to be famous in nigeria

Starting your own YouTube channel is one of the best ways to become famous in Nigeria. You can pick any genre or niche you want, and create videos within that framework! Your followers can add you to their watchlist, which means they will get notified when a new video comes out from you.

There are several free softwares you can use to produce your videos with now. Many people have success using them, so there’s no reason to be too proud to try it out.

Having your own channel gives you total control over what content you put up. This way, you don’t need anyone else to endorse you before you know if you are truly talented or not.

YouTube offers different types of monetization schemes, such as paid subscriptions and sponsored messages. There are also third-party apps and services that pay to feature you as an influencer or ambassador for their product.

How to start your youtube channel: Conclusion

Start creating your channel today! It is totally free to do, and you do not need fancy equipment to begin. All you need is an internet connection and some creativity.

Create a website

how to be famous in nigeria

Creating your own online space is one of the best ways to get famous in Nigeria. A website is a good way to start this process as you can easily edit it yourself and do some customization.

There are many free website hosting sites out there that you can use to launch your site. Many of these have tools to make your life easier, such as analytics software to track how much traffic you’re getting and easy-to-use templates to customize your site with.

Having your own domain name is an excellent way to boost your prestige. It is more professional than using “” or “”. You can pay yearly subscriptions to retain ownership of your domain.

You should consider creating your site in both English and Yoruba due to the vast size of the Nigerian population. Your potential audience will not understand your site if only fluent in either language!

Your website should contain at least three main components: about you, work, and contact. Depending on what type of content you want to share, different styles of websites are needed.

Some examples of types of sites include personal blogs (like this one!), photography and videography websites, business pages for companies you work for, YouTube channels, magazine/news articles and forums/Q&A sites.

Buy advertising space

how to be famous in nigeria

Being famous is definitely not free, nor does it come easily to those that want to achieve this goal. If you really wanted to be known, then you would have to invest money into creating your image or brand.

This may mean buying t-shirts with your name printed across them, paying for advertisements on popular websites, investing in media exposure (for example, by owning a smartphone with good camera quality), or hiring someone to create an online profile for you.

Any of these things can cost lots of money so you will need to do some research and find ways to earn enough cash quickly!

There are many ways to make extra money in Africa, all you have to do is look around you and find something that seems easy to accomplish.

Be engaging on social media

how to be famous in nigeria

After you have mastered your personal profile, it is time to move onto the next level of self-promotion. This means incorporating yourself on various social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You should make sure that your presence is an active one – posting pictures and/or videos of yourself, sharing daily or weekly updates, responding to comments and questions, and staying organized with your schedule.

People look at your social profiles for clues about who you are as a person and if they get the chance, will likely do business with or hire you!

Running your own account takes some time to establish but soon enough, you’ll find yourself leaving comments, liking posts, and actively participating in the community.

Your followers can begin to feel like they know you even more because of how interactive your page becomes. An average user would be able to tell that you put in effort into promoting yourself by looking at your follower count and engagement.

Reach out to local media

how to be famous in nigeria

A well-known celebrity in this country is model Asisat Olaogun, also known as Bella. She is famous for her beautiful pictures that she posts on Instagram.

Olaogun does not have many thousand followers, but she makes sure to interact with her audience frequently.

She regularly uploads photos of herself and uses these images to promote products or services. By doing so, she gets exposure and more followers for their business or product.

As mentioned before, she always includes her face in her photographs, which helps make her appearance popular.

Her style is very fashionable and attractive, making her image desirable. This contributes to her popularity as people admire her work and lifestyle.

Do not badmouth the media

how to be famous in nigeria

Even if you hate their coverage, even if they make you mad every time they report something, even if they are totally wrong about everything, it’s important to stay calm and avoid any kind of backlash or criticism.

This is because most people who become famous in this country work hard for it and spend lots of money promoting themselves. They put in all that effort so that other people can enjoy their success, so it is very unfair when others choose to take advantage of them.

If someone does not like what you have said, then don’t talk to anyone else about it. Keep your voice down and try to ignore them. Most likely, they will lose interest and stop trying to hurt you.

Tell your story

how to be famous in nigeria

Even if you are not famous, you can be well known for your personal stories or anecdotes. People love hearing about their favorite movie or TV show through someone who was a part of it as a creator or influencer.
As mentioned before, writers are very popular these days so telling your own story is one way to become more recognized.

You could tell people how you broke into the film industry, what struggles you had overcoming adversity, or what life lessons you learned along the way.

Your colleagues and friends will definitely admire you for your journey and hard work, and maybe even want to join you on your mission!

Writing a book is another great way to share your experiences while also making money.

Be honest

how to be famous in nigeria

Being famous is not easy, nor does it come easily to everyone. If you are too focused on being famous, then you will probably fail. You have to be very real with yourself about what kind of person you want to be known as and what types of images and messages you want people to see you share online.

Your success in becoming well-known will depend heavily on your willingness to put in work into promoting yourself. Consistently posting pictures and videos that show who you are and what you like can make all the difference.

Running advertisements for products or services related to your field is another way to promote yourself. For example, if you love eating Mexican food, why not start your own restaurant? Or maybe you enjoy reading comic books, so why not write a book based off of your favorite characters?

By marketing yourself, you’re telling people who you are and what you do, which could help you become well-known.