How To Be A Famous Stand Up Comedian

By Tiara

Being a famous stand up comedian is definitely not easy, but it is possible! With all of the options available these days for anyone to create their own YouTube channel or website with funny videos, being able to get some recognition for your work is within reach.

There are many ways to be successful as a comic, from doing comedy clubs to hosting your own show, creating blogs focused on humor topics, and even filming quick one-minute jokes and putting them online for people to watch. It’s really up to you how you want to approach different parts of this career path!

Making money off of your talent is totally achievable, and there are lots of ways to do it. In fact, most professional comedians make a good living solely through their efforts alone! So if you are willing to put in the effort then you should know that you can succeed too.

The main thing about being a popular comedian is having fun while doing it. Your audience will reward you by coming to see you, so make sure you are trying hard to enjoy yourself. At the same time, don’t forget to focus on making smart decisions and developing your skills because ignorance is never a good idea when it comes to comedy.

This article will go over some helpful tips and tricks for becoming a well known comedian.

Develop your comedic voice

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous stand up comedian is more than just telling funny jokes, it’s having a unique comedy voice that people recognize. Yours should tell an interesting story, make them laugh, and emphasize the importance of relationships.

The first step in developing your comic style is understanding how timing is important in comedy. This will help you understand when to talk and silence, and how long you should speak at a time.

Next, practicing with yourself is key! Try performing for yourself (yes, even if you are reading this now) or writing some material down that features stories and anecdotes.

Practice making people laugh

Being funny is not just for comedians, it’s for everyone! Even if you don’t feel like you are able to make people laugh, there are lots of ways to practice being humorous.

You can do this by acting out little stories or scenarios that include humor. Or you can talking about things that would normally be considered “funny” material, but add in some comedic touch-ups (like telling someone they look ugly every time they look in the mirror).

Whatever method you choose, the goal should be the same: to put a smile on other peoples’ faces.

Find a good mentor

how to be a famous stand up comedian

As mentioned before, being a famous stand up comedian is not easy unless you have some basic fundamentals down first. But having someone that can teach you the ropes is very important if you want to keep developing your craft as a comic.

Finding a good mentor comes in many forms. It could be an experienced professional who has done it before or someone close by that enjoys your comedy and wants to help you hone your skills more.

The hardest part about finding a mentorship relationship is figuring out what qualities are needed for both people to enjoy each other’s company.

But once you find those things, then you can start looking into whether there are any resources available to learn from them. By doing this, you will at least know if they offer web seminars or workshops or anything like that!

By investing in yourself here, you will be giving yourself a strong foundation so that when opportunities do come along, you are ready.

Be consistent

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Consistency is one of the most important things to be as a comedian. You need to do your comedy consistently every week, if not every day. This could mean recording yourself doing a set, filming a video or just telling someone about it.

It’s very hard to get noticed as a comic unless you are putting in effort into being funny every single time. And because we all have different styles, what works for one person’s style will not work for yours. So try out various ways to promote yourself before investing too much energy into one method.

Some people start writing their material and then film themselves reading the script. That’s a good way to create a YouTube channel! But don’t just upload a movie with no voice over, growl at the camera and say ‘stand up!’

That wouldn’t make anyone laugh either! Find a short story format that flows well and read from that. If there’s something you particularly like about a joke, add some extra bits to develop it more.

Connect with an agent

how to be a famous stand up comedian

After you develop your comedic style, what next? Finding an agent is the first step towards becoming famous as a stand up comedian!

Agents are professionals who get paid by comedy clubs or media companies to represent their clients in negotiations for employment at events. They take care of all the paperwork, including contracts, agreements, and representations about their candidates.

Most agents start off representing only well-known comedians, but as they grow in the business they open up their portfolio to include less known talent that can pay them a higher rate. By having multiple clients, their income grows.

Finding an agent isn’t expensive, nor does it require much experience. You may be able to find one through your local comedy club, podcasts, or even social media like Twitter or Facebook.

Host comedy shows

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous stand up comedian is not about being funny all the time, it’s about creating an atmosphere that encourages laughter. Your audience will give you more applause if they feel like they are having fun while you are talking!

Hosting your own show is one of the best ways to reach your goal as a professional comic. While some people may think that hosting a talk show is for sissies or those who can’t make jokes themselves, this isn’t necessarily true.

Many successful comedians were never really considered “funny” before they started telling stories and making people laugh. People like Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Carolla, Ron Regein, Chris Hardwick, and many others learned how to be entertaining by doing things such as reading joke books and practicing in front of mirrors.

By sharing their knowledge and giving other aspiring comics a platform, they have helped countless individuals become popular radio hosts and writers.

Create your own show

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous stand up comedian is not about having the best of jokes or being funny in general. It’s not even really about telling stories or engaging with an audience, although those are important parts of it.

It’s mostly about you talking for too long.

You will probably start off talking for less than a minute before everyone starts laughing, which is great! But don’t get discouraged, because that’s totally normal.

Most people can’t hold their own water when they talk for a few minutes, so don’t feel like you have to either. Just tell some more boring stories if you need to take a break and then pick back up where you left off later.

Your first stage performance may be very short, but keep practicing and eventually you will find your groove and things will flow much better. Also, remember that this takes time!

It doesn’t happen overnight.

Write a book based on your comedy

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Writing a stand up comedy album is very different from writing any other kind of book. You do not have to worry about how many pages you have or if your topic fits into a certain number of pages, nor are there limitations as to how long an episode can be!

The only thing that differs is length – some comedians take longer to prepare their set than others, which makes it more difficult to gauge how much time they need to write an episode.