How To Be A Famous Stand Up Comedian

By Tiara

Being a famous stand up comedian is not easy, but it’s definitely possible for anyone with a creative mind and a knack for telling jokes! While there are many ways to be successful as a comics, there are some basics that every aspiring comic should know. In this article, we will go over some of these fundamentals such as how to write funny material, networking like a pro, and more.

I would also love to tell you something about myself so here I come! My name is Josh Cohen and I have been writing comedy since I was in middle school where I would make people laugh by making absurd statements or exaggerating things.

Find your audience

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous stand up comedian is not easy, nor does it happen overnight! Before you start trying to get people to laugh by telling jokes, you need to know who your audience is first. Who comes to watch your comedy show?

You can’t just randomly put down what you think are funny things and expect people to laugh! If you are thinking about giving up, then don’t! You will have to work hard for it, but if you want it, you have to be willing to work harder than you ever have before.

It takes time to find an audience, so don’t give up when you fail; keep going until you succeed!

Finding your ideal audience isn’t as difficult as some make out, there are several ways to do this. Create a draft of your set based on what topics matter most to them, then revamp or reword these parts to sound more natural.

By doing this, you will create content that they want to read, thus creating a larger audience.

Create a website

how to be a famous stand up comedian

After you decide that you want to be a professional stand up comedian, your first step will likely be creating an online presence. You can use a free platform like Google Sites or WordPress to create a website for yourself.

Your website should feature your comedy material, links to other sites where people could find out more about you as a comic, and maybe even offer booking services. But before you start hiring freelancers to do work for you, you’ll need some way to source them.

That’s why it’s important to have a good looking site that gets attention.

Buy a good suit

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Buying a new suit is one of the biggest investments you’ll make as a comedian. Sure, buying new clothes is always fun (and sometimes necessary), but investing in quality clothing that will last really sets your stand up comedy career apart.

There are several reasons why this is important. For starters, it projects an impressive presence. When people look at you, they see how well dressed you are – not only does that give them an impression of you, but also of how much money you can afford.

This may influence whether or not they trust you or what kind of person you seem like. With that, you want to know you put some effort into yourself by picking out decent clothing.

Furthermore, having higher-quality clothes means you have to purchase less shirts and pants to match them. This cuts down on spending since most comedians don’t earn too much extra cash.

Last, many aspiring comedians feel uncomfortable in cheap, funny t-shirts. They think everyone else in the room has their own style and things are expensive so they avoid trying to be like those people.

But being aware of cost differences shows them that there’s a reason others are dressing professionally and that it isn’t because they can’t afford it.

Start performing in local clubs

Starting your stand up career as an aspiring comedian is not for the faint of heart, or those who are not very social. You will need to be comfortable sharing yourself with other people, telling stories that you have prepared ahead of time, and being vocal and expressive with how you feel.

In fact, some professionals say that being a successful comic is about being able to make someone laugh so hard they pass out!

By starting off by doing open mic nights at local comedy venues, you can build up your stage name exposure while also getting valuable feedback from the audience and potential fans.

These types of settings are usually free to enter, which is great because you do not require much money to get started. However, it does cost something to perform such as through fees per set or via pay-per-view online streaming services like YouTube.

Practice making jokes

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous stand up comedian is not easy, nor does it come easily to most people. You have to practice making fun of yourself and other things consistently for it to stick.

Most professional comedians spend years practicing their craft in comedy clubs or theaters before getting big enough to earn them a living as an artist.

Practicing your joke style can be done anywhere at any time, which makes it very accessible to almost anyone. Plus, you don’t need much equipment to get started!

You can make funny comments about anything and everything so there’s no excuse to start failing as soon as you put these tips into action.

Record yourself

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous stand up comedian is not easy, nor does it happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and lots of experimenting with your style to become popular in the comedy community and industry.

The first step towards becoming a well-known comedian is recording yourself doing jokes!

Recorded material can be done via smartphone apps like YouTube or Instagram, using a device such as a camera or microphone (or both)! Many people begin by recording themselves talking for length before adding some punchlines here and there.

By recording yourself, you will get practice at improving your set and promoting yourself. You may even pick up tips from how other comedians do their set and what styles they use.

Edit your videos

how to be a famous stand up comedian

One of the most important things you can do as a comedian is edit your videos! This is something that many comedians seem to forget, or even be unaware of. As you start creating your comedy material, try filming yourself doing some funny thing or telling a story. After recording this video, it is time to edit!

When editing your stand up comedy videos, there are two main things to focus on. The first is timing. You want to make sure that everything you say in your video comes at the right time. Your audience will not appreciate having to watch someone talk for half an hour while they wait for them to get to what they wanted to see!

The second part of editing is actually changing the content of your video.

Publish your videos

how to be a famous stand up comedian

Being a famous comedian is not about having a big head or being really talkative, it’s about putting in effort into creating quality content you are passionate about that people will enjoy watching.

Your potential audience has probably already invested their time in looking for new material so they’ll watch your set if you give them good entertainment. They’ll also keep coming back for more because you’ve built some kind of bond with them.

You can start posting your stand up comedy online through YouTube. It’s free to do this! Many well-known YouTubers make a living solely off advertising revenue so don’t feel like you need to spend lots of money to become rich.

Many people have made a fortune by producing entertaining video content and letting others poach from their ideas and strategies to create theirs. All you need to do is write funny jokes and film yourself performing them.