THIS is How to Be a Famous Pianist

By Tiara Ogabang

Have you ever wanted to be a famous piano player? Many of us do. But, in reality, there is a lot of competition, and if you want to be in list of the top 10 famous pianists that will be very difficult. However, thanks to the spread of the internet it is definitely possible to have your own personal niche and even make a great living off of it!

There are no secret tricks to becoming a great piano player. The things that make a pianist so talented are the same things that make a great artist in any field. Talenthard work, dedication, and, above all, passion are key ingredients to playing the piano well.

However, there are some lesser well-known tricks to the PROMOTION side of music. Let’s get into them.

1. Reach out to people via E-Mail!

If you are not famous yet, being popular on the internet will do the trick. Get on the internet, and go to various music sites. Write a music e-mail to these people and ask them if they can post your music on their websites. A potential blogger will appreciate the request and most likely give you a good quote.

If you don’t know where to start, our site does music promotion which you can check out here.

2. Keep being inspired

Find a fellow pianist or even a teacher of piano on the internet. Ask them for advice, and listen to their answer. Listen to their entire music library. If your instrument is in perfect condition, they will give you advice about repair and restoration. Most are very helpful.

3. Have an affair with EMI

In today’s industry, if you do not have an endorsement deal, you are competing with other pianists who do have endorsement deals. It is a nice thing to have a lot of downloads, but it isn’t necessary. You don’t need endorsements for fame.

Most people know who you are because you are a piano player. You have played at recitals and competitions. They will google your name and see what you do. If your CD is good, then you will have gigs for life.

4. Start your music e-mail list

If you want to start building an audience start grabbing people’s email list! Surely there are one or two people that already want to be on it? Start there and gradually expand your reach.

5. When in doubt, send an email

Before you send a music e-mail to someone you have never met, always remember to do your research. Some people will ignore you, but most people will send you a response. Make a list of other ways to contact the person.

Ask if they are willing to do a CD of your music, or an interview, or even if they have a website to upload your songs. Email is the easiest way to communicate.

6. Get likes on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, make a page for your music ! Dress it up, put links to your music or videos and then start promoting it.

This will help to gain a little more popularity for you. Many people will start to like the page and you can grow organically via word of mouth.

7. Count your number of “backers”

If you receive a good response to your music e-mail, record a video of yourself playing your music. Go to Youtube and share it. If people are liking and supporting your music DO NOT NEGLECT THEM. These are your potential fans that will support you through and through.

Don’t take your fans for granted. Give them more content and a deal wherever possible. These first people who ‘back’ you are vital to your success.

8. Public relations

The best way to start generating buzz around your work is to get people to write about it. You’ll want great music blogs to start writing about your work. Make sure the website gets a lot of views so that you can ensure your article will get clicks!

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Public relations

9. Embrace the fashion

Wearing the latest fashions, or being very eccentric in your outfit choices will be a bold move but an interesting one. This will definitely help you stand out and break through the mold of all the other artists who are dressed in conservative clothes.

10. Pick up a book that will inspire you

Pick a classical piano book that is well written and has a great story to it. Learn about the journey that your heroes had to make in order to get where they are.

Even if you are a beginner or intermediate player this is not a bad idea. Along with learning to play properly, we need to be properly inspired to continue on our journey. ou need a book that will teach you step-by-step how to play.

11. Make a recording of you playing your music

If you are receiving a lot of requests to perform, why not record a little CD of your music? You can release it on a site like or

Nowadays it is very easy to record a CD and there is the equipment you can buy to make it sound semi-professional. This way people can buy and support your music already.

Another good idea is to make a video of yourself recording your music . People are much more likely to respond to a video rather than pure audio. Take advantage of that and start investing in good video and audio equipment.