How To Be A Famous Painter

By Tiara

Being a famous artist is definitely not easy, but there are some things you can do to make it more likely that you will succeed. Starting with strong fundamentals in art is key to ensuring your success as an artist.

Running through basic tutorials on how to paint or learning about styles of painting is important so that you know what kind of artists you want to be like. Knowing who the greats were past and present is another way to set yourself apart from others.

Getting inspiration from all areas- both inside and outside of art- is a good way to find new ideas. Artists have built their careers off of developing new techniques and strategies for expression.

Buy a lot of expensive canvases

how to be a famous painter

A famous painter is someone who is widely recognized for their artistic prowess. They have their own style that they develop over years, which people recognize as theirs. If you want to be a well-known artist, start buying lots of paintings!

Many artists begin with only one or two canvas pieces at first, but as their art career progresses they expand their collection very quickly.

As you grow as an artist, your collection will continue to increase. Buying more paintings is a great way to start off as a beginner artist. You can use the money you save by working hard and buying cheap paintings to hone your painting skills!

However, it is important to know what kind of works are worth investing in and what not. Make sure to research and learn about different styles and mediums of painting before adding anything new to yours.

Buy a lot of expensive brushes

how to be a famous painter

A very important thing to know as an aspiring artist is how to use your brush. Brushes are the most fundamental tool for artists, you can create beautiful pieces without them!

Brushes come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one common feature: a handle and a head. The size and shape of the head is what determines the texture and style of your paint work.

The more textures you have in your painting, the truer it will look. Using a thin brush like a round 2-3 inches long, scrape off some of the dried paint to create a textured edge. Use a thicker brush to pour liquid color onto the canvas or mix colors together.

This article will talk about the best beginner grade brushes that do not cost too much. These types of brushes are excellent starting points if you want to learn more advanced painting techniques.

Buy a lot of expensive materials

how to be a famous painter

A famous painter was once asked what he would tell someone who is starting out as an artist, potentially even spending their life in art. His answer? “Buy a lot of supplies!”

The reason he gave for this advice is that most people start investing in oils or acrylics at the beginning stages, which can be very expensive.

By buying lots of materials early on, you will learn how to use them properly, which helps you develop your skills as an artist.

Buy a studio

how to be a famous painter

A studio is your space where you can do most of your painting activities. This includes mixing paints, washing brushes, working with materials such as oils or acrylics, and storing all of your paintings and supplies. Having your own space allows you to keep yourself organized and frees up time to focus only on artistic tasks.

It is very expensive to buy a large enough space for art so it is best to start small by buying an empty wall or shelf in a private room that you use exclusively for art. If this does not work then try renting a studio from someone else who uses their space for artwork regularly.

Another way to begin painting is to choose a medium that suits you. Some people prefer oil while others watercolor or acrylic paint. What kind of paint you use is dependent on what looks good and feels comfortable to you.

Get your own lock

how to be a famous painter

Being a famous painter is not easy, nor does it guarantee you will be successful. But there are some things you can do to increase your chance of success. One of these things is having your own personal studio or space where you work.

This way, people can come see what you have been working on and talk with you about it for any length of time. You will also get inspiration from other paintings in the area and maybe even learn something new.

Another important thing to have as a professional artist is a good supply of all the necessary materials. Sure, some of them may be expensive, but that is part of being an artist!

And lastly, you must know how to speak about your art career honestly and proudly. People look up to creative individuals and artists, so don’t try to cover yours up or down.

Get a good insurance policy

how to be a famous painter

Being a famous artist is definitely not easy, which is why having adequate coverage is very important. More than likely you will be given some kind of media credential like a website or magazine where you can promote yourself as an artist. You should make sure that your policy covers this online presence!

Another thing to consider is how much money you are allotted for art supplies. Many people start off with expensive materials such as oil paints and canvas because they believe it will help them create more beautiful pieces.

However, after learning about how to paint using watercolors, everyone changes their mind and uses cheaper alternatives instead.

Connect with a famous painter

how to be a famous painter

A popular way to become known as a successful artist is by copying what other artists do. By studying the work of others, you will find that most famous painters have a style that they use over and over again.

By learning how to imitate their styles, you get rid of your need to create your own unique artistic expression. You can then focus more on developing your painting skills, instead of limiting yourself to only your personal style.

There are many ways to connect with an established artist. You can visit their studio or exhibition and take notes. Or you can ask them for some of their materials or advice on how to improve your painting. Some even have online communities where you can join and be inspired by their creative projects!

If you’re really interested in becoming a well-known artist, consider starting a art journal. This is when you write about your current ideas and thoughts in relation to art. Then, you organize all these ideas into something cohesive and finished.

Become an expert on painting

how to be a famous painter

Being a famous painter is not about having a lot of flashy, artistic skills but instead being known for your consistency as an artist. It’s staying in the studio every day and producing quality work that matters.

Running out of ideas is totally normal, it happens to everyone! But you want to be successful as an artist, you need to know how to overcome this.

Studying art is great because most artists were creative kids who grew up doing it so they have lots of tips and tricks they learned along the way.

Reading books or listening to podcasts about art will help you learn more. You can even visit museums and look at their paintings to get inspiration and take notes.

Artists are always talking about how hard it was for them to motivate themselves to keep practicing daily, so maybe learning some ways to inspire yourself to make art could help you push through that mental block.