How to be a Famous Model – the ULTIMATE Guide

By Tiara Ogabang

Being a professional model is a job with a ton of perks. But to be a become not just a standard model, but a famous model, you'll need some additional advice in your arsenal.

To become one of the select few who has become successful enough to land consistent gigs and be a globally recognized face at some point, you'll need to make modeling a full-time endeavor.

And while it can sound intimidating, with the popularity of social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, these days, there's no reason semi-professional or amateur models can't become big-time models or influencers, with large followings from around the world.

So, if you're looking to be a famous model, read on for some valuable tips on making sure you look your best.

The first step: find a photographer

The first step: find a photographer


Before you read any further, know this:

If you don't regularly do photoshoots with a photographer and/or photo editor that you trust greatly, you're selling your modeling career short.

With all the content on IG and other social platforms these days, to have a chance at standing out and becoming famous, you'll need a talented photographer to help you create kick-ass content .

Finding a good photographer doesn't need to cost a lot of money, either.

So long as you're willing to give photo credits and tag your photographers in your posts, people behind the camera will typically give some time out of their week to help you shoot.

After all, they may get additional eyes on their work, which could lead to paid gigs for them down the road.

The key is making it work for you, the model, and them as the photographer.

Promote yourself!

This one may sound obvious, but it's still massively important.

It's not enough to post pictures of yourself to your socials and hope that top-tier modeling or talent agencies take notice.

You should always be actively promoting yourself so that people can easily find out about your accomplishments and skills online.

Media appearances can help build credibility

Media appearances can help build credibility

While it can seem more difficult to get covered by online media outlets than it is to simply reach people directly through social media, there are huge benefits to appearing in third-party blogs and online magazines.

Firstly, people will be impressed by the fact that influencer and fashion blogs took the time to and energy to include you on their site.

Secondly, your media appearances will send positive social signals and let people know that you're not just a one-trick pony, but a legit public figure with burgeoning celebrity status.

Thirdly, if agencies are thinking about signing you, they're likely to run your name through Google.

If they see that you're making the rounds at a number of go-to sites, they'll see you as a multi-faceted talent who is hyper-focused on branding across all media channels, something that every famous model must do.

Want media attention? We can help!

While it can seem difficult to get the attention of fashion or influencer blogs, it doesn't have to be.

Here at Promo Panda, for instance, we help social media influencers and models of all stripes get their stories told through widely-read blogs and online magazines.

We do all of the hard work for you so you can stick to making awesome content that builds your fanbase one follower at a time.

Be willing to take fashion risks

On the other end of the spectrum of fame, when you aren't as well known, it's harder to take risks with your personal style.

And yet, the more you look your best by taking risks, the more opportunities you'll have.

It's easy to become complacent and focus on wearing the same thing every day, but it's important to always try to change it up,

Even if it's something small like an accessory, don't be afraid to push the boundaries.

Experimenting with different styles will help you to create your own signature style that stands out and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Do your research

It's impossible to know what will look good on you until you try it out. So, do your research! Take a little time to go to your local department store, thrift shop, or department store, and spend some time browsing through the racks.

Make a list of what you like and what you don't, then try it all on. If you want a recommendation on what to wear, Astley suggests having your mentor do it for you.

It can be extremely helpful to have someone with a good eye for fashion help you assemble your outfits. This way, when it comes time for do-it-yourself fashion shoots, you'll know ahead of time that you'll look incredible.

Experiment with new styles

Even if you're only looking to explore the edges of your comfort zone, start with a small wardrobe.

You might not know how something will look on you until you try it, so starting out with a few pieces that you feel confident it will be much better than trying something on at home and not feeling good in it.

When in doubt, keep it simple

A piece of clothing doesn't need to be expensive or complicated to stand out.

If you're afraid of trying something that may look like a costume, try something simple and timeless. An example: the jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits aren't "just another trend". They're a way to keep things pretty simple.

They can really accentuate your body and make you feel slimmer and more fashion-forward, even if you have no idea how to style the rest of your outfit.

Do what makes you feel comfortable

Do what makes you feel comfortable

Comfort is contagious. Famous models make everything they do look effortless. It's a misconception that this is some sort of special quality that only a select few have.

In fact, famous and successful models are more often than not just doing things that they're already comfortable doing. If you're someone that needs something sparkly and blingy, go for it. If you're not sure about something, put it back and try something else.

You want to feel confident and sexy, not like you're trying to dress like a teenager (even if you are a teenager).

For those who are still finding their style, the old advice still applies: "It's best to dress for the purpose of being seen, not the purpose of being hidden."

That means if you're headed to a networking event and are unsure of what to wear, opt for a streamlined suit rather than a dress or a skirt.

When you go to an event, you want to make sure you are wearing clothing that is both professional and makes you feel confident.

This will help you present yourself in an effortless, professional manner that will only help to propel your career as a model.

Consider your body type

You may be a size 2, but that doesn't mean you can't have fashion.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different body type.

Different people may also have different skin tones and different body types in general, so it's important to find clothing that works for you.

Not all body types look the same, but they will all respond differently to different styles and colors.

Just because you see another model doing something a certain way doesn't mean you have to – what you see other people doing may work for you or may not.

Keep these variations in mind when planning your shoots and posting your content.

Find a friend to help you

This may sound like the obvious advice, but sometimes that's easier said than done.

Ask someone if they have some of their own fashion that they wear for going to events.

Your friends can help you by participating in an ongoing conversation on the best things to wear for your shoots, and they can to help you with my selections because, assuming they have their own unique senses of style, they may know what works on you.

Don't have a friend to help you? Maybe your hairstylist or coworkers have some idea of cool things you can try next time you and your photographer meet up.