How To Be A Famous Lawyer

By Tiara

Being a lawyer is an expensive career! Depending on what area of law you practice in, being paid anywhere from $150-$500 per hour for your time can add up quickly.

If you are already working full-time and paying off student loans, starting another career may seem like a very difficult task. Many lawyers fail to make it even one year in this profession before quitting.

With that said, there are some things you can do to ensure your success as a practicing attorney. This article will talk about several ways to promote your legal career online while also giving you tips on how to be a famous (or at least popular) lawyer.

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Find your passion and those who inspire you

how to be a famous lawyer

Now, this isn’t saying that being famous is easy, but it is telling yourself that you are going to be rich and powerful doesn’t help. You have to want it. And people who are successful — really wealthy and well-known individuals — didn’t wake up one day and decided they would succeed in their lives.

They worked hard for it. They invested time into things they loved, and built off of skills they were passionate about. In fact, there's some studies that show people who love what they do are more likely to succeed than people who don't!

Being a lawyer is an excellent way to invest in yourself by developing your professional skills and knowledge. But first, you have to know what kind of lawyer you want to be.

Stay up to date with news and events in your field

how to be a famous lawyer

It’s not enough being well-read, intelligent, and professional; you also need to be aware of what’s happening in your area of expertise. This is important because most lawyers are paid per hour for services they provide, so your colleagues who work next to you can make a difference in how much money you earn!

By staying informed, you’ll know if something major happens that could affect the cases you handle, or even the law itself. You may also find out about opportunities coming up that can help you grow as a lawyer.

There are many ways to stay updated on current events. Some people do it by reading newspapers, listening to radio broadcasts, watching television shows, and/or joining interest groups on social media sites like Facebook.

Be a lifelong learner

how to be a famous lawyer

Being a lawyer is not something that can be learned in school for most of us, but being a well-respected attorney is! After you pass the bar exam, there are innumerable ways to learn about the law beyond what classroom lectures cover.

There are many types of legal education available, from traditional university courses to online lessons via YouTube or other sites. Many lawyers start practicing with only some basic knowledge of the law, and as their practices grow they find themselves having to research new topics.

By adding this onto your repertoire now, you will never run out of things to know! The internet is an incredible source of information for lawyers at all levels, so do not hesitate to use it to better yourself.

This also means staying up to date by reading related material, listening to podcasts, and studying legal concepts directly through apps or software. There are many options outside of just teaching you about cases and regulations, like how to become more ethical people or personal development strategies.

Build a strong personal and professional network

how to be a famous lawyer

Being a famous lawyer is not about having a large social media presence, being well-known for your legal knowledge, or being able to talk about law with passion. It’s thinking of yourself as an expert in your field and using that expertise to help others.

It’s sharing your skills and knowledge and getting paid for it. And it’s keeping up with all the latest developments in your area of practice by reading books and passing exams.

But beyond those things, being a successful lawyer really comes down to building a strong personal and professional network.

You will spend most of your time working, so you need to make sure you are looking after yourself physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. If you don’t, how can you expect to give good care to anyone else?

And while your colleagues may think of you as ‘the nice one’, people who work with you get briefed on what you do, and might even rely on you for advice. So they’ll be coming to you for help, which means you should too.

Be consistent

how to be a famous lawyer

Consistency is one of the most important qualities in being a successful lawyer. This includes consistency in education, career paths, self-disclosure, etc. What people see you as consistently doing makes a big impression on them!

Consistently good performance leaves an excellent legacy that others can refer to. People who have spent time investing in you will keep coming back because they know what to expect from you.

As a professional, your reputation is key to your success. By setting clear standards for yourself, you’ll inspire confidence in those around you and help them feel comfortable working with you.

At the same time, by meeting other professionals’ expectations of you, you’ll give off a sense of professionalism which sets you apart.

Being a famous lawyer doesn’t happen overnight but if you work hard and be willing to put in the effort, it will pay dividends in the future.

Focus on clients

how to be a famous lawyer

Clients come in all shapes and sizes, with different needs and expectations. Some want you to take over the world, while others just want someone they can trust to do some good things for them. The best way to be a famous lawyer is by serving only the second group of people!

Your success as a lawyer will depend on your ability to serve and motivate these individuals effectively. This may mean helping them find an attorney so that they can terminate their employment or representation, counseling them about legal issues, negotiating on their behalf, or even representing them in court.

As much as possible, aim to put yourself in your client’s shoes and assess whether your actions make sense from their perspective. If you cannot see how what you are doing benefits your client, then it is time to rethink your strategy.

Running into too many roadblocks may simply be a case of you not connecting enough with your potential client. Keep trying, but if you feel like you need help, look into getting professional guidance.

Be friendly

how to be a famous lawyer

Being approachable is one of the most important things you can do as a lawyer. Your clients will feel comfortable coming to you for help, which sets up the chance they will give you honest feedback and ask questions about things that matter to them.

Your colleagues and friends in the legal community will also look to you for advice and tips, so be willing to share those too!

Being friendly isn’t just something people notice quickly, it grows over time. People will trust you more than someone who seems cold or hard to connect with.

On top of this, being friendly makes you seem intelligent – lawyers are usually considered smart, but some pigeonhole themselves as ‘just not very nice’.

But being clever doesn’t mean being rude or obnoxious, and being kind does make you think better about other people. You’ll find yourself comparing your own thoughts and feelings with theirs, and figuring out how to fix their problems if you can.

Know how to take a break

how to be a famous lawyer

Even successful professionals have lost their momentum from time to time. It is important to recognize that you will not be able to keep working hard without breaks. You need to make sure that you don’t overwork yourself, but at the same time you can’t slack off either.

It sounds impossible, but it isn’t. When I was in law school, I would work long hours almost every day. I didn’t give myself any breaks unless it was for something like eating or sleeping.

After graduating, I worked very long hours for my first few years as a lawyer. But then I made the decision to reduce my workload by negotiating a reduced fee for one of my cases. This allowed me to focus more on other things in my life, which helped me find balance.

Since then I've been even more careful about giving myself time to relax, but I still allow myself short breaks once in a while.