How To Be A Famous Comedian

By Tiara

Being famous is probably one of the most elusive goals for anyone in this world. You could be the greatest musician, artist or whatever else, but if no one knows about you, then what’s the use?

Luckily, being a popular comedian is not as hard as some might make it seem! Hilarious jokes are just a matter of telling them, so why not try your hand at it?

There are several ways to become well-known as a standup comic, and the best way depends on your personal style. If you enjoy using funny anecdotes and stories, tell those out quickly and clearly with little introduction.

If you prefer making fun of people and situations more directly, start asking around about different types of individuals and see how they feel about things. Then, add some touches of yours that relate to these topics.

The last option is telling absurd or weird jokes that do not necessarily have much meaning behind them. These are usually very humorous to others because they contain unexpected humor.

How to Become Famous As A Stand Up Comic

So now that we know there are various styles to becoming a successful comedian, let us get into specifics! Here are six tips that will help you achieve that goal.

Find an audience

how to be a famous comedian

Being famous is not easy, nor does it happen overnight. It takes time to build your fanbase and momentum!

You will not get famous by trying to impress people with your skills once for a few minutes and expecting them to spread word about you. This is definitely a wrong way to approach becoming popular.

It goes without saying that if you are not putting in effort into developing your craft then what you present will be very boring or even bad. Your content and performance must be engaging and entertaining so others can connect with you and enjoy listening to you!

Your charisma as a person may also play a big part in how well you succeed in this field. People who are loved and admired by their peers and colleagues will find it much easier to gain attention from other individuals for their work.

So next time you want to become famous, make sure you are investing time into activities that boost your popularity.

Develop your brand

how to be a famous comedian

Being famous is not about having a lot of followers, it’s not telling people how to feel, and it’s definitely not telling them what to do with their lives- that’s theirs to live or to die as! What makes someone famous is who they are, and what they represent to those around them.

Your personal style and brand reflect who you are and what you believe in. Your style and beliefs influence others to form opinions about you. People will either add you to their list of important people in life or remove you because you don’t match their own ideas about good leaders or bad ones.

Creating and developing your personal brand takes time, but being famous is something you will have to work at for your whole career if you want to see the benefits. You'll be rewarded by feeling more confident in yourself, and experiencing other positive effects like improved self-esteem and happiness.

Create your own content

how to be a famous comedian

Being famous is not about having lots of followers, or being very popular on social media sites, nor is it getting invited onto TV talk shows every week. It’s not even paying someone else to promote you! All those things are great, but they are only part of what it takes to be a successful comedian.

Being famous is actually creating your own content that people find entertaining. You can start by writing comedy material for yourself, then sharing it with the world via YouTube or Facebook. Or better yet, create a podcast and get into the habit of producing your own content.

Your personal brand will grow through exposure, so start investing in opportunities to share your talent with the world.

Be consistent

how to be a famous comedian

Consistency is one of the most important things to be as a comedian. You need to put in a steady amount of work into your craft every day, not just once a week or twice a month.

You have to understand that people will not watch you perform for three hours once every other week. They will give up their time to watch you showcase your talent so why should they?

If you are too busy during these times, then there could be some issues between you and yourself (or others) about whether you feel like performing or not. This can eventually lead to quitting which would be very hard to recover from.

Having a job that requires you to show up each day to it makes consistency an easy feat.

Build a social media presence

how to be a famous comedian

After you decide what kind of comedian you want to be, your next step is to develop your profile or social media presence. This can include Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channels, and Facebook pages!

Running a business online comes with its own set of problems. One of these is how to manage your followers, fans, and subscribers. You will need to make sure that people are not spammed or fooled into thinking you have millions of followers when you really don’t.

This will hurt your brand and reputation. Make sure to check out our article here for more tips on growing your audience.

Connect with other comedians

Being a famous comedian is not about having your name in-store, nor is it getting lots of reactions when you perform. It’s so much more than that! Becoming a well-known comedian means developing relationships with people who can help you succeed as an artist.

The more people you connect with outside of show business, the better. This could be friends or family members working in non-performing related fields (like marketing or finance), students or colleagues at work, etc.

By being open and sharing yourself with these people, they can provide valuable insights and tips for success. You would also learn from their mistakes, failures and lessons they have so that you don’t make the same ones.

These people can even become allies by supporting you and helping you achieve your goals. Just like anyone else, achieving your dreams takes time, effort and motivation, which are all things they will give you if you ask them nicely.

Join a comedy group

how to be a famous comedian

Having someone you look up to is an integral part of having faith in your comedic style. Finding a community of comedians that you admire and learning from their styles is a great way to start developing yours.

There are many ways to be a famous comedian. One of the most popular routes is to become a member of a comedy club or organization, then perform for them as a guest or contestant on one of their shows. By being a known name, it will help your career grow.

But what kind of comics get recognized? What makes someone laugh and gain attention? To make yourself known as a funny person, there are three main things you should do.

Be friendly

how to be a famous comedian

Being famous really comes down to being popular or, more correctly stated, being liked by people. Your success as a comedian will depend heavily on your personal charisma and likability.

As you start trying to break into the comedy business, don’t worry about becoming well-known. Focus instead on being a likeable person who makes people laugh.

Many successful comedians were never famous at all except for their quirky personality. They are still practicing their craft in front of an audience years later because they inspired confidence and laughter in those around them!

Being friendly is one of the most important things to do when trying to be a comic. People will feel comfortable coming to you for help and advice, which can only enhance your career.

Befriend some aspiring comics so that you know what’s going on in the industry and get helpful tips every now and then. Also, keep in touch after meeting them so that you remain close.