How To Apply For Employment Visa In Dubai

By Tiara

Finding employment in the UAE is not easy, but it’s possible! There are many ways to look for work here, and most employers require you to have a visa. This article will talk about how to apply for an Emirates Work Visitor (EWV) visa, which is the easiest type of VISA to get.

There are two main reasons why employees need to visit the workplace – to find out more about the job or to take part in an employee recruitment event. Both situations require them to do some research into the company, so this can be done via doing background checks or through referrals.

Business owners usually advertise their jobs online, so it is best to check these sites first before contacting anyone directly. They may also use social media to update people about the position. By being aware of the local business community, it will be easier to source useful information.

If you receive a call offering a job, make sure your cover everything – including any dependents.

Make a list of your skills

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

In order to prove that you are a suitable candidate for a certain position, it is important to know what positions there are and what skills they require. If you do not have these skills, then you need to look into ways to improve them or get rid of any weaknesses. This will show employers that you are willing to learn more about the job and that you can put time into improving yourself.

For example, if you want to be a telemarketer, then you should make sure that you are able to speak with people over the phone. You also need to be able to use appropriate telephony equipment and software. Does anyone use fax machines anymore? Probably not!

If you cannot master the basics of talking on the phone, then you should think about other professions that may offer better opportunities.

Make a list of your experiences

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

In order to prove that you are qualified for a job, it is important to show off examples of good performance. These can be pre-employment interviews or demonstrations of skills done outside of work.

If possible, create these experiences yourself so that they look natural. This will help your potential employer form an opinion of how you perform under pressure.

Demonstrations should be relevant to the position being applied for and must take into consideration the qualifications needed for the position. It may even be recommended by the company already having used the employee before!

Interviewees often get nervous about telling employers something about themselves as they believe they’ll be doubted or questioned on why they included such information. But if you feel that you don’t have enough experience for the position, this could be your opportunity to do just that!

By including details about past achievements and lessons learned, you give off a confident image which may influence the decision makers.

Create a resume

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

After you have gathered all of your documents, it is time to create your own personal career portfolio or “resume” as some call it. This should include both online and hard copy versions.

Your resume must be professional looking with clear and concise writing. It should also be easy to read and understand. Your job search will depend heavily on how well you portray yourself so ensure that you are aware of what makes a good picture.

Be creative! Don’t use templates because they can look very boring and bland. Add pictures if possible and make them relevant to the position being applied for. Try experimenting with different styles and layouts until you find one that fits you.

Most employers check LinkedIn before making an appointment so add some content to this site as well. Make sure to update your profile there too.

Find a friend or family member who knows about the company

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

Even if you’re not actively looking for work, it is still important to have an excellent employment visa picture. If someone close to you works at a firm that could sponsor your work visa, this should be emphasized more than ever before.

It will help ensure that you don’t apply with fake information and that you are able to prove your ties to the country. Don’t worry, we all need help sometimes!

Ask around if anyone you know has any tips for how to find job opportunities in the UAE, as well as what companies are trustworthy when it comes to visas.

Call and see if they want to talk to you

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

A lot of employers will ask if you are available to start work immediately or if there is a gap between employment dates. If you have an approved visa, you can prove that you do not need time to find new accommodation or prepare your things so no matter what their response, you already know you are able to show up!

If you feel like you’re being asked too much timing proof information it may be time to consider finding part-time work instead of full-time. It would probably help to look into whether you need to fulfill labour requirements to apply for residence here so please do check out the regulations more closely.

Dress the part

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

If you can’t dress the part, then don’t apply! There are lots of ways to prepare yourself for your visa interview, but one thing that doesn’t change is whether you look professional or not.

A lot of this comes down to how well you put together what you will wear for the job interview. Make sure it is clean, ironed, and looks like it fits you well. Don’t go shopping until the day of – even if you have time before the appointment, chances are someone else has booked the same time slot as you.

Never show up late for an important meeting, and definitely never underestimate the importance of looking presentable. Even if you feel tired or stressed, do everything possible to relax and look relaxed. You want to convey that you care about the position and that you are confident in your skills, so invest some time into grooming yourself properly.

Avoid showing off too much, however. Keep your hairstyle simple and classic, and make sure your nails are done and groomed nicely.

Know the visa process

how to apply for employment visa in dubai

Employer visas are only given to employers that will hire at least two employees from outside their country. This is different than volunteering, which does not require an employer visa.

Volunteering requires you as an individual to be sponsored by your organization, but it does not need to have employment status under UAE law. You can still receive work-visa benefits such as health insurance or monthly stipends if you’re being paid per diems while working.

You also do not need to live in the Emirate to enjoy these benefits, so make sure to check out all of your options before deciding where to reside.

Apply as early as possible

It’s not enough to just show up at an embassy or consulate with your documents; you have to apply for your visa before entering the country.

This is important because depending on how long it takes to process your visa, you could either spend money on transportation to get into the country, or be left waiting outside of entry points while yours are processed.

If this happens, you would then need to find accommodation and food away from home which can be expensive. All of these things cost money!

So, make sure you don’t waste any time getting that visa so you can enjoy your stay in the city more easily. And remember, there’s no deadline for applying for a working visa – when one exists, they’re usually very close to each other!

General tips: Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for jobs and to apply for visas. Start looking around April if you want to begin experiencing some peace and relaxation after your return trip home.

And definitely keep in touch with family back home while you’re living abroad! They will miss you and wonder what you’re doing every day.