How To Apply For D160 Visa

By Tiara

A non-immigrant visa is an important document that allows you to live in the United States. You must have this type of visa before you can work, study, or perform any sort of business activity in the U.S.

A lot of people require visas to come to America for personal reasons. For example, they may want to visit friends and family, attend school, conduct business, or tour The United States.

However, obtaining a visa can be tricky because there are limited numbers of immigrant visas available each year. It is estimated that only one out of every 1,000 people gets approved for an immigrant visa.1

That means if you are not chosen during the visa selection process, then chances are very low that you will be able to stay in the country. It also means there is a high chance that someone else will grab your place while you are waiting around for your turn.

Fortunately, there are ways to apply for a tourist visa (D entry) such as the one you are reading about on our website today. But remember, even though these types of visas do not offer residency rights, they do allow you to spend up to two years in America!2

If you need to remain in the US longer than 2 years, you should consider applying for another more appropriate long-term visa instead.3 By being aware of the differences between the various visa types, you will know what options are best for you.

Prepare your application

how to apply for d160 visa

After you have received confirmation that your visa has been accepted, you will need to start preparing your applications! You can now begin gathering all of your documents and proof that you are an appropriate candidate for the visa.

Make sure to check out our article about how to prepare for VISA interviews like a pro to ensure you're looking your best!

Once this is done, it's time to pick where you'll be applying in Australia!

There are 2 main types of visas for students - International student visas (visa type B) and Study Tourist Visas (STV). Both require you to apply through CAS in Canada but use different forms depending on which visa you qualify for.

We've also put together some tips to make the process easier for you.

Find a sponsor

how to apply for d160 visa

Finding a good match as an employer requires doing some research and talking to potential employers. You will want to make sure that you choose your job very carefully, but at the same time, you should not be too picky!

By being open-minded about employment opportunities, you’ll find yourself in much better shape when looking for visa sponsorship.

It is best to start with easy jobs first before moving on to more difficult ones. Begin by asking if they know of any companies or individuals who can help you achieve your goal of staying in Australia.

The person helping you will probably get a reward in return – most likely a gift or token to show gratitude.

Choose a location

how to apply for d160 visa

If you are looking into ways to move abroad, then knowing how to apply for a visa is one of the most important things to do. Several types of visas depending on your purpose for travelling and what country you will be visiting.

Visas are not free, nor do they cost anything either. Visas can range in price depending on the length of stay, several visits, and whether or not there is an exit interview. Some even require you to speak another language!

Many different agencies and countries offer visa services. It depends on which agency you want to use and/or which country you desire to visit if their fees are acceptable.

Here we will go over some basic information about working with international organizations to help you navigate through the process of applying for a visa. We will also discuss some potential costs involved so that you know beforehand what to expect.

Apply for the visa

how to apply for d160 visa

After you have received your I-20, completed all required forms, and are ready to depart from America, you can now begin applying for your D-visa. This process will take some time depending on how many countries you plan to visit during your stay so be prepared for that!

The first step in getting your D visa is to go online to find out if the agency has locations where they accept applications. Most agencies offer this service directly through their website, but it is best to check anyway just to make sure!

After finding an application location, you can then either apply via their site or pick up a paper version at a nearby office. Make sure to bring proof of identity (like a passport) and proof of residence (proof of apartment or house lease, bank statements, etc.) as well as enough cash for your trip!

Once everything is verified, the next step is to come back into town to meet with a counsellor who will get to know you better and determine whether you qualify for the visa under medical criteria or not.

Wait for your response

how to apply for d160 visa

After submitting all of your documents, you will receive either a notification or a confirmation email stating whether your application was accepted or denied. If you do not immediately see an acceptance or denial, make sure you check your mailbox frequently as it can take some time before being notified!

If you are permitted to visit, then great! You have been granted visa status in Canada and you can now prepare to travel here. But what about those who were denied?

Some countries may give you notice that there was a mistake made during the processing of your paperwork or they might ask you to come back later when their office has more free time. This is normal!

It happens sometimes due to a limited number of staff at the embassy, so do not get discouraged. Simply apply again once you have proof that you have found employment or received confirmation from another source that you exist and survive beyond this month.

Pay the visa fee

how to apply for d160 visa

Along with your passport, you will need to pay an application or visit visa fee. This is typically done through online means of payment. Many banks offer this service directly so it does not matter which one you use!

Most countries require a minimum amount to be paid before they review and process the applications. Some even ask for three proof documents that show income, residence in the country, and health insurance. These forms are usually sent via email and then uploaded into the system manually.

Once everything is reviewed, the appropriate time frame depends on how fast the embassy can get back to you. It could take anywhere from a few days to weeks. If there is no answer within two months, chances are your application has been lost.

That being said, most people can stay past their initial authorization if there is something important like a job interview coming up or if they develop medical issues.

Get your visa

how to apply for d160 visa

After you have gathered all of your documents, it’s time to prepare to apply for your D-visa! You will need to take these steps at least two weeks before you travel so that we can process your application promptly.

Step 1: Visit our Application Centre once again

Once you have collected all of your documents, you will need to visit one of our Application Centres to complete your visa application. Find out more about how to visit here.

You do not need to attend on the same day as your appointment, but you cannot submit your application later than three months after submitting your supporting documents.

We recommend attending during business hours (8 – 5 Monday to Friday, or 9 - 4 over the weekends) as this makes it easier to meet with staff members while they are available.

Step 2: Submit your applications using our free software

After you have visited our centre, you will be given some forms to print off and return along with your phone numbers and email addresses. These include:

Application form

Cover letter

Confirmation certificate

Evidence notes

Proof of residence

Business License

Bank statements

These items must be printed and attached as part of the application and then emailed to us using our free software called MyAppVisa. You can find out more information about this app here.

Start your D-visa journey

how to apply for d160 visa

Starting this process is easy, but it can be tricky at times if you do not know what questions to ask or how to navigate through the system. Make sure you are prepared with all of your documentation and that you have enough time to complete the process!

There are several ways to apply for a D visa. You can use an immigration professional, go directly to the U.S. Embassy in person, send a mail application, or even online applications like visa pro.

But before choosing any of these options, make sure to check whether you are eligible for the D visa first! If you are not qualified, then you will waste money by paying fees, travelling out of town, or both.