How To Apply E Visa For Kenya

By Tiara

An increasingly popular visa option is the Electronic (or e) Visitor VISA for tourism in Kenya. There are some limitations to this type of visa, but it can be quite useful if you are thinking about travelling here for more than just a few weeks.

Many countries make it easy to apply for an EBVisa through their embassy or consulate in your home country. However, there are no official guidelines as to what documents must be present when applying for an electronic tourist visa, so most countries don’t require them at all.

This article will go into detail about who needs to have proof of when they will return from their trip and how much time they will spend in Kenya before returning home, and everything else related to the e-visa. We will also talk about alternative forms of documentation that may satisfy the requirements set by Kenyan authorities. If you already have your travel documents prepared, you can skip ahead!

We will not discuss how to pay for your visa or where to do it because these things depend on which nation you are visiting and their current visa policy. More information on those topics can be found online and at border crossings while you are there.

Provide your documents

how to apply e visa for kenya

As mentioned before, to apply for an e-visa you must first prove that you are a genuine traveller by providing evidence of both travel plans and money to spend while travelling.

After this, you will need to provide proof of either a residence or business in Canada or from where you’ll be staying during your stay here. You can use our article as a reference!

Next, you will have to supply two pieces of identification that match. This includes either a passport or national ID card with your name and photo matched along with proof of address such as a lease or utility bill.

You also need to bring pictures of yourself at least once per year while working to show employment. The same goes for your house or apartment – make sure it is clear and has adequate access so we can verify it.

If anyone else in your family travels internationally frequently then they should do too to avoid extra costs. Your partner, kids, etc., can even accompany you if needed, but remember to coordinate times together to ensure there’s no confusion when you return home.

Pay a visa fee

how to apply e visa for kenya

Before you can apply for an extended visit visa, you will need to pay a non-refundable application or service fee. These costs are not covered by your health insurance, so it is important to have sufficient coverage before you come into the country.

There is a one-time $100 KITIVI (for Canadians) or VISAFEST (for Europeans) registration fee per person. This includes all of the documents we mentioned above as well as airline tickets!

Registering with VISAFEST also gets you two free entry passes for two years to any other participating organization in the World Visitor Protection Program which means you get a 2-year grace period after registering to use the passport if you decide to stay in the US longer than 90 days.

If you would like additional information about the World Visitor Protection Program please check out our article here.

Wait for your visa to be approved

how to apply e visa for kenya

After receiving all of the necessary documents, your application will then be processed by an immigration officer at the embassy or consulate where you apply. This could take anywhere from one week to months depending on many things — how quickly they receive these documents, whether there are any delays due to documentation being lost during processing, and how busy their schedule is at that time.

It’s very important to remember that while your passport does not expire until five years after your departure date, your entry visa can technically last up to ten years! Even though this seems like a long time, it should only take about two weeks per person which makes the total length of time needed quite substantial.

Bring your passport and e-visa to the Kenyan embassy or consulate

how to apply e visa for kenya

Before you can visit Israel as an individual, you will need to secure appropriate visa status. Most people are familiar with the tourist visa, but there is also an employment (“work”) visa that allows you to work in Israel while you are there. This article will focus on how to apply for this more expensive visa – the Electronic (or “e”) Visitor Visa.

The cost of applying for an eVisitor VISA for tourism is higher than the regular tourist visa, but it is worth it if you plan to stay longer than just one month. An additional expense is having access to the internet so you can search for jobs and do the job searching online or via apps.

Register your address

how to apply e visa for kenya

After you have received confirmation of your employment in Kenya, you will need to register your current residence with U.K. immigration. This is done through what’s called an Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILRT). An ILRT is similar to a visa for staying in Britain.

You must include this information when applying for the e-visa so that we can verify it. When registering your address, make sure to include all the details including house number, apartment or room number, city, state, and country. You also do not have to live at this address while working in Kenya, but it must be proof of where you stay during your business trip.

It is very important to remember these rules as mistakes can cost you money and time! Make sure to check out our tips on how to apply for an eVisa.

Plan your trip

If you are planning on travelling to Kenya as an ex-pat, then you must do some research first. You should make sure that your visa has expired before you leave!

It’s impossible to apply for an E-Visa if you don’t have one! So, you must confirm that your current passport expires in less than six months and that there aren’t any travel plans during this time frame.

You also need to be able to prove that you will spend at least two weeks in Kenya after your visa expires – or we can’t issue you with another 6-month entry visa!

Once these things are confirmed, you can start looking into how to get an e-visa for Kenyan work. It’s not easy to find so we've gathered all of the information here for you. Read on for our tips and tricks.

Know the rules!

how to apply e visa for kenya

Even though there is no formal process to apply for an E visa in Canada, you do need to be aware of some regulations. To ensure your trip is legal, make sure you know what documents you will require as well as when you must submit them.

Documents needed to prove employment in Canada include a job offer letter, proof of salary (such as paystubs or receipts), and a receipt showing payment of Employment Insurance benefits. You can also verify income by talking to people around you at work about how much they earn and/or comparing employee salaries with similar companies in the area.

You will also have to provide evidence that you have enough money to fund your stay in Canada. This could be through having sufficient savings, receiving adequate insurance coverage from health or life insurance, or being able to afford daily living expenses.

If you are asked any questions regarding these documents during the application process, don’t hesitate to get copies directly from LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites where employees usually share such information. Or, if possible, ask someone who knows you well to vouch for you and send us the documents on your behalf.

We recommend using trusted sources to check both online and hard copy documentation, as not all employers update their websites every year.

Stay safe!

how to apply e visa for kenya

It is important to understand that not everyone who lives in your city is your friend. You must always be aware of your surroundings, especially when it comes to money.

Never feel comfortable taking business loans or investing in things such as property or cars unless you have done your research and are sure this person/people are reliable and trustworthy.

Business owners and sellers can easily advertise for themselves, so it is very easy to find out some information about them if they seem ‘off’. Make an effort to read other reviews about them and see what people have said about them on social media.

If something doesn’t look right, don’t hesitate to do additional investigations – ask family, friends and others if they know anything about them. Avoid doing business with anyone you feel uncomfortable around or are unsure of at all times.

It may also be helpful to speak to someone else who does business with these individuals so that you get more detail about their activities. If you feel unsafe any time the owner is present, consider finding somewhere else to spend your money.